Here's everything Conor McGregor said at the UFC 205 pre-fight press conference | UFC 205

Here's everything Conor McGregor said at the UFC 205 pre-fight press conference | UFC 205


  1. 99% of the ufc fighters say how their gonna destroy conner mcgregor are crying with their balls stiched to their mouths

  2. well this was prime conor..mentally and physically…
    if this conor had turned up against khabib, things would have been different

  3. All this was blown smoke. And I knew it at the time but again I hoped to be wrong. "I'm only warming up" This was his last fight. Besides the Khabib embarrassment. Now he's talking about retirement which tells me he's in and out.. to be honest I like Conor but I've written him off. And I dont have anything else to say or hear about Conor. If he's gonna fight cool. If not cool. He's gonna have to do something other than talk. All the birds are gonna chirp regardless.

  4. Watching this again in 2019 and yup, Eddie is still THE worst trash talker and interview in sports.

  5. Man i miss this Conor .. i wish he comes back with same motivation and hunger after that Khabib loss

  6. You dont have a lot of time anymore whiskeyman you are done soon a later pitty on your bad behavior..

  7. That bodyguard took away Conor like a father would break in 3 year old son fighting with other man's son.

  8. MMA becoming WWE very soon! It's not the same after Clown McGregor, it's all talking and backstage rearrangements!

  9. A part of me really believes that Eddie was paid good money to not win, so was Chad Mendez, something about those finishes just didn’t add up to me, but I don’t really care I love it!!

  10. Conor is a genius, i think he even hates his pre-fight character but, the way he illustrates, conducts himself is so effective.

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