How To Build Wealth From Our WCW's

How To Build Wealth From Our WCW's

I'm Mika Brown I'm the host of the macabre on report in the founder of the Mika brown sales agency over the course of the next 30 days Jessica LaShawn and I and she is the founder of mobile Academy we are looking for 30 women who are crushing it in their business do you know that women of color represent 2.4 million of those business owners across the country what we're looking for you so if you know an amazing woman owned business of color tag them use the hashtag women crushing Wednesday's this hashtag women crushing Wednesday's and we will feature them what's great about this is we partner with dr. Boyce Watkins of Boyce Watkins Enterprises and he has given us his huge network to spread the word and spread to the rooftops about these amazing business owners of color so use a hashtag women crushing Wednesday's and tag the business and you will be featured live and the audience is up to maybe even six hundred thousand people now 600,000 is guaranteed but perhaps we can get to millions so go to women crushing Wednesday's calm use the hashtag women crushing Wednesday's to tag a business and we'll see you this coming Wednesday with our first business owner


  1. Hello my name is Ms. Robbie and I own Megaprofitsrus, It's a consultant financial company that gives sure money stock recommendations; I also own RFAZE Oraganics and I own UNIQUES TREASEASURES AND MOREAKA [email protected] I looking to get an angel investor and some to take my products and help make them the best they can be and I'm looking for; well wisdom and more insight and How I can put my items on

  2. My name is Jessica I have no business but I'm desperately trying to work on my credit in order to start the 3 ideas I have mind, however, it was destroyed by my student loan

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