Hernandez Returns To TNA Wrestling

Hernandez Returns To TNA Wrestling

back in the middle of that rain I don't see how he's alright the referee gets called at Samoa Joe gets the victory here and you saw him right there where homicide is heading up the left but what's going on easy gentlemen the winner of the match as a result of a disqualification why in my Porsche anybody's fool that I'm not sure that I saw homicide tap I saw Samoa Joe knock down the referee and the referees disqualified him for that Samoa Joe not happy back to the offense here not so allied with the referee calling for the disqualification and Bell homicide keeps that X Division title and now watching work on the yard and watched as task noise colleague or denial is the teacher in the student the world we got company super bitch is back the effects of ingest in time one is coming out obviously taking offense to what Joe is doing the hammer seven look at this look at these two Titans wake look at that look at Joe's face I mean here's two of the biggest toughest strongest badass asses in TNA listen to the impact zone they're on fire and anticipation Tan's making a wise move right here on your on their time to go he's into the pool when he needs it because the molecule timbering in the best of me


  1. Hernandez was like Buff Bagwell of TNA. A multiple time tag champion like Buff but never winning other titles. He got muscle and shows it off like Buff did but never got pushed beyond.

  2. Hernandez deserved to be TNA World Champion at least once around that time. If Hogan and Bischoff hadn't arrived, he probably would have.

  3. Hernandez shouldve been a World Champion whether it being the NWA World Championship or TNA World Championship

  4. Lax in their prime was one of the best tag teams across the world in Wrestling, bundles of character

  5. Hernandez would be better off alone become his own icon real talk I like to see him n the wwe then tna

  6. I only agree with you on Don West. That ring was too dangerous for no reason. I watched TNA from the start and I didnt care much when they went to the 6 sided ring. The new layout of the seating in the building doesnt really mean anything to me. No matter what they do, they have the most seats allowed by fire code on that lot.

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