Grappling Mastery—Own The Position—Core JKD Grappling

Grappling Mastery—Own The Position—Core JKD Grappling

my belly is flat on his head that keeps
him held them if I decide to do new neon test right
here what happens you get the idea this is dangerous because of this positions on each one you can have a
partner try to really try to get movement on you yeah so that you own it
remember if they turn me over they’ll never get back to that position be solid
and float to the next one chest my dominance with shrimps toward me so when
this needed to relieve pressure he bumps me here it’s toe and shrimps I collapsed
on top of that maybe was the pressure of off his chest and if I’m good so this is
where you start owning those physician and
positions to another position so use that if the person is putting a neon
chest on you it’s just a little bump combined with the shrimp so that shrimp
so it’s an acquisition so he simulates the function in this room this is using
that outside leg as a post to raise his hips each side of his hips back that
takes the pressure off the chest but sometimes that’s all I can eat all right


  1. Question about the idea or curriculum of JKD: I realize that every gym, dojo, or training centre is going to do things a little different, but would you say ground fighting is generally considered to be a part of JKD? Meaning, if someone were to enter any JKD gym, would it be reasonable for them to expect to learn ground fighting along with JKDs popular striking aspects?

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