GT Sport FIA Testing

GT Sport FIA Testing

[Applause] [Applause] [Applause] okay well this bloody camera again always everyone I'm just gonna do manufacturer test since I it's not gonna be a very long stream maybe an hour and fifteen minutes something like that it's not going to be a particularly long one I just want to do manufacturer sesang I'm just gonna do I'll probably do nations tomorrow but I'll just go into it without any but I'll just literally do a couple of minutes on time trial and that'll be it but this one I'm not sure if I want to do it that's why I want to just test this out for an hour or so and see if I'm actually gonna do it and then why the hell can't I do this let me just sort soaked out I'm gonna read that donation out in a minute as well I just need to pull out what's going on here I did bond but eh I just need to activate the pedal camera activate be done a or fix the thing they go let me just read this donation we got out during the intro before let it load up Herman Burks and then donated NOK 50 through super job thank you very much Herman mate for that donation before we even go live that is amazing thank you very much make massively appreciation to you thank you mate um yeah so we just gonna do a quick test on the manufacturer I've literally done three laps testing on the sofa in the NSX I just did three laps in time trial before I went live so I I kind of got the track in my head I'm literally just gonna go into manufacturer and just see how this goes so I've got the lobby set up I don't think this NSX is gonna be particularly great around there but I just want to test it so like I said we'll probably be ending the stream before ten o'clock doing a quick little test so I'll create this Lobby now if you want to join feel free to enter it would be open to everyone it's the thing that this sr restriction is B and the driver reason is D say what the bloody f for me and I smoked with the other flowers on me at sir you want me to say what the bloody range rum but there you go I've watched itchin ease half of their 280 to finish off and watch to summer I watched a little bit of various video before I think I think every right I I agree with so much of it but I think people are going a little bit over reactive to it because I do agree with it all but to say that the game is gonna die in the community I think is too much to be pretty honest because at the end of the day the game still fun to watch and that's the most important thing but I do understand I agree with 9 I agree with 90% of what's being said I don't agree with the fact that some people are saying that he 20 in top split should get more points in p1 in the second split because for me that that's not right I think there's got to be an overlap I think we've got arrived like I think P 12 D 1213 for example should be the overlap I think P 13 in top split P 12 should get the same points as P 1 and 2 around the area of second split I don't agree of the fact that because it's not fair as someone's had a bad race they've lost it the are they've been dropped down into split two and then they win their race with a faster time than P 3 or something in top split but they don't get as much points as the 19 or 20 and the second split in the first bit doesn't really make sense but I think there needs to be a crossover but it's just find in that balance really at the moment at the moment the balance isn't right because I mean I've watched a few videos recently on youtube of FIA races and like the difference between top split and second or first but is so far it's like massive the gap but the points are more in the other splits if you finish in a reasonable position that's where the issue is I've got the tea I've got tea 3pa prose that's what I'm using here now uh what I've done which if no one's noticed it already I took the pedals off my broken set because I prefer the actual pedals and put them onto my t 3p a pro so it's just because they're a bit they get these are TVPA pro just rip the pedals off the TGT will but why not I prefer the pedals so why not put them on I did that the other day but no one though is thought to say anything all right so medium let's go out and see what the fuels like first wears me drink I've made the drinking of dunno where I put it iced over there one second you know there's a fuel gauge what I noticed before on Time Trial was this cars and our soul to drive around there I it's good for it's reasonable through two corners but it's it's constantly sliding it doesn't feel very stable I remember driving the Mercedes round there and it was really stable I mean to be fair the the Pro pedals are not really that much better than the TGT stand the power pedals even brudno they're the same path also they're no different to feel really there's very little difference between them the quality the only difference is that the pro pedals have the metal base and that's about it the actual pedals and the way you press them no difference really and like I've got a new set of teeth the TGT pedals coming soon because of the doors open window glue then when me and me by to see it that was it the contour blow women live in the back garden open wind blowing that toilet one bright to the door without me knowing so as about I'm just not sure it wasn't I mean let me go back to the pits here because I don't know what yet what was it end the TGT pedals yeah I've got me a new set coming they well they were all did a few weeks ago well I'm not sorry they're all that a few days ago frost master eventually got round to all their in them after about 50 emails with them taking a week to reply to every single one but they don't they haven't asked me to send me broken ones so I've got the broken ones there that I can just use as a four parts which is gonna be handy but they made you they made you cut lip the the lead you have to cut the lead off at the end but I'm back if they don't ask me to send them off I don't know ever they're gonna ask me to send like the broken ones at some point but if they don't I've got a spare set for light break Springs and stuff like that because the springs on frost master pedals do tend to snap a lot I'm not sure that this car really I really don't know if I'm gonna do this race with a straight-line speed shy and the tire is pretty bad on this car so [Applause] [Applause] have I ever tried the load cell braking no but I want to I want be free that's what I really want but then I can't use the fries with this wheel on GT that's the only problem but any is laughs up then haha sorry me yeah I really would love for the free pedals but like I say can't use them with the TGT I'm okay Darrin I'm good but I think eventually it makes sense for me to out fun attack because if we all mean went on PC I won't off like if I eventually get be free pedals for the PC I'll have to switch over every time I want us to go to GT and rather just up warm rim like one wheel that I use for both PC and ps4 which hopefully you will do soon know this isn't a real track now I'll share Freight way too late then I just feel it feels really tricky to drive this your load sales will just take a bit of getting used to because it's based by pressure rather than distance that you push the pedal down which is more like a real car and you muscle remembers pressure better than it does this thing so that's why they're better and to be honest the recent frost master customer service with the pedals has put me off if I'm brutally honest because offer frost master in general like they take about five six days to reply to a single message email and then they ask you the same thing that you've already sent them and is such a ball like they used to be so good with their customer service force master but now it's definitely gone a little bit downhill and it's popped me off them because it say for example I didn't have a spare set of headers it would now be nearly five six weeks without any pedals and I wouldn't be able to what would I be doing where with my I'll about to buy another set just to keep me going it's not very good really I think it's quite bad oh nice little slipstream here this will help the next I'll are you I'll carry on for this lap punchy because this is gaining me loads of speed I'm normally only hearing about ones one six six at that point I'll probably be a good to tense up on the first sector here I in terms of [Applause] jo-anne it drifts this is the problem with this car the way it handles it causes it to drift through the corners on this this truck just doesn't seem to suit it and it's gonna absolutely murder the tires [Applause] [Applause] just a lot of store the time their game let's go hit that corner really scruffy it that one better though the drive for buy yeah I think the super-g T's got one of them but as far as I know they don't exact like some things I'm missing when they like if you use a fan I take like if you use certain things you serve it won't would always work exactly how it sure does basically like the fourth feedback might be a bit iffy I've read a lot of reviews on it and it puts me off a bit look at my tires already though the rears I don't know if they go 5 to the front because the rears are going in for me that – free yet not using traction controls really important mister casual look how loose it is as soon as you get we got medium tires on it's a mic I remember driving the Mercedes around they're hard tires and it adds so much more stability whoa yah-tchi general at this part of the track it feels quite good on the front end feels really positive through that section so just not knowing what other people are gonna be like really it's just going home what a fresh set of boots on it's a nice cup of tea I'm in the Honda the big thumbnail gives it away but oh why not refuel the okay I've got no fuel line yeah I'm not gonna fuel Jesus the driver you we're just about yeah we Bri are too you would be fine to do that yeah the NSX's are probably a little bit slower than the era Tenzer fink down the street slightly slower I remembered we were side by side with someone at the end let me go back to the pits get a new set before you're not this isn't qualifying yeah I'm just doing this just to get into the trap and we'll start our qualifying in a bit yeah there's a lot of fast path players I mean that's crazy outpost I'm getting to although I mean to be fair I'm not very close at the moment because I'm not really I've only this is probably my we've just that's for my seventh lap so on the track and ages so I can get a lot closer and learn the limit a lot better as we push more right there under steers on that corner every time though it's starting to annoy me [Applause] [Applause] we got Mac a lil Mac about Mac Mac's left the lobby why is he left all right let's see what we're like with a fresh set of tires if we're gonna lose time on the straight though because the cars gonna be really heavy I really could I have I'm so desperate to get on the PC and try this monitor out properly I need to I want to get the review on for this monitor soon so I'm probably gonna it's killing me if I can't do it tomorrow because of FAA so Thursday I'll probably be doing that so there might not be a stream on Thursday you patrol wavey are in there because I hit the wall uh-huh hit the wall on the inside or maybe I have to chuck it in there some speed if it does it that it feels quite good through that last section the NSX it's got a lot of turn in at high-speed logy will I've used the g27 which is basically a g29 no real difference I used to have a d20 7ru 7025 demo guide g27 and a g29 is basically a g27 there is no difference between them I'll start this qualifying in a minute oops let's start this qualifying just move the pedals hammer this I like that oh well that's easier isn't it Oh need to start using a keyboard more rather than using the bloody wheel to type do you know what the Pats actually quite good on this try and the reason is because you go like really aggressive on the Syrian and no M type member mton us winning the group free race here in the official FIA season and I know CalSTRS really good at this track as well so I think the pads actually quite strong and the fact that the Thai way is quite low for this this round I'd expect the part to be quite competitive to be fair right let's just change the time back you you you you I hope it doesn't crash because it does have a tendency to crash your first time you do a lobby this think it might have crashed as it crashed you yeah I think it's crushed oh you ball bag we're gonna have luckily I've saved the lobby so it won't take two seconds to redo but I'll have to restart the ps4 because last time it did this we couldn't restart a lobby yes don't have a d29 them are used to average e27 but I had to sell that to get a t500 pad the meat so that I could hi it's okay they're used to it by now they use suburban and sophis natural I have a file to jail not yet not that I know of yeah g27 I've I used to have before before the PS but I had g27 on ps3 then driveclub came out on ps4 so I wanted a wheel flat now the T 500 zero D wheel that I could get to work on that and use on ps3 so I bought that and I use that for quite a long time you you you but I've had you Oh I use the TGT now are you talking to me I use the TGT now we got it for $4.99 and the lobby crass freak they need donated to powerful super chat Bombur oh my phone yes like for the two pounds Amy I appreciate you're TGT rim is in the bin have you sorted out with frost master yet though zany bike don't bin it because why I would advise doing with it is it's thick though I don't get it my pedals they haven't asked me to send them back he just asked me to cut the air the lead donor you could keep that rim because I bet you you're on the 15th email or it's written tell me about it did they take about 4 or 5 days to reply to everyone with you apart from the final one they eventually got back to me quite quick if my pedals have been ordered now then the customer service with first master has gone quite down here in my opinion like like I said to say me if I'm like Oh same two peoples before zany if I wouldn't have had my spare pair doors I would be I either have no way of like doing any racing because I've had no pedals just like five six weeks I think it's terrible and that's put a little bit of a thing of down arm for us master for me personally it's made me a little bit skeptical of them if and brutally honest alright let's just create this Lobby they need to definitely fix their room I mean I went through about seven or eight emails with them it must have been about that and everyone took four or five days for them to reply to me it was a joke like they used to be so simple what you used to do it for us muscle wasn't you'd ring them up they'd go through f—ing there send you an email telling you what they needed you'd send that information to them they then say right we've sorted this out we're sending you they print you it like give you a label to print off you send your stuff back to them they even fix them or replace them and that was dead simple you'd have them back within two weeks fixed or a new set now it just takes weeks it's staffed makes like six weeks to sort stuff out a bone or correct isn't it think let me just double check yeah all right I'll recreate the lobby and then we'll start the qualifying pretty much great way I would love the podium wheel but I haven't got 1600 pounds of how much it's a podium we're with if you wanted the podium wheel with the free pedals you're talking nearly to ground aren't you it's gotta be because I think it's like 1,400 pounds or 15 on the panel for the podium and then you've got free free 400 pounds for the pedals and I don't think a better wheel really does much do you know what I'm brilliant I don't think that I'm a that the terms of how fast I was between the TG CNT 500 notice even when I've tried the T 300 before it's not gonna make any difference to you last time it's more about feel of it really like the immersion I find they even a t-150 I know Joe misused to be on the t-150 and he was fast on that so I don't think makes a massive difference really I think it's more to do just feel and the immersion than that the one wheel the wheel could make a difference is the main thing is DV free pedals for the load cell braking like that is one area that will make you faster because you can trail brake better and trail braking is the most important things for lap time really that's what the break ins where you gain most of your time on lap you know it's not the steer and it's not the accelerate its braking how you break into a corner is so important I think a lot of people would just think it's all about the racing line it's not it's how you break into that corner I'm distributing the weight to the front of the car and slowly lifting it to keep the balance of the car that's the most important thing about a lap time yes six year I think it's more I think it's 1,300 pounds for the podium because they've had to off the prices haven't they because they're using a better there to use the DD to model also because II read that one wasn't strong enough but they've had to up their price for the podium I don't know if it took effect yet but it's gonna take effect obviously but yeah thirteen thirteen hundred pound or 1200 power freak 13 about then you've got V freeze which I put another 400-pound on there's seventeen hundred pounds I wonder if you can get to Lux you might be able to do two laps of them burn you feel do a lap and then do another lap we've really low fuel here we'll start this qualifying on I'd say 13 it's just 13 minutes 30 I think because that that should we didn't come out the pits until about a minute our four knows some people already round the track yeah it's not that's too much for me like I mean maybe in the future maybe it's like if we hit 100k if I hit 100k subscribers at any point in that few years I will buy myself a podium basis that I will definitely do but I mean that's not gonna happen for a long one I mean it may never even happen but you never know yeah the dv1 isn't that they're not selling the DD one though it says DD one but it's got it it will be the the parts of it will be from the DD two because the DV one FET it wasn't strong enough for something so it's been stated like if you go on their website they will tell you all about it it's when you order it now you can still order I don't know if it's still available to order it the original price and you still get the DD – basically it's just that the the DD one wasn't certain something about it wasn't I dunno if it wasn't last thing that required the mat or what what it whatever happened to it wasn't an something wasn't right with it lightly used to user g29 and he was rapid on it like really fast then he was on phonetic and he was really fast and now he's on frozen master GT GT and he's really fast doesn't make a difference what you put him on though I really probably would like his a slipstream for my lap but but it's not available now slipstream is worth quite a lot here but if I remember burning fuels actually worth nearly the amount it's not far off but if you can get both on your second run then that's and that will really improve your lap time oh allah give me a supreme then I forgot a little boost of him yeah he's supposed to fight fun today no he's not sponsored for us master is sponsored by fellow tip but lightning uses a DGT for GT sport now look at that that's what's pissing me off with this car it just goes loose through that corner every time I had to oh my god I went down 224 that's pretty awful [Applause] I'll set up a slap and then we'll go faster with the lower fuel in a minute [Applause] it's definitely quite strong through that section I think the NSX that little set of corners who went too deep into the corner a lot of time to go for a go again because this Lots not been very good been pretty crap to be honest yeah that was a pretty luck yeah the the thing we frost muster is I think like the the TGT should have had better pedals like their proper asking price is nearly 700 pounds and the pedals are given away with that wheel for that are pretty I cannot be in like rude to them by I think they could be bare I think one thing for us master need to do is launch some load cell pedals because they're so they're very they're really behind with the pedals the this basic I can't argue this base is really good the actual feedback is great even on iRacing is really nice I can't fault it in that area but where I can forward it is the pedals I think if they put some effort into creating some load cell pedals even if then load cell pedals cost 300 pounds or more I'll probably get them just so that I could just use them with this wheel and then I could use them on PC as well that shows you how tight that lap cause I'm going faster than my Ventura I'm not even I'm just driving it as an in luck [Applause] alright let's just go in the pits and then we should be quite a bit faster in a minute who dislike show yourself how we get we got although he got a lot of people of dislike my student I've got asked anymore I don't care yeah I don't know how much fuel I need something to put them no idea I would hope they are in the works but by if they're not then there's some they need to sort they really do need to think about it because the front the one thing that I'd like Fanny tech have got over frost master is long house but low it sells any space in a lot I'm not sure me I have no idea I doubt it but someone's just joined so they would've him but there's not now the g29 is good in this game as far as I know Lightning used to love it he said it was a really good will I know he used to use him it was really good with it as well so I don't know I'll tell you happened to me though yesterday with this will how was it yesterday or before we went live yesterday I was there when I did my time trial up I've got it recorded as well I actually because I was doing the time trial that diem what do you call it the replay buffer on so that I could save the best laugh I did for the track guide the wheel just suddenly disconnected during like it literally completely died during gameplay and it was a saying that the air I needed to reconnect it all recalibrate also I'm hoping there's not an issue with the wheel somewhere that started to a little gremlin side to up here because that would be a nightmare an FIA in a race battling for the like top-five place wherever and the wheel just cuts off mid race I'll be fuming I think I've you I've got a bit too much for your liver oh well I'm gonna rob that car slipstream down the straight go I'm gonna boost and then go past if I come I haven't got the P I haven't got the straight-line speed you BA crap but I got the brains not very good for turn one but better on turn two though [Applause] better there as well then we should be quiet way up on my over laughter this I'll mess that up though I backed off the Frog wanna do Oh Thank You McLaren now I've made a mistake on the fast left yeah turn two is good but all the tours middle section there wasn't there was a call and I lost quite a bit of time on but so we'll start this Sinemet didn't really wanna be p1 isn't brutally honest because I can't down the street so I want it to be p2 really let's start this race anyway then we should be able to get this car into low mid mid 50s by tomorrow for Time Trial and low 58 we have a good slipstream in low fuel and Donna race now g29 is the best low are the best cheap will you'll get in terms of lion-o's a cheaper the value of you would you I don't think you'll get better than I do 29 in my opinion Oh what's happened yes than too often then look how slow my car is I've lost free temps already down the street close enough for temps already [Applause] though let's go always forward and let's see if I can go and do some fuel saving as well [Applause] yeah father takes probably the better ground overall like oh there's no arguing that you won't you it's back when there are better sim rigs out there be they don't work on con so obviously as well I can't PC you can get some really good rigs I think for if you want it I think that you know if you've got the money the podium is a wheel to get if you want and fly if you want a PCM piece ps4 rig and the podium is perfect but it's gonna set you back a lot of money all the way went the wrong way [Applause] so I don't know what the NSX is like a fuel saving in Group three I've never really experienced it however I do remember in FIA seasons back up a long time ago it wasn't the worst it was a little bit better than the Mercedes I remember that so be interesting to see because if I get in the slipstream back you just put the dial up and distort ship look at this car fast it is behind me on the streets that's crazy no he's gained this nearly a second on the street he did have a slipstream I think but still [Applause] I don't want to give him slipstream so get my foot down a bit [Applause] at least the tire wear seems pretty stable with pulling it all the way to the front like the front and rear Tsar wearing quite even just whether you'll want to change tires are there I think I would want to change tires actually yeah definitely change tires at the pits look how fast that car is compared this NSX sounds great what car is up the I'm against way faster [Applause] is it the four they look like the Ford GT from that little view then with the lights but I can tell [Applause] surely the nose Stoppers possible if you get a good slipstream yo if you're behind someone all the way through the first in then no stopper will be possible think I'm gonna stay out and do the the shorts in on the second one I want to see what fuel they've got let's just have a little look at the fuel that the cars behind the guys we go so if they don't peer they put in no they're not pin right one cars pitted what was it feel 40 oh okay that's gonna be young enough to push now I need to push on this lap the Eco get on the cut there let's go for it use some fuel up and just rain make sure to a solid la fere [Applause] [Applause] know now that I wouldn't be best know I'll get on the convoys probably in cocoa here he comes we've got that sorted anyway there is four point five four point four four point it's gonna get closer and closer but I'm okay there it's not too bad it's just lacking straight-line speed but that won't be a problem in the race because the slipstream you're gonna be getting so much side speed from other cars if if I can get a good qualifying I think I'll do this and just risk it might as well just have some fun and see what we can get out of it if we can just get lucky with a slipstream in qualifying and they're a lot then who knows let's I'm gonna go for quite a fast lap here use up some fuel then I'll save fuel laughter so do you know what's interesting is that they this round hasn't really got much tire wear and the fuel isn't too bad so maybe they're gonna add variety into these races and have some that are really better than tire wear over certain lot because the tire air and this is not it's not a factor there is literally no tire wear [Applause] I will start with a corner yes what the Porsche Porsche I don't know Adam I don't know what and let's do some fuel saving now not sure what you're on about there I don't put the know what Porsche mean two minutes no idea what you they're not combination you talking about are you on about I still don't know it – you thinking about that oh you're like this truck with two minutes with the Porsche yeah I'll do that if you're in B s gotta be it's gotta be where four go I mean if you're in if you're in run B then two minutes won't be too bad I thought we were four go plot suppose she's actually quite good on tight yeah yeah I would do it definitely the pause for the thing with the Porsche is it's so good through the corners so as long as you've got slipstream you can just stick to the leader anyway just say for your the thing with this track is what it's a lot of this is going to be tactical with you if you can qualify in the top five and just sit behind cards doesn't matter how slow your car is round the track if you can save enough fuel then you've got a good chance of an IRA zone and after just use mixture two here because I don't think I've got enough fuel my I'll share might be able to do it you know what spider-man good film to repair should adjust the feel pretty much spot-on nothing yeah pretty much perfect I need a quick we me and then we'll do another one with one more race practice very quick qualify and then a quick racing and that's all we're doing for today's three minutes you're gonna go on tunisians I'm just gonna Time Trial before I do tomorrow's race for that they would do one more race in a minute you I think it's dry it's just I don't think it's particularly sunny though right but hopefully his open to me I'm tempted to try and oh stop it just to see if you see what what does anyone remember the finishing time for that race can you have a little lock on the stream and check the overall finish in time I'm just going to try and no stop for now just to see how but if it's possible what sort of lost you get but I'll need to do some sitting behind cars and just even if you're but we need to qualify fair so let's just go out and track in a bocce oh yeah we do a quick qualified 18 favor for you okay let's just do a quick qualify and we'll do like I'll I'll start the racing about basically everyone do one lap and then I'm gonna start the race you're on holiday no ps4 and lucky boy this but then again I'd rather be on holiday that's can I cut him up then [Applause] you're on Hungary in Hungary you mean you're on holiday at home Hey oh I get ya I'm with you now I'm gonna try this notes opera it's gonna be really really hard to do but it might I don't know you know I don't know if it's gonna be possible looking at like how much feel you'll have to save it has to be massive amounts my accent is funny hi I mean yo you gotta yo I'll try it first so I'd rather see because if you do it right if you do it the correct way saving light shitloads if you're behind another car just sitting there with mixture six down the street cuz you're in the slipstream and then daven you if you do it correct it might mock might be possible I just need to see we literally just doing a one lap qualifying that's why I'm praying I'm making mistake here Oh a little bit iffy through there but oh yeah but after this stream I've got a video going up anyway from Catalina and me super formula cars as well so that I'll be going up directly after this screen I was actually a little bit shocked when I went on to nations and how they look where I am in the UK I didn't expect to be as high up as I am to be fair but I don't know how it happened but ratchet I'm actually doing quite well in the nations from the UK which was quite nice to see Scottish as without anything Scottish at all doesn't sound the Scottish trust me but I mean whatever you think definitely those yeah I definitely those house guys like yeah haven't that no one's ever said that before I like but I mean there's a difference between northwest England to Scotland a different country first but I mean if you think about them yeah I mean I lived near Liverpool but I'm not from an apartment from I was born in Ken and then I moved up to Ron corn just outside the Liverpool when I was seven years old so it's kind of like mixture all this other sound Scottish do you say that's a bit rude we're gonna start this pretty much now so I've experienced anything different with the new cell um no not really not yeah and what do you mean like in terms of what I don't know about good results since I've been on this screen there were to be fun we have our best result in the nation's let's just give away if you haven't if you didn't watch the streaming you're gonna watch the video kindly give it away a bit but let's start this anyway but it seemed pretty well I just need to let people know it's just in case you're in the pit so is a knee though that they go over the line well cut almost on that that car be rapid down the streets I probably won't even be able to stay in the slipstream of that yeah two pints alarm pakka Chris was literally filmed before and the corner from where we live a lot of it was anyway I want to use fuel up here because I want to stay in his slipstream my cell oh that was really scruffy through there [Applause] gained on him there though with the am handling section [Applause] I really need to let this car through if I want to make this strategy possible super it's so fast around this track I think he's do probably knows what I'm doing here but better actually so I'm going to six mixture and just tip behind them for a bit have you just seen the livery on that car I went in the wrong make sure then that was annoying I tried to go down into what mixture it went into like mixture four or five which is a bit frustrating but you have to just let that car go not worried about saying pace with him because I if I try and use fuel up to get any slipstream gonna wreck this strategy you have to do a lot of fuel saving on the last thing but I'd love to see how this goes [Applause] oh last no it's not what wonder wallow bested me oh come on baby Janie why are you doing it's just started okay so I'm just gonna have to ignore that and try and just oh if I can stay in the sit streams now this might work out even though we just lost about three seconds dim seven seconds behind the lead already this this won't work I can tell already mm-hmm I'm just let them go I want to see what the pitlane loss is I'm going to keep an eye on the doubters surely it's quite a lot I know it's a short pit lane but you've got to get back up to speed so [Applause] [Applause] not far off the fuel at the moment I mean I like I race analyst it's just with the FIA it takes up a lot of your time in just stops you playing on it so much but [Applause] oh don't start using me time get your foot down I'm just gonna let I need to try and stay in that as much as possible really without I might be able to gain a bit through this section actually so I'll just leave it mixer free yeah back on the slipstream again now so at 14 13 seconds behind the leader at the moment just over 13 seconds when he went in the pits like 13 and a half seconds let's see how far ahead I am just see with so I can work out the pit main loss okay so I've don't think it's worth doing because he's only lost about 1718 seconds I think being through though not not worth it because he's too far behind by the pitstop it's just not even vaguely aware of it well in the tire we're starting to kick him now as well nice it's not where this strategy is not where face it's way too slow though it's definitely definitely not a no Stoppers it's not even competitive play at all because I could have probably stayed in that the that was it the Ford Mustang I probably could have saved in his slipstream because of the handling sections but now it's just gonna fly past me I think he's only 2.5 seconds behind yeah everywhere of saving fuel when you're in a circling for sure I will wait we like four or five seconds off the pace it's just it's not gonna work so at least I know that it's not this rusty it's definitely a room it's definitely a one stopper yeah there's no there's no defense against that I mean I'll probably just let him go there's no defense against at [Applause] [Applause] I can mean we finished way over this we were probably pretty similar to his pace before when we were without slipstream so and the rears are starting to die now I've got a fuel saved so I'd be amazed if I can hold on to pop four with this strategy I've got it look how much time I'm losing down the street because I've got to use this or second to have nearly to me yeah we're gonna be on iRacing soon hopefully I've obviously I do play it just happen that time to you on it recently the timer is not barred on this one so many times 12 yeah this this strategies just pointless but that's the whole point of these streams anyway to make sure that we know that what strategies are not worth doing this is not where if they're in ya know hello the skin destroy it down the trace good I think um I have to do some lifting coach there we're not gonna make it yeah look how far behind we are from P 115 seconds like let's see what he's overall finishing time with my numbers 35 on my first attempt we could have probably done better than that by quite a big margin as well because obviously made a few errors but I'd be amazed if I even get over the line in I just want to see what his finishing time was just to see how much slower this was that we're now yeah that's he did a 29 in the Ford Mustang which to the faster car so yeah that's what we were I could probably get a 29 though now I think with the with the pitstop I could probably match that if they're doing a little better run oh yeah yeah that's pretty much probably about I'd say that start strategies about 15 seconds slower I sorry it's a knee mate don't worry it's about figured I'd say 15 seconds loss over the one stop I'm not worth doing don't do it do not do they know star but yeah that that Skinner in the stream tonight because it's just a quick little test just so I know what strategy works and what doesn't Oh that's the whole point of this to learn because if you don't try you don't know I'd rather go into the race knowing the strategy so tomorrow I will do this race it's gonna be a bit tough for me in the NSX but if I can try and find the slipstream who knows might be possible for buffer so I'm gonna jump on time trial and just I probably I can't see myself getting a great even though I like the track and I'm quite strong like the track I I probably only do like about half an hour time trial practice before we do the race I won't be able to really do much practice so it's tough to see how that one goes I think I'm going to use either the GTR even the GTR AMG gt3 or what else could I use let's just end this Lobby by the way I'm trying to think the AMG gt3 the GTR all four card the m6 is fuel involved with this race so have a little look at the em settings for the buffers yes times 25 buffers why that's why I'm probably gonna go gonna go the the mm6 but need to see the fuel times five fuel the beetle for me won't be strong enough in qualifying I don't think I don't think the beetle will be able to get the qualifying lap that will be needed it'll be a great race car it's like the Porsche the pool should be a good race car but in qualifying it's gonna struggle so I'm probably gonna go even let's just have a look at the M the GTR see the GTRs there the supras adoption but the super problem is super is a tire I think that car will become pretty on drive or the GTR we've been in front end because the GTR is front wheel and front engine rear wheel drive it'll be quite stable with that tire where the m6 should be the only problem of the m6 as well as a straight line of speed you could come under threat with that car you might find that some people will will destroy you lightning just trolling everybody evo-devo should not be there ignore the Evoque because that Evo should not be that fast McLaren f1 GTR possible car to use I think it's the GTR that I'm gonna go probably I think if that's the safest option for qualifying in terms of or can you lap up and then giving you straight-line speed yeah 25 tire way it's pretty tough let's just have a little look what other people are practicing with teach me with the AMG the only problem with that but this is what I would I am one to go with the AMG gt3 because of the tire wear but I think in qualifying you're gonna be at the back of the grid and no matter what how good the tire wear is he's screwing yourself over a bit that's that's why I don't really think the loss of a good option I think the GTR is gonna be the safer option you yeah lightnings got a boost button and I sort of advantage as well I think it might not be the fastest in qualifying but it is a good car on the track yes it's between the probably yet between the Supra but I wouldn't go that because the tire m6 is an option McLaren f1 is an option GTRs an option but I think the GTR is a better option now the AMG doesn't eat the tires the AMG is probably the best car on the time yeah no no no no the AMG gt3 is probably the best car for ty we're now on with the highway it's the perfect car because it's front-engined rear-wheel you just put the brake bias 2+5 on the rear look after the front tires and it rears are perfect all like the rear stay so good and thus if you have a little look at a lot of people that's why a lot of people are using it and testing out YT Jenny's testing it out because the tire way is brilliant on it and it's really good at this track with the tire where you want a car that's if anything gonna give you oversteer rather than I'm sorry you want understeer and oversteer when the tire wear kicks in because mr cars are gonna become on the downhill section with a braking because you're gonna be breaking on a downhill slope the rears just gonna be stepping out on them with a tire whereas 50 AMG gt3 you're gonna be at the Front's are gonna be worse than the rears in terms of tire wear so the car will be quite balanced it won't slide out as much and the AMG gt3 is good on tire wear anyway the the the AMG is the best the best fr prostates the best fr carpet I wear it's a car that you want to use in terms of tire wear if you want front engine but not the best overall the Porsche is better in general but at this tracker Donal not too sure with the times 25 tire with the Porsche would be like I like the mg it's one of the best with the tie where and if you watch back on don't know if I streamed it when lightly news there did I and lightning one with the AMG he just dominated I think it was a no stoppin II I'm pretty sure there's a no stop brace and eight lap brace with no stop and might and just dominated it in the mg because and all I think was second or third in the AMG and it was all down to tie wear the front tire did you have +5 bias on them when you did it um unless a Volta sign with it all right yeah you've got the thing with the AMG's you can drive it on plus five and it just drives fine like you literally you have five to the rear bias on it doesn't even handle dodgy it's really slight stable so that'll probably be you I I'll say if you go back to it now now that you used to the tracking if you give it time I think like not push him on the front with the five to the rear bias you'll see it's quite good it's probably bet it's definitely better than the Aston Martin for tire wear 100% button mastermind I've tried both of them so not like for this but I've tried them I met think it was remember to be we are the nation's race not long ago and I think I used what did I use I think I might've get tested the foot was men I remember box being what sighing the poor shot she really did that remember if I use a portion on but then back like months ago qualifying wasn't as important because it wasn't as competitive but now you need a car that's really competitive and that's why I wouldn't go the AMG because I don't think the qualifying is good enough on the on the AMG I think you need I think the GTR the car to go for qualifying so and no one's gonna struggle to get past that GTR I don't think the AMG's got the best fuel consumption overall maybe someone was just looking after the fuel but the AMG is not the best Aston buyers really good on fuel I think the Assam is better than the mg and also whatever clouds like the Corvette the the beetle can be quite good one for y'all I think also the Gulf one that has anyone tried the golf round there just to see what it's like the vgt yeah the estimate you just shift like about three quarters and it hardly news is any great line speed and then saves a lot of fuel can be a bit firstly the AMG it's not the best fuel saving car yeah I just wanted to know because it did used to be strong round this track but I know the Jags too heavy on the front tire where to be used even though it's quite a good car on the track the thing is though you can risk it go in the Porsche and even though it's mr because it's so good on tyre where you can actually risk going the Porsche if if you can get a slipstream because if you pick up a slipstream off like a GTR or slide down the straight if you're right behind it you're gonna be sticking all over it throughout the whole track and you might even you might be able to put it right at the front because it's quite fast anyway over one lap that the EM Porsche you definitely need the slipstream though to do it I don't think you do it without a slipstream what is the fastest time – Oh minutes – but I've done a 20.5 before with medium tires when it was a daily race with the Supra and I did a point nine with the jag mmm I think the cheese yeah I think I'm gonna practice with the GTR tomorrow that'll be my choice anyway thank you everyone for coming in the stream I appreciate everyone coming in and checking out the test we did some manufacturer not testing out nations because it's pretty simple I thought it's a one-stop there's there's no other strategy that you need to test out and I haven't even been on time trial yet so I'll jump on time trial tomorrow try and get myself up to face and then that'll be that will be my test because I know the strategy one-stop is simple but yeah thank you for the donations I appreciate it I will see you all tomorrow for a stream the video is going up after this stream ends for the nation's race at Catalina in the super formula car so check that out it's quite a good video it's my biggest points so far this season so make sure you watch that make sure you give the stream of thumbs up if you've enjoyed it as well I appreciate all the people even it a thumbs up you're like in the stream means a lot I'll see you all tomorrow have a great night everyone and I'll see you all for the FIA stream as well bye everyone

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  1. the GT-R is pretty good at bathurst plus in time trial it has the potential of 1.59.9 that car is just a beast

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