How to Arm Wrestle : Arm Wrestling Finger Placement

How to Arm Wrestle : Arm Wrestling Finger Placement

Hi, this is Johnny Rambo of New York City
and today on behalf of Expert Village, I’m going to teach you how to arm wrestle. You
can take these fingers and here’s where the tendons in my hand are. Richie’s fingers have
to reach, wrap around and squeeze on my tendons. You want to open up your hand. This is why
you see wrestlers doing this all the time. They are trying to get a hold of their opponent’s,
the top of their hands, the backs of their hands. That’s where the vulnerable tendons
are. This actually decreases their strength. It can open up their grip. If I squeeze here,
it weakens, it weakens their grip. That’s why we keep the wrist bent, it makes it harder
for the fingers to reach the vulnerable area. So we do this, we lock in, we hold tight.
And remember that the match cannot begin unless the thumbs are locked. You can have your hand
like this all day and the ref will not begin the match until the thumbs are locked.


  1. They try to get a better grip to prevent top roll.Just by griping a guy with thick hands you have your fingers opend , so he can easily top roll.

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