Heroes Of Wrestling – A Night To Forget – Behind The Titantron – Episode 31

Heroes Of Wrestling - A Night To Forget - Behind The Titantron - Episode 31

this is purely a journalistic point of view nothing more has been said in this video other than that of which has been reported by various media sources and backed up with sources seen at the end of this video on the 10th of October 1999 wrestling fans witnessed one of the most horrific nights in the history of professional wrestling an attempt to run a competitive product to WCW and the WWF went terribly wrong entering into legend as one of wrestling's greatest disasters heroes of wrestling would become known for its subpar announcing a negative 5 star match and one of the darkest low lights during Jake Roberts and lengthy struggle with personal demons join us now as behind the titantron looks at heroes of wrestling a night to forget in 1999 professional wrestling was arguably at the height of its popularity with the WEF doing blockbuster business and WCW once having done blockbuster business until it hired Vince Russo to help book it slow but steady date with bankruptcy like any booming business someone saw there was money to be made and decided to try their hand at the wrastlin business here promoter bill stone recognized the nostalgia appeal of wrestlers from the 80s and the early 90s and devised a business plan in a September 1999 interview Stone explained his motives and goals obviously the wrestling industry is at its peak and we saw an opportunity but the real heroes that brought wrestling to where it is today really are getting ignored were not getting the credit they deserve his idea seemed to be to create a touring senior circuit of veteran wrestlers with the added appeal of being a family-friendly show given the wbf an ECW's more risque material this appealed to Family Values sounded good on paper the show was priced at 1995 and was cleared to air live in Canada and the United States and on tape delay in England the show promised a main event billed as the thousand-pound war featuring King Kong Bundy taking on Yokozuna iconic wrestling broadcaster Gordon Solie was scheduled to call the matches adding even more to the shows a nostalgia appeal despite his lack of experience promoting wrestling stone felt there was money to be made and used his business skills to finance and organized the event according to a 2014 article as a businessman he was able to invest over $300,000 in securing talent and production he found a river boat called casino magic in Mississippi that was willing to pay an undisclosed amount to house the event in a three thousand seat arena Stone was also able to get some major cable companies on board with his project he showed some insight acknowledging he had no background in wrestling and relied on help from others I actually had a Booker a matchmaker if you will and he understood the fandom of all the guys from Jimmy Superfly Snuka all of them and I was able to find them and get us in touch with them and I had an attorney to deal with each of one of them everything we did was very legal down to the protection against the World Wrestling Federation so we ended up doing the event in Mississippi and I was very excited about doing the event the location the people the venue all of that was great the show was scheduled for October 10th the day before Canada's Thanksgiving holiday and Columbus Day in America stone hoped this might boost by rates and set a goal of 40,000 buys roughly an 0.1 by rate stone believed he could meet the goal but admitted if the public demands more we will give them more if the public doesn't care we won't do more it's very simple if only things had turned out that simple for stone and the event heroes of wrestling was held at casino magic a riverboat casino that saw over 2,000 fans on hand to witness a disaster in the making Gordon Solie ended up no showing the event having recently been diagnosed with throat cancer stone found a replacement in one Randy rosenbloom a veteran broadcaster who called college sports for 20 years however he had zero experience calling professional wrestling and Rosenblum performance should have served as a warning for the Dibby Dibby when they hired sportscaster Mike Adamle years later unfortunately very few people watch heroes of wrestling so they missed out on rosenbloom botching calls and confusing the names of wrestling moves such as calling a dropkick a flying leg kick Bruce Prichard often jokes about great gimmicks that WBF came up with for wrestlers with zero ability talking of their potential up until that fateful moment when and then the bell rang such was the case with heroes of wrestling that featured some of wrestling's top stars unfortunately it had been at least ten years since there had been top stars and this was all too apparent in the ring the wrestlers involved were old and had enough ring rust to build a life-size statue of the great khali a prime example was the disastrous match between the bushwhackers and the former WBO tag-team champions the Iron Sheik and Nikolai Volkoff the match featured Luke and butch using their bushwhackers gimmick under the lawyer friendly name the men from down under going up against the villainous duo of Nikolai Volkoff and the Iron Sheik to be honest all four wrestlers were already long in the tooth during their wbf heyday so anything short of a long soak in the Fountain of Youth guaranteed this was going to be a train wreck the nearly 9 minute match consisted of mostly stalling but when the four men actually wrestled they looked horrendous according to the article every dave meltzer – 5 star match this would go down in history as the first match to feature a team that received five stars for one match as butch in Luke when there were the sheepherders and the – 5 stars for another the men from down under while the Battle of geriatrics proved awful the bout between telly Blanchard and Stan Lane offered hope low profile but you know Stan Lane I'm gonna tell you the truth the only reason you ever became a world champion is because you were Bobby Eaton's partner and Jim Cornette stand in the corner and you wrote a tidal wave that you didn't build well the four horsemen was a tidal wave that I helped build and you're gonna find out just exactly what a tidal wave is all about because I'm gonna tell you Stan ten years is bubbled up inside me ten years all of a sudden at one time is bubbled up inside me and everybody that's ever screwed me anybody that's ever done me wrong he's all coming out blanchard best known for his run in the four horsemen alongside Arn Anderson and Layne best known for his tenure in The Midnight Express with Bobby Eaton were both capable workers more than able to put on an entertaining show to salvage the disaster that fans had just witnessed regrettably no one informed either lane or Blanchard as to the finish so they worked the match with a string of false finishes and an impromptu one that they only added to the confusion bill stones lack of familiarity with wrestling heard his plans to air a family-friendly show when he pitted Abdullah the Butcher versus the one-man gang while wrestling was once a bloody sport that people had no problem taking their kids to see sensibilities had shifted by the 90s and not everyone considered a crimson mask the definition of fun for the whole family unfortunately the madman from the sedan had two modes of wrestling Abdullah light ie heavy bleeding and prescription strength Abdullah ie blood and guts whether or not Abdullah wrestled as Abdullah light because it was a family friendly show or because he was a couple pints low on blood what we do know is he bled enough that bill stone was aghast the man behind Faust own productions lived up to his sturdy name after he managed to stay resolute despite one debacle after another however nothing could have prepared stone for jake the snake' roberts antics again stones lack of awareness about wrestling hurt him as anyone familiar with the business might have chosen someone other than Roberts whose substance abuse problems made him as reliable as the warrior in 1996 Jake the snake Roberts was in no condition to perform when he cut a pre-match promo on his opponent Jim the anvil Neidhart Roberts was well known for his clever promos then incorporated pop-culture and clever wordplay however this promo also seemed to incorporate copious amounts of alcohol and/or drugs resulting in this promo proportions the man Jake the snake Roberts he is a man that you all recognize he's a legend come on Jake get on in here the fuck wanna hear from you you know here you see know everybody well gosh the casino you should gamble we taste some bamboo you don't want to play cards with me without cheats okay I cheat you wanna play 21 I got 22 you know play blackjack I've got two of those – you'll play aces names maybe I got to me those do not gamble with me oh dude you should gamble with this well you won't gonna casino and you want to gamble the main thing is you should realize this the gamble you must accept losing I don't accept Lucy and in the stadium maybe my friend my friend Damien is right here yeah just fucking straight whatever go ahead and Ville roll the dice mr. cameraman you're trash back up here hello I'm talking to you get the camera back up here that is not what you do worry about em well the bottom line is this well then ADT comes then this thing comes out worrying about the DDT the party however was just beginning as Jake walked to the ring had a female fan groped his chest then set Damien onto the map Roberts surprised the audience when he walked to the back area whether or not Roberts went back for a shot of liquid courage remains unknown but he did return working sloppily for several minutes until he unleashed Damian and began getting up close and personal with his pet Python overcome by gravity and drunkness Roberts laid on the mat trying to kiss Damian while bill stone kissed his plans of a wrestling business goodbye whilst it was not bill stone who came out to fix things we presume he either caught a flight out of Mississippi with the money or sweating it in the back a mini version of King Kong Bundy accompanied the team of Bundy and Jim Neidhart to the ring whilst many believed this person is the manager of Bundy or bill stone himself they are unfortunately misinformed this is Michael Henry who had been a part of the show's production and made a few cameos early on in the show the match was urgently changed into a tag team match between the team of Jim Neidhart and King Kong Bundy versus Yokozuna and Jake Roberts Roberts struggled to get to his feet for the most part of the match with Jim Neidhart attempting to concur Roberts with a chair with the hope that he'll remain unconscious for most part of the match Yokozuna on the other hand was in terrible shape himself coming close to 750 pounds neither Roberts Oh Yokozuna had any business being in the ring and the match was a five-star disaster with Roberts sprawled on the floor outside the ring somehow Roberts willed himself back in the ring and Bundy hit a splash on him getting the win afterwards Yokozuna laid out Henry and Jake draped the 12-foot Python on him the hijinks weren't over though as Jake began to swing Damian around the fans in a 2016 interview Stone recalled so I literally look around and I turned to my guy and I'm like can you stop this someone's gonna get hurt I'm about to have people go in the ring to apprehend Jake take the snake away from him and protect the people who paid to see the event then Jake start swinging it to people I turned to the technical director and I tell him fade it to black and we faded to black fortunately the viewers at home were spared further trauma as the show went off air after two and a half hours of misery not since the White Star Line launched its olympic-class ocean liner was there such a nautical disaster as heroes of wrestling the pay-per-view brought in 20,000 paid viewers all but doing the program's future bill stone accepts the blame for what happened nearly two decades ago I consider myself a professional I considered it then and I consider it now but I didn't do a good job even though some things were out of my control I should have known that Jake was not a stable guy I put him in the ring I paid him so of course he showed up any excuse that I have that it's Jake's fault it doesn't in my mind hold water bill stone now works in a high-ranking position for a prominent media company and while his heroes of wrestling ranks at the top of Ann's worst pay-per-views ever list it still can't compete with the so-called professionally produced WB pay-per-view December to dismember from 2006 well guys I hope you enjoyed episode 31 are behind the titantron be sure to share this video to as many people as possible subscribe if you haven't already and write your comments below on what you think should be the next behind the titantron episode and I'll see you next time with some more wrestling content


  1. This is the kind of stuff I'm subbed to wrestlelamia for, not for stupid dirt sheet stuff. More longish form documentary style, please.

  2. Before the PODCAST Era, pride could be found in being trotted out for a crowd to bask in a trainwreck in motion.

  3. 30 seconds in and we are already lying, Vince Russo didn't cause WCWS downfall actually when he arrived in late 99 he gave it a tiny popularity boost from how unpopular it had been throughout 1999

  4. I think people misunderstand the Jake promo. He was definitely plastered but the "i got 22" line is probably him saying "i have a .22 pistol that ill just shoot you with if you beat me at cards" since he threatened the opponent with blackjacks in the previous line.

  5. This is comedy gold, I would deffo pay to watch this shit live, Jake's smashed out, so brains tells pinky instead of one-on -one grab two more guys n stick them in the ring, that should help 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂 CLASSIC

  6. Er, I think you meant Eric Bischoff was the one who "booked WCW's slow, steady date with bankruptcy". He was the one who, as Cornette said "spent money [on wrestlers] like a drunken sailor." How the hell can Russo, a member of creative, be responsible for their bankruptcy?

  7. Yokozuna was the best part about the show from what I can see. He was the only one actually doing wrestling moves!

  8. Your delivery is bizzare, drifting between informative and attempts at humour.. All the same tone of voice… Some people have a face for radio, you have a voice for literature

  9. 1999 was their height of popularity?
    Hell that's when I started backing off wrestling..
    Partially, I can blame on the courting of my wife.
    Ultimately, it's still in my blood, but these days I have ZERO interest into the bullshit soap opera that's going on now.
    I miss the "Good ole day"..

  10. While I am not much of a fisherman I sure did enjoy the scenery Lawrence. Sure looked like a peaceful and enjoyable time you and Gavin had.

    Keep with the weight loss. If you don't exercise, do something. I try to be active daily if possible. It has made a difference all these years.

  11. I live 5 minutes away. Would’ve loved to go to this event and get some selfies with the stars. These guys were the shit in their prime. Top of the cards

  12. I was there in person to witness that disaster! I even met the promoter for the show started and he bragged to me that he was "the genius" that put that show together.

  13. Tully Blanchard probably didn't even have to write that promo, just pulled it out of his ass. Damn legend.

    They had such good intentions, but good lord, there's no way they failed to smell the Jack Daniels seeping from his pores prior to the show. I'm not even being funny, Jake couldn't hide his drug addictions, he could barely walk during matches, they should have just ended the show with a Yokozuna/Bundy match….Ew, I hated saying that.

  14. The entire show was already legendary bad and embarrassing before Jake Roberts even walked in the ring. Even if jake wasn’t there, Titantron would still be covering this embarrassing trash

  15. The dude is right, it's on him for not being aware of the condition of a lot of these guys. Physical or mental. I mean there had to be tons of info out there on Jake and his antics at this point, even without today's internet there was enough ways he could have easily followed up on these guys he hired. One smart hire, perhaps Jim Cornette like in scope if not him someone like him.

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