Gran Turismo Sport: The Return of Lemons | New Daily Races

Gran Turismo Sport: The Return of Lemons | New Daily Races

hello viewers gbgt here how are you doing another week another opportunity to get bend into the Shadow Realm right let's get straight into it shall we three interesting races Brands Hatch Indiana one make classic Porsche group 3 at LeMond aka lemons obviously as the proper way to say it and race see this week is or top of us in the super formula car Oh I'll kick it off as we always do in race be as a good thing about this is that you look here Oh Thomas has gone number one now it's a fair mix of different cars how many difficult one tooth or five six there's six different cars in the top ten in a moment that's very good we almost never get that almost never get them do you think you'd like alexander album it's yeah it's not too far away actually and i've been i've been told by many people on the right Alex album he's um he's half English half Thai I'm half English half Filipino so it's not too different I suppose Matt Foster I'm stacking the lifts here for you pig she kept two sparking the lived here man I miss him he's a good lad taken to the realm far too soon right I've done lots of practice in the Mustang so I wonder I'm gonna use the Mustang to begin with but this is a race we can do couple of times over at least these different cars so I was thinking we could use DTR once the Ford GT the suit price should be good the McLaren f1 GTR the Huracan possibility to try to think top-end cars the attendance might be alright klaren I mean there's there's like six seven cars and you could use here and Callister firing in the Lamborghini suggestion of course he basically lives in a Lamborghini I can imagine councilor light with let's say caster one two hundred thousand on the lottery he could buy a house or he could buy a Lamborghini Huracan just live in them just buy the Huracan and live inside it the old Merc look at that thing look at it just lurking there the unloved the unloved Mercedes no one likes that thing is all about the AMG well I'm gonna pop into the old must oh okay yeah yesterday's stream mmm it gotta be bring up on Twitter it got claimed by supercars so like the v8 supercars this you know the Australian series they claimed it Cobham you or video has been blocked for about columns that not 54 seconds in the middle of the race they went yeah that's a match but of why just that 54 seconds Thank You ed Munoz take you very much mate so that video that stream got claimed I'm going to try it but to dispute it well I already have every time I've got copyright it I've always disputed and I've always got overturned every time there's always wrong they need to add your car to this game they do having a bath wait what do they have my car is in Forza 7 based by in this game Thank You about Foster yes so you better watch that soon when that claim gets released it's really weird I guess it because it's an onboard it must have matched some sort of super cars content where they went on board with a car for a while this looks exactly the same it turns out that the lap times that we were doing yesterday were pretty similar to what v8 supercars do but if you look at the bottom left there says visual content 47 minutes fifty four to forty eight forty eight so it's like just under a minute and don't watch that bit it's just me just are the race just me going around the track as normal I don't know who knows YouTube's algorithm doing it doing bits and once again right let's do just try to fire in a quick lap here I've gone for the Bentley livery fatah she looks frickin amazing even though he is nor Bentley Emad livery purists and I've got for the Mazda 787b Sox today arounds of course in the ball where it has a 100% strike rate we done Preston Adams can you change your name to r4 nmap good stuff the r4m crew grows stronger recording I honestly there's put about 30 or 40 paper over now it's a big squad we've got we're gonna take over the world so I'm gonna hopefully emulate master and go 100% strike rate today which property where nothing what kind of Rick is he using this frame here is the sim lab p1 Thomas Warrick welcome to the Shadow Realm let me back on those sounds Thank You Thomas more ik+ have you bought this land so we embrace there's a really weird race this because there's so much straight line is so much straight line description if you count regrettably I really lose that you lose out bar on our forum assumes cousin thought I same was bad enough wait his cousin in all four m4 Laurens gonna take over the world graphing Mickey Elias there's no such thing as a free lunch you should have seen some of the lunches last night pretty mega lunches in there is an entertaining race Thank You Elliot's for the sex I was just running out of that I needed a bit more right I think the next corner coming up for me is the hardest one to get right on the whole track I still can't fly does the breaking point boil there's a little bit far just didn't really go in try clemmy's here yeah the Stephanie appear funky he can't push them in places but you have to be careful and if you do get those they've really killed your race that we we would do that [Applause] Bhavesh nah yeah Japan's I know I did a 56 5 as my fastest but I know I can do fit by at least little G [Applause] as well okay what CCS toy is normally almost always zero now any time I ever used TCS is it sometimes at start of a race of offer off of a grid stop that's about it oh okay there we go we've got Wi-Fi password in in the house there he is first on the grid hold position that what we got we got mixer cause I like that I always like a race where there's a mix we've got a couple of Mustangs couple of 4 GTS cup and a g2 couple of GTRs got a Supra a couple of MacLaren's there is a Huracan in as well anyway look so I went on the internet this week and obviously have this Thank You Alexandra coat or becoming a member thank very much and for the donation there of their $10 very much honestly what we're doing here welcome to the shed around my friend why don't you do rally races normally in an open or B I always do but they they never come up in daily races I don't I don't recall there's ever bead one they did one in the old finals for the repechage race which was very interesting there's an absolute Rama fest but I don't think they've ever done one into a race I can't remember one anyway why is no-one using the Evo the Evo is so slow in a straight line your mom's would just be in group 4 is that bad whoever that fosters about this house that house the old rabbit going name is he joined all for him I guess here the the Evo isn't good aniline this is very bad so it's just not worth using I think the key in this race who's gonna be working together in this ministry to make sure you don't fight too much too early don't fight too much too early so the guy head gets absolute free range and you mess it right up no one okay here we go Evo so planet through the chicane is a neces but it's just there's just not enough of them you might gain half a second free of the esses with the Porsche curves but then you'll lose three seconds on the straights it's just not worth it it's all about straight-line speed here that's the name of the game around lemons whenever you got a rolling start order chicane it's a it's a nightmare and this tracks got like to write the end it messes it why not there's gonna be Beth just trying to think of the best position to start I think I've got the worst of it yeah see the Christmas apart so quickly already my interns behind of our surgery weight already I got back into now quite the Bulgarian LT might be to white it's very nice I saw one look at that caps a second is huge already thank you bind up like we just need to catch up I think that we do just catch up together once about the substrate range I can't quite go past I think the Ford GT is no way I'm gonna make the forest GT should be with the guide straight line he goes past I'm not going to fight thinking about hostel thank you to all this channel that connect here the show you see today's on slipstream instructed a drag race this God's sake okay we'll be back a huge Turkish gonna get more than throughout the day if the next zone is just coming into the final tree cane so there's too much time there we need to slow down anyway so yeah I'm driving the Ford Mustang rig 3 for anyone [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] there's quite a big penalty there what my father is driving really well but your second and I was lucky to not lose a position a penalty by the way the next penalty zone is there's two on track why IRC everyone's getting better teeth call it ROI for the back-right state come on Wi-Fi plugs won't come for you mate all these are sauce to doubts of that she see you – three there's free bouncy zones then that was coming down 1.5 but my Wi-Fi password do something city mate penalty that's the thing is it's hard around here because it's got so much tarmac on these sides we can't we're gonna use it you can use it over it'll take much Oh Rhys combines – next rain already's got penalty come on the neck one it's a neck-and-neck race now from here oh hey look at that speed who's gonna is gonna blink first I'm in the lead el-tee zone is here I going third how's he doing catching up with us should be right come on if that Mazda 787b 100% strike rate [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Oh was he done he's bend himself Wi-Fi what are you doing man he's chopped down my is he gonna finish a Tom my god it was second there we go I'm just gonna I'm just gonna quit the stream now 100% win rate I see Thank You Shane for the two thumbs a hundred percent win rate get in there Lewis miracles don't harm 8 ah you know me thank you for motivating me to finally get all stars in July club by first I'm guessing your first class annum thing thank you no worries man yo hyperdrive hey doing good to see you mate what a race what a race I'll take that I'll take a win the job done our foreign takeover continued and David Marquez thank you not sick fear not quite I will be sick for some point today and thank you Sammy as well thank you Matt foster yeah it's the socks man that's what it's all about by yourself the master 7 8 B 7 7 8 bit 77 7 8 7 B socks he's win every race guaranteed but then wife two people are wearing it then why fans by the name right race C now to perform the car or top of this I haven't done the race so I'm not sure on strategy I'm guessing one stop medium to medium I've I've eaten you know you're gonna use mediums anyway maybe a bit fuel-saving maybe go down to the leaner settings through the final sector possibly I don't know I'll have to work that one out under name the wife of a sweet guy but he talked about founding hues that he beans some of the events so it was Madame yeah what does the radio now say funny he says Felipe babies stay cool we're in a good position it was M if it had been Felipe Massa a filly just something for me if a baby stay cool on YouTube whose own he's in Malaysia 2009 the it was getting really wet and really misty they couldn't see and then Felipe Massa wanted the clear visor instead of the dark one so he could see better in the rain and then he's engineer's sleeper baby stay cool or in a good position so just this baby thing came out too bad definitely gonna be quick it's one-stop you don't have to feel sable would recommend a little bit yeah I'd imagine they're well you've seen tomorrow's video actually so the the FIA race on Saturday was really a dress ting it was an 11 laps at Catalunya and I went for a really weird strategy really weird shouldn't have worked shouldn't work but you'll see does he know he's the Wi-Fi password yes he does actually wait he gave me a message earlier I really like your Wi-Fi password checks you sent me a friend request today actually but he's fully aware of the joke I asked a quick lap before we begin [Applause] [Applause] never get our first quarter quite right in this course so quick you have to get it Mesa [Applause] I'd be hearing that this car is easier controller actually aquabats controller if you look at the top two times Cal stirring Thomas on presa they're both use of control [Applause] and there are four taps ahead of third place [Applause] it feels really weird driving this tracking this car again because the last time we were here is it to come back this space just feels pretty strange [Applause] so much less time to react [Applause] millions of watching no five millions but I'll still try not to snap what's the most ever what's the most you've ever seen someone get on a livestream on YouTube I mean the another a joke Rogan experience guess what like 45,000 people watching at one one go just beauty by stream doesn't mean I guess he must go 100,000 [Applause] but I never the highest is but I'm guessing around about hundred thousand [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] by an account council ks5 versus local call fight wait didn't I get ram2 for something with a minute did I get a million viewers actually cows cows two versus ksi oh that's a fire I want to see I almost died fifth do a lot of work to do if want to keep up my 100% strike rain yeah let's this this let's start some beef between cows Turin and case I'll Logan pull well cap counselor vs. James Charles this makeup kid who's been in the news recently ninjas had six hundred sixty seven thousand on a switch days as that's just crazy isn't it six hundred thousand two-thirds of a million people days insane think like thus rivaling just like TV shows or something like I'm a just and a TV show during the day get like that or less the yeah I mean that's my spree that's insane read isn't it but it shows you that this is the new way this is what this is what your young generation like done there they like watching the internet they don't really they're not really fans of watching the TV anymore now's my condescending old Beau's accent well that was a great hold up where we go throw in a quick hello it was also a bit northern yeah northern old person accent but no way than a why I went northern but McLaren on pole Kimi räikkönen is playing is in 30 nice my rivet excited oh he's what Ferrari livery he's gonna follow that oh thank you very much oh my oh my god don't get game ruined I say I'm burned in this game what the hell do I even do there tell me why did there rent aroni [Applause] explain that one atheists that's my race for it [Applause] this is what is come on God that's right slow down let me back in and sit obviously had to be soon we're going to save that replay analyze what the hell the game was thinking [Applause] don't forgot Matt's why Ivan Ivan back my overtake bar [Applause] oh my god trip loss is unreal would it behind someone be patient helping very hard to overtake [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] god had to try it whining host [Applause] we go I never was a farmer annoyingly [Applause] thank you Matt foster once again named my foster loves it was me [Applause] [Applause] first place don't bite away with it [Applause] living life on the edge [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] I wasn't brave enough again no remedy that closed [Applause] I'll be posted you get some butt or less [Applause] I'll take that [Applause] whenever gonna stop pissing we're guessing that six [Applause] [Applause] I'm sneaky brake adjustment halfway through the time the best place to do it [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] payback 2/3 ten minutes Thank You Sonny horizon for video we're not going to do one of those aren't we have to take a look I actually watched one of them by other night they just in this hilarity the beak I'm worried about coming on traffic bitter about fifteen seconds behind me [Applause] [Applause] leaders continues it was second place to us he goes on I'll carry on as well one more lap of fuel [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Thomas come in with sports n is that well all new same fine honestly scratch echoes done but as well actually I need to improve that thank you Bill can't bad FF be setting me I mean you just want the settings that make you feel comfortable but if you're not comfortable then it could be Slough so yes thank you very much bill we access dr. Kim Simon over I'm getting into this section you go down so much power [Applause] [Applause] so I think I was quicker than squash echo but he was people saving so a few say more than I was so then hot genuine [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] always mine stay of Madoff busier past [Applause] [Applause] whoa merci and plainly to second [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Hey the second I'll take that especially after that stupid penalty of beginning [Applause] this name is super DP Glenn boss man twenty-seven quick [Applause] thank you so much man nice petunia [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] income just saving enough it's about old what's up there they've made a big mistake joint [Applause] and my pace has been similar to Toby in the lead similar not quite on him [Applause] [Applause] yeah so the oversight by the needs a map it matter sue might miss will [Applause] so about that disadvantage of suppose well they use more fuel say oh there's not always a good idea to actually use it I think the best time Jesus some author starts pure a good position sometimes just to use it to genuine irritate so you don't do too much time stuck behind someone believe me baby stay cool we're bringing you the one they call critical position here's Matt Foster [Applause] so wide sched got broken out as well anyway look I went on the internet this week and I found the Jerry Biddle thanks for coming a member good evening skyline good morning mother a warning [Applause] I want to start by saying big thank you to all this position I mean you guys eventually go what's the livery amusement affords EcoBoost memory loads of spam memes on the front wing [Applause] that is named a super duty [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] anyway look I went into the devil's another here's also a concept thank you laughing some banana this guy was wait I thought we saw Adam a little bit we'll see [Applause] [Applause] some bees won by race well blades conference seconds wiper blade thank you that's my favorite race on the calendar and do I think we need to score a point and even though they are by Mars of slowest car well yeah it's hard to say I mean if they do is because of lots of retirement rather cars or something they are so far off so probably not unless something really drastic happens to raisin eight kosnov wiped out something favorite f1 racing calendar Interlagos on saying because it normally just is no nearly empty can't decide championship there's no we just very good race I'll say that one find the other technology replay allow sir I'll say ok rate of space proceeding have a look at the livery there oh it's better than co2 the Honda they are exactly the same aren't frog ones a Toyota ones a Honda they make a slightly different sound that's heard has been louder I hear I think you can only use the Toyota anyway everyone's in exactly the same car they are the same though performance wise is annoying yet because I I have I had the Honda I didn't have the church has had to buy it and I don't have many credits on this account so it's quite annoying don't see why they don't just let you use to where it is that's why map that button I know Evan look at the replay we should i for i did my famous xbox pants it's really confusing and first change as it likes I did Oh take I said look at that replay see how the not stupid penalty I have honestly no idea what happened I'm guessing I taught someone and then that person went off but we shall take a look I missed a donation today Oh Sean on Washington sorry let me just take a look Weezy – did how many bags of Disco's do you have left um like 12 or something I'll be honest I've gone through quite a lot of that box I've gone through it very quickly Thank You Sean and BA I mean I have a problem when it comes to like Pringles or something if the thing is open I'll just go through it if there's something there I'll just eat the whole thing or a lot of it okay for example if I buy if I went to buy like a six pack multi pack of crisps all right I have one a day I'll have like four in the first day and the other two minutes is not pretty such obscene eclipses still there I'm free I changed it I changed it to a kidney right especially really annoying me now does she really annoy me no actually because I changed by a 100% changed it oh well that's what I can't even see why the Pharisees really guessing that Ferrari just clipped me on the way off don't scene is still there let me just take a look at my dashboard quick i 100% turned off yeah I don't get it I turned it off I changed it Nessa's on donations it's not there even the nation not a super chart because he is different okay I'll have a look at it next time after this but I specifically got rid of it it's still coming out once you go John senior you can't go back that's the right way where do I actually I'm now only male I'm gonna miss reh so long that that hasn't happened in ages but I thought I was going on okay okay what car should I use for the next group three race lemons okay I had a look on the internet and this was on it whoa Akina beak change McLaren f1 goes to the top now unseen as time is hallways and how he can't change in yeah that's true he lives in the present cannot be changed it's a weird mix the Huracan does that yeah it does have a good top end actually but you have to be really good out of the turns jag Jags a good shower actually because I think that's good and the Renault Oh God Aston Martin yes Turkish I think that's a decent car around here OC is nor on the leaderboard but I think it is still okay Todd Piper made I'm gonna use the GTR I think I wanna check oh I do want to watch that replay again before we've gotten he minutes I want to see if it works go for it very quickly yeah there's no R right in there and the RA is really good around like just like medium speed corners and it's just not the thing about the monitors is so it's dominated by straights though no matter even though you've got the Porsche curves and chicane so it's like it's just so much straight you're spending like of the three and a half minutes lat you're spending two and a half minutes on a strain and this is annoying as well and these replays you have to watch this star fit I know FIA race is it yes sir what's the whole grid thing it takes ages there's a Ferrari this guy thing Oh shouldn't have done it shouldn't depress anything ok we'll forget that forget that replay forget about it it was a stupid penalty you don't need to see it again they put the intro in the replays yeah it's really annoying riperoni what's the replays bugs its bugged I figure we can do it pause it you can pause it and that's it but fast forward or rewind do a face reveal who do you think I am ok here's a face reveal buddy oh I'm actually wearing a mask so I'm going to face for real it ESMA doesn't want me to see it top ten things they don't want you to see Gran Turismo sport those penalties begin worse and worse recently I think let's have a look two laps of lemons I'm gonna go for the GTR this time but I mean we can do this race lots of time so that's why I like if race beat is good I'm happy because you can do over and over quite quickly three an hour to be precise when did I start using a wheel January there not too long ago but yeah I like it it's good it's them I've got bets or this game believe it or not believe it or not I've got better this game since using the converse is using the wheel it's just nicer experience would you pay for DLC I would but I mean they're bringing out for free so rather they've kept it free breezily good okay that explains it because I didn't have the space that explains what the penalty was but no that replay right let's have a quick look then the GTR [Applause] this big boy used to drive this thing all the time CBG tea would make an excellent trans woman well there's something you should know or we have a transwoman [Applause] [Applause] now [Applause] this thing is a bulky or some branches by three flashbacks right there are you an owl or others yes he's actually my dad really going off crazy as hell top ten things you would not expect from Formula One [Applause] thus tsu'tey since dad is James Charles James Charles I mean I've never heard of him until this beef came out tubulin is all still don't even care I could give any less of a about it but I hate it I just I'm no interest there is a is a some piece of makeup artist yes we did have 16 minutes drivers has gone down Jeff Berlin use a Tesco patty livery Huracan haruka liberally I'll turn a 10-pounder may not be the easiest 10 pound I've ever made thank you Jeff flip test scope value imagine actually doing that buying her a garden Tesco value on the side oh yeah James Charles II oh he's lost like two million subs in the last that's like two days or last week there's a brief funny James going around by he said like because he's lost like a million subs in like a day he should get like a gold playback for like – sucks yeah gonna play by 4 again a million subs what'd you lose a million subs again some with in doesn't gold/black soon you'll be on 10 mil to go back and you have the hand back he's a diamond player congratulations on rich Ted bill also he got Hannah back now preserve got back underneath [Applause] oh my what is so fun for there and Walter this is a big boy very big boy he's lost 3.1 minutes so far we don't even know we started I don't even know why we did what we supposedly has done I've been paying attention to it Estonian PewDiePie video went by now our pilot Leia feedback [Applause] [Applause] honestly what are we doing here it's weird to think that do you buy about a hundred mils or a tea series will be a large no sir at muster your dad is the Stig and by Martin and keg-nog and Nigel Fowler besides my father by another that's actually true but then I you know [Applause] to show you the best line for this chicane is they take see really quick works every time dear exact time [Applause] are you ago 10th oh my god keeping baka Momo's is up there there's like a French block third to safe good luck entry that no dirty Brit we will not let you through don't forget to pray to slipstream that's my religion man that is my religion every straight I pray to Him never watch PewDiePie is young and for Isabella's well imagine if PewDiePie made a Gran Turismo sport video I love that Olympic babies they call we're bringing you the white boy game Super Duty a big fat shoutout Peter MacKay just went full scent with $1 thank you very much Peter are gonna win this race just for you Peter you watch it's clocks blessing whether not to go to the Lamont went aground this year I should go it's been late now hotels are putting up some million pounds but could drive down there right Mike it may go is anyone going I don't know what's on the Spanish GP rubbish I mean Olympic babies think I'm shaving Thank You protests him and wife my classmates it here's my thoughts on the Spanish Grand Prix solid made that solid me why here we go there's some pretty decent hotel still available ok I'll have a look do you watch 1320 videos I don't I'll have a look at that later like I start the chicane again surprised about Oh God almost killed myself instantly insta-kill look at that 7.5 seconds away from the lien ready it's too big it's too much [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] by they summon that slipstream think I am well that's me that's me dead this entire straight but I can do this cars gonna go past me huh baby this crowd and you guys have been amazing big tasty cream overhead by car get in again there Thank You Tokyo using bounce is the problem I you lose the slipstream I said you are dead anyway look maybe needs to undergo this mega clutch for six Kisuke slingshot bars each other so I think if there's one tip to success in this raise its just qualify well because they're filled spread is just so big a slingshot past each other hopefully gain a little bit about slips rate yes I'll go minute now we have potential to do something now everyone just get penalty please [Applause] what the hell oh my god before the curb messed me up by thinking in me a microwave a severely occurred would have done that thanks for messing both of our races up [Applause] I can't win the race repeats it now Rick Baroni pizza once again stop still going on air so see weapons yeah the Arabs dimming again [Applause] [Applause] by measure than 0.5 [Applause] yeah us Aston boy giving us slipstream baby I love it when you do that to me Givaudan a dosage that shirts as opposed by products though things what gift Carl asthma oh yeah I mean the gift cars mostly just work junk thoughts ailment I always want to start by saying the hello flag something you guys have been amazing pull up in tonight so someone just got off there thank you Tom bees hey it's gonna be a penalty II hope not not quite palpable deceptive Wi-Fi class was winning the race while legends [Applause] it's qualified better I reckon would you still get fit their business still possible Oh what's up oh my god ass annoyed now is it now just in my slipstream now we can get back bathroom so it was an accident but now we can gain out of it I like that favor repays [Applause] Erikson's in here's our time [Applause] [Applause] penalty give them a penalty [Applause] they I felt like out speed there but just but the notes couldn't quite do anything said mmm frustrating race that one thank you to Veeck once again me rust exhilarated bit hard are should have told me to start the race man then I would want I think the problem of that race or thymine database be is just it's just the grid start or not the grid stopping the rolling start is to split used to be the closer if they can do an actual in Monstar we do a rolling start – bye – I'll be amazing there would be an absolute mess still going free positions always good to go up I'll take that I won't really Beth honestly why sir point is yes um I made so am i what's yous next Corvette in second you know we use the McLaren next mr. knife for Reno's watching for the last time welcome along to the stream beam way let me um why forget I'm gonna delete although they've all replays cuz I've got a space space up in here I'll put camel riot well Ryan is then there are law in videos recently now you'd be buried use with you I think copy these bear good for you me I don't think it's bear so you do what you want to do I do I do about hit the Lambo on what I was subscribing let me find this Tesco livery I'm not going to use a lab oh not yet anyway I honestly hate the Lambo the crime against most got to use nothing Anita I'm gonna need on haste a reason in this do I hate the Lambo because of castor I hate it cuz it's an awful car which hand was like just handles really weird alright for GT oh man this cars a blast from the past here we go then what about a little livery almost to make it I'll use it win this for James Charles I'm gonna save his career by winning this next race watch I hope for foresee surely good for the mom Oh Mazel use like I'm also we used to slow script for Kyle that be quicker than that I would use this car yet so you see a song we use heavy heavy wet I reckon it might rain I'll fight through you never know no they might do a when the rough day over for the race and then I'll just walk the crowd just walk to victory it never quite know oh here we go or GT spec car this week been off the radar for a long time [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] like Karthik [Applause] say should be one day are you not my cushy backer in the right unlike Michael Schumacher but three times better Lee when the web webicon our day comes in I'm sweeping up the victories see late Benji [Applause] Brian only delayed you've merely postponed the riot I requested dad well donate $1.99 I need two pounds right now oh look I can go now [Applause] of a carpool two pounds for a deaf man was happening this is the moment where this channel dies stop playing the dance sympathy to younger like James Charles we lose him we're losing a million subs a day even though I've got million subs to the YMCA for the Porsche curves man that's the quickest way for you there YMCA from winning on to the YMCA through the Porsche terms of the last man [Applause] they'll get I'll get – subs only so many subs are there the negative amount then I'll Gallagher – silver bar – gold flavor [Applause] they'll be like a race between me and T series T series to try to get a hundred mil I'm trying to get – a hundred mil there'll be a race – who can get to which one first by here we go quite a long way down the order a lot of Mustangs in there people weren't boxing for the Mustang honestly what we're doing here sir are for EM pornhub yeah I am yeah sure yeah I'll go with that me 100% agree be a car play buns they light under they light they just draw blood and just like right here's your play ban like crappy message in blood sweat they spit on it there you go when do I go to spa 24th of May so next week is actually honestly those they know oh I cannot wait Hollander will you see the Schumacher movie that will appear this year in Germany yeah I mean yeah I heard yeah they're making a documentary I'm a monkey Mecca which I'll be very interested to watch yeah I'll definitely tune into that definitely thank you very much Hollander but yeah and they coming out with the shipment Schumacher documentary slash Phil I don't know it's a documentary but a film anyway later this year I'm very interested so yeah [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] I'd rather watch a Super GT documentary hmm the rise of Super GT the subsequent full aka James child in James Charles fashion right third time doing this race let's see if the Ford GT works we've got the Mustang is a very popular choice the thing about it is just very easy to drive what's the easiest cost driver thing Super GT sob documentary I think Netflix would explode if it if they made that Netflix would bear to cope with the demands of so many viewers I would crash Netflix look at our cloud God [Applause] still need to get better I caught up on my slower corners titers but lemonis no strippers somewhat something that so today mobos up they still get balances [Applause] goodbye Oh I've boosted him net but in lose any speed but I hit him I shouldn't I should have taken that risk really still that [Applause] right let's go Tommy slow me along me [Applause] it's my best shot just push him along because he's got quicker car in a straight line or handset you look at this one teenage miles an hour [Applause] think retaining on that for fourth quarter okay for a big hand I you should be quite wait for this section where we stop the island [Applause] as I say that I'm really snowed for me perfectly he's going for it [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] nothing new I just need to qualify and it's a bailout flyball said I'm gonna find him look at I think [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] that's a working new pass here mr. Cain's of a record that McLaren Lancers 1:34 they're still fighting [Applause] I think is so planted with quarters your gaming third fourth all right now talk [Applause] ba-da-ba be a penalty yes when it was for him as well we won them the Bible penalties of all the many more careless [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Oh penalty of your fists horse up in there some else can see that Wi-Fi password big penalty okay I'll take it forth I will take 1/4 you're not struggling it over there the Mustang the thing about it's a good car bridges on the straights is really hard to overtake the McLaren or the Ford the GT if you're in the bus place that's the problem the top-end is so good on those cars they say I'll do that what you call the Ford Fiesta they've run out of gas or siesta laughs one day jeez – winning cause the McLaren I think the best way to have any chance in that race we had to work together a bump draft even if it kills your sportsmanship racing was the slipstream past each other that's all we could do really okay so at less-qualified yay – Oh necie what this thought about this use a group one guy hope you'd be faster hey that is a really good idea I'll do that next time I don't know wife didn't think about really clever do it for James Charles in the name of James Charles I sentence you to be sent to the realm well I would love to say I know what you mean but I've no idea this is a reference to I don't know what happened [Applause] oh yeah floaty boats oh my gotta go why'd you go he was in a different postcode there it wasn't even a transaction [Applause] you ever shoot shifter we're down the hill the wheel if you want to wait until bounce over there the light Oh My look at that and pure and utter fail even the replay camera coin the replay cam recording you see him is that far out there is various you say yoke mate yes sir okay then let's qualify for this city race shall we chops minimize gear shifts yeah he often in these road cars especially the classic ones daily race a is always laying pretty much true yeah I always do one on these live streams always try and do it once I never like I never particularly liked doing it a normally avoid all costs all righty that's our go then just call have an overtake pot yeah it's what the RS as well and nitrous oxides obviously full-on nitrous oxides too fast too furious style maybe by slides in the front let's try that look at the body well there [Applause] I want to shift down I still want to shift up here just over gonna reach them the limits are anywhere oh okay it's not quite well when it's due no penalty those say I'll take it [Applause] [Applause] oh boy I hate these races I'm sure they hate me too yeah it was actually got really good front-end response turns it very quickly thank you to the boys back at the Porsche factory for we saw how the front ends we got that go skies well no driver that really is a ghost car so yeah [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] and then you have to wait an eternity to get back on the power and now this long straight we get under a minute surely [Applause] holy moly not like that we won't back out there it's about home circuit is yeah I live about half an hour from this track it's no excuses should be number one be number one [Applause] why do I hate it well it's just the cars aren't fun to drive that's that's about it I mean the racing can be very close I like that but I just don't enjoy I just don't enjoy driving the cars it's clunky [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] I left [Applause] [Applause] Oh God he let a thousand eleven sir kill Joe [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] very difficult to really hook it all up [Applause] as trying place [Applause] [Applause] better come on there we go being the ghost [Applause] [Applause] turn the wheel if you want to win do another far babe sup one man dear my striker hello thank you very much mate so look at our sideways action hell yeah way quit because I had to cram Bella [Applause] turn the wheel if you yes [Applause] it's like an old man something thank you for the tournament [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] killed all other men really hard strike striking a lap with one guy all together deadly betta though because I've messed up this first corner okay ah come on [Applause] slider just killed your momentum so much three times up though [Applause] still free terms I took this corner so this last time took is so well on the ghost now I think I can do that again [Applause] look at that I just lose I just lose my free temps that took it so perfectly let's just try third gear only on the last [Applause] being bashed up thank you very much mate [Applause] 50 too much mr. good comparison then I'll go stay in third gear this time hidden elements miracles do happen how really re Guzman's here but then I went to do occasions and probably do gain a few with gain overall I think here in Salinas thank you favorably [Applause] phenelzine [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] about go four times quicker [Applause] this lab boy account and that's really at frustrated okay I know what's due now though let's retry could have to sell a penalty Thank You skyline I'll see you next time mate [Applause] [Applause] mr. Schiff like one I've got pretty much one attempt here get it right [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] elevator if a 59 6:59 five Oh like that [Applause] 59 for let's see me believe more times where the problem yeah and the problem as well with race a its road cars are normally really bad for overtaking because everyone's exactly the same II it's just really hard to overtake people and stars 52 Jesus of a second quicker I really want to see a video about you racing in a roomful of car one day hopefully man one day I'll be the dream it's a race cars I be awesome week slipstream yeah I mean okay if weeks live streams on then I'll help if it's unreal then there's no chance where are we fourth on the grid in that lap was okay I can still go quicker you'll go maybe 59 low 59 would have only possibly got one more position Yumi's off to Denmark to do some I'll be driving a TC our car is awesome I'm off to London to do some go-karting and crash team racing that's arguably better no it's definitely better [Applause] always a risk to go free people [Applause] whose watch the game of Thrones episode 5 then I'm not gonna say anything but my god my god man raise the episode that's it go and watch it what's Jimmy ball been like in real life seems like it would be a huge churn what makes you think that I mean he's fighting of men how many I meant twice he's a very good guy no alcohol tonight I haven't got any actually I've run out all our boys water I'm a good boy this is a full start check Oh God that gear change the longest thing to come back on it we're coming at me now [Applause] come on bud [Applause] basket and that's literally it was on week don't you dare me [Applause] [Applause] six laps of this [Applause] so smiley [Applause] [Applause] ii made a mistake [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] there's a really difficult corner taking this car [Applause] god the fry offer and the guy a force called punt punts Tony luckily are not called Tony so he doesn't have to but me [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] it's kind of a no-man's land I can't really catch ah they're not really fighting it's the problem that's look as well say about race a normally road cars in this game it's really hard to overtake you kind of I've seen fi8 race as well everyone just sells into an order in a line and then no one could do anything [Applause] Cindy what moved positions I've gone up a few I've got one you've gotta be messy at the start Oh what for just luck [Applause] our forums coming for you don't bother [Applause] when I was cooking up a qualifying lap [Applause] get me slipstream yes of what I think [Applause] oh here we go it's on now boy what you got come on Frenchie nice bold it pick a line boy [Applause] oh it's kept it [Applause] yeah just push me off the frickin track ha my work here is done signed sealed and delivered by r4m shadow GSA with the full send express delivery that's how you get our four in defeat parts oh yeah that's how you go full set that is how you go for sand it's in there Steve fantastic drive wait whose do happen the only thing is about races that you just miss race be they've missed it by like a mini-me it's really annoying literally the worst thing in the world nothing worse look at that you just miss it but I do need to improve my father fun time anyway so let's use number one now McLaren CA rated okay then have a look at this British world ramming championship I'll be the champion of that I'll be the ten time back-to-back champion untouchable mimics see you next time mate Thank You Julian it's a legit lap have a look let's analyse he's doing no I guess yeah a little bit Karen my I think once it all cells down and people can decide which is the best car I think the McLaren might be the Bell one but we'll see maybe Thomas and cars don't come back with the Huracan let's take a look at this then [Applause] making for the first total banner tumors in the yellow the curbstone [Applause] [Applause] linked by this close us surprisingly plan to disguise he got good grip doesn't typically turn sharply but it's very solid [Applause] go we got two on the on the blue and yellow okay think here in going on – booyah as long as you're back as long as two wheels have run the track by the end of the curve then you're okay I think it's part of UK from southeast so very close to London this southerner maternity summoner [Applause] we are looking for that it is a 200 board and you will that break in the barrier on the left side to break it pretty much there slily in there beautifully that's what she said over there [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] go over that curb that [Applause] [Applause] we kind of avoid that cardi I'm gonna want guy anymore [Applause] second we know a wife runner [Applause] [Applause] this is the hard bit then this year who does the Porsche curves probably by doing the YMCA associated passageway [Applause] nice page one [Applause] this Exorcist about patience [Applause] ready [Applause] you can go you can go that far as long as you're to on the curb if that DL right on the edge [Applause] I think it's just before can you do here then I think I was again this is a kid on the red and doing yellow okay and he's completely off beyond the line but that's what you can do it used to be a case that you touch that red thing and you get a big red to penalty they say look easy a second all the way out and again be on the line but would actually do hey so that's the limit you know what it is now is try and emulate that red thing has never been multiple I swear I guess not that same just the red thing then maybe a bit further but I do remember having a race where someone got a penalty instantly as they cut that maybe not the red but maybe a bit further right enough time for maybe for putting like three [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] to come back middle [Applause] but if I can just get 250 buyers I think I'll be good as almost I like 9/10 in those races is waiting for that [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] this is the McLaren f1 GTR Janet [Applause] [Applause] three short of the best top ends it's top speed of over three does which is why words around here other than a 24-hour race to do this game in France respite and they'll brunch responds yes Hanoi as well but you can do you can do a 200-lap race around growls and wanted to [Applause] [Applause] good [Applause] [Applause] there comes the hard bit [Applause] [Applause] to combat a bit more [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Oh was that exactly the same as my peepee he's very close [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] please have a penalty I'm very close like I'm safe [Applause] it was exactly the same okay oh boy yeah boy it was madness when have you ever seen that [Applause] [Applause] politics seven times up come on [Applause] what's the record the record 53:9 still a long way or for that [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] three cores of a second stone [Applause] [Applause] got horrible exit none of these time will weigh down this straight slide a bit to lay out brakes [Applause] knowing temps up now there's definitely time to be gained in the Porsche curves [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Oh boom fifty-four what's allowed it's one second of all records [Applause] and as with mistakes as well [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] one second often of nobody for one second off the world record one second off and this is a much longer track for Barris laws medical not so many pores [Applause] [Applause] well no ways what's the right words there's more corners to smoke track for the semester density of course – tonight on once a top is 53:9 someone second on this Bank it hell yeah one sec slow as well oh god it's not 53:9 sorry I've caused 53:9 like not like you know that close then it's a big spread they look at that it's like one and a half seconds the top seller has a really big split still weigh one two three five six different cars in there still I still I think the McLaren will come out on top eventually everyone look quite quicker than castor let's do a second quicker that's good luck over 54 9 I was a top-10 yeah man it of three temps away from top ten and I couldn't to be fair I could do that if I hooked it all up [Applause] [Applause] ah come to Dubai soon thank you very much mate I would like to go that one day I've always been intrigued by a Dubai I've never mean I'll be there soon just for you mate [Applause] [Applause] this crowd and you guys have been amazing [Applause] Thank You Jade black it was a good luck well pre-pasted okay so we're quicker but probably not much more than a means [Applause] yeah yeah let's call our time come over the name return but one of the very end of the stray the 90-degree right-hander but I ever go to Memphis here only persimmon as we go [Applause] [Applause] this corner and again that means break earlier than that [Applause] but I'm happy with a fifth before 9 there see where that puts us in the grid I think that might be there might be pole I mean nothing in the last two races that would have been polled I think rapes they're like no sense there we go pole position helps hark he loves to use something weird is in the Peugeot we'll see how that thing is and she I heard it's quite good in a straight line we'll see all right if I had kept my 56 I would have been about seventh or eighth would have been a v' by time on pletely that 54 9r I'll take that in evening TR the flat it's been a long time open as well good to see you good straight line equals poor rear grip choose two tires yeah laughter no this car feels right it feels pretty planted and there is no tire wear so cheering tires isn't a thing really okay pole position Hojo Mustang TR someone's at the all right something the beetle rip around you're putting back that person watch that watch them win now I love said that here we go at least by being at the front it's on pole you get the benefit of not being on the bloody chicane at the start it's a bonus what gear do you launch in Oh we'll find out probably second from a rolling start top one and first second a good for the star yeah look at like a play looked like a bum already like a second day get severe Louis educators are going to seem to mess the order of the gaps Thank You Valerie [Applause] gifted Animus miracles throughout the night I'm so close to lose don't say well there's the bottle [Applause] [Applause] thank you but we've been and see mcg buzzer risk quick escape it off okay anything on it oh my go [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Oh [Applause] Jesus way was that we're about jeez Louise [Applause] [Applause] that was a good pun to be fair all right like a sign that guy up to our forum I've seen enough here in Maine okay Boylan [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] I'm coming together there [Applause] and nine temps that'll help stock compare live I think it might be loose on the purposely lost the most time I never saw bangle against each other [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] really messed that up [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] the Muslims train that mistake is it could be costly because now it can go past [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] try again posture [Applause] I know [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] scorpy now [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] you still do this Stano [Applause] hmm Oh God messed up right after the end hmm I want to look at that penalty because that was a bit weird there was contact as well I was pushed into that [Applause] unless it was to what hoppin as the it wasn't the finest games the one before it and must have been that must have been love I shouldn't have given him a chance anyway because that mistake at the end of the first month that's what that's what did it really when I start my silent partners I've lost crossed out there there's a good race that was good battle he's very tactical he's just going back past each other all the time let's have a look why a library one pixel beyond the line see how it was how it went down yeah I could have that's the thing I could have caught the chicane after he tapped me I'm a penalty but I didn't think quick enough remember when I said Lambo unsub yeah that happened you'll be back mate you're always here you love it really love it really made circuits Denisof come on get loaded once you happen with help start as well I got watch this stupid intro you need fitness training for car racing I mean I do fitness I go to the gym it's not necessarily just for karting but I do I go to the gym just to keep in shape in general I knit obviously card so yes I guess with a mega punch payment Oh a lot of noble penalty really nothing [Applause] oh that's what happens I need or do they hold any weight wise out star right yeah that was a dodgy put it I loop behind ravenite can see him just like Tony across I wonder what was going on before you just lost on the curb this thus the mistake thundergirls about 1.3 seconds ahead [Applause] his mistake was the harbor second [Applause] well this was a decent move I went a little bit too wide cover the inside Oh a little bit too hard and that's why I got a penalty oh my god to go closer I did go over but my eyes such a tiny amount it's like Oh honestly as I as close as it could possibly be that wasn't it you the pixel over the line that's where I got the null point five without Darwin of one [Applause] I had lunch back [Applause] a little bit [Applause] see the middle team couldn't go anywhere others I thought I kept it in I think I swear you on our two rules on the curb I guess yes just before I hit the curb I was four wheels out you can go forwards onto the I guess maybe like there I don't know well there I'm like four words be on the line and then I'll get on the curb I one millimeter later I should have cut the corner then would have gotten the penalty oh well that's how it went down what was over the white line yeah but if you watch the replay at the top time he goes four wheels over the white line on the curb so you can do the curb all four was beyond the lion spacious what was on your on the line before the curb I think the game's frozen now he's given up oh come on wasted about start many I mean I've made a lot mistakes there anyway I was just I always like to just know why you got a penalty a lot the time you can't work it out because again being an idiot but I did go wide there yes so such fine margins I just a tiny bit wide are but yourself come on hurry up mister nightmare good luck Fuji TSE mate should be revising gonna be watching me Oh 17 seconds be good let's please counts to show me yes use the Lambo this is where mister I'm gonna lose but I've done no practice okay I'm qualified remember has a uni exam tomorrow everyone doing their exams and they're watching me you should be revising than sleeping I'm just so glad at after do exams anymore I hated them I just I hate how light a year of learning can come down to one little two-hour test you can mess it up it doesn't always I thought an exam doesn't always and I truly show your knowledge maybe you do know things but you can't quite put it into words on the paper but it is though it is well as we fell out and nobody got eaten I got them for five days at GTAC paper you maybe not very see yes I have done it once and finished second I for know on envision finish second side for think or five-second penalty for nothing um yeah or topless in the super formula I think this is this is the interesting race this week because of the mix of cars are still on quite work out which is the best car it's obviously gonna be the Huracan GCC's are mostly going to be example based going forward exist wastin all which they enjoy but I used to do well on the course where I might refer coursework to exams okay we're gonna get it out 30 seconds drive this car let's get start [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] just wants to slide all the time there's almost no course way these days yeah I used to not mind the course like too much well turns on the subject because I remember like technology designer technology the course work was just that was to be fair and that subject is pretty much all coursework the answer by doing project and it was like one piece of year-long course work right try and win this one but so happens isn't an unfamiliar car and one I don't normally like driving [Applause] so you have to learn how to slide this bar drive it really to drive it well not slider but I work with the waiter is just really weird pleasures pleasures and you're very quick they're gonna break away later but soon as much I can do when the Maclaren gets up to me jeez this car hater oh no no no I'll cooperate too early anyway obviously no I just my tip is just to never use cayenne practice with it the shipper Cisco I was off [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] somehow it's sick [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] on this car I can't express how much I don't like Ironman doleful I snore awful it's just really difficult if you can't drive it it's obviously got blows a potential which is very difficult to get right it's very hard to really control the speed patrol the sliding through the corners we kind have to cut up t in a way always have in a way you almost have to use the drifting to gather power they use the slider they'll burn they'd like that [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] I give up this stupid car never job if broken a man you have isolate I wanted to raise claim about the second corner don't cut the first chicane the thing is it's like to get the best line to get the best time you have to just it unsettles the car but right if you don't do it just gonna look on the Eva Marcille just rice was on it reminded that you are our driver not the reminder that you've got bad grammar video it's true that Boulder I think it's definite is it's quite clear that in some cars i'm a lot worse than others it's definitely definitely true so I mean I think it's just when this when there's a lot more grip I'm a lot better that one it just felt really weird felt really off thank you once again Brandon thanks for tuning in my a daily reminder watch my own video on how to improve yeah I think I need to do that actually it's a good idea all right Oh Ian Callum joins Oh hate that Oh get that car out of my sight okay I had a look on the internet and this one on it whoa reminder think I'm bad a crabber figure about job still grandma wrong come on Ange it you could have changed it there I was your challenge is Brandon there's a beautiful car I love that livery well even as a Bentley livery but who care okay there we go we're going to wrap this one up much love as always everyone I'm going to London tomorrow to play Crash Team Racing of all games and I'll put some stuff up Instagram on Twitter if you want to have a look and then see what can do about getting a video for that but yeah hope you enjoyed the stream and just a reminder to not use the Huracan because it's absolutely all for car should just be burnt in a fire and ever be seen again okay


  1. Stop using the LAMBO it's CRAP and you OBVIOUSLY don't enjoy using it… and the guy who keeps asking you too use it, if he is a true friend/fan he'd STOP requesting that you do. Try too have fun and R4M someone into OBLIVION 🙂

  2. I wonder if the Schumacher movie/documentary will mention how everyone who was his teammate was forced to be his B!TCH?

  3. How bad are minor penalties in this game, in that, is it better to force yourself to avoid all possible penalties, thus losing time/places, or is it okay to have a few minor ones by mistake now and again?

  4. what brake balance did you use on the McLaren? i brake at same points, just cant seem to find a balance that will make me stop as fast as you do :S im stuck at 3.57.703

  5. I feel your pain about the 5 second penalty on your 1st run at race "C" … I've literally gone hoarse screaming at the game .. FFS (FOUR FOOT SNAKES) .. I get hit from behind, the idiot who cant work out how to stop a car has gone off and BOOM .. 5 second penalty … C'mon .. what??? I love the game when it works but so many times it just ruins your race … SIGH! pCars2 booting up … still booting up …. stilll booting up. Lets make a brew 🙂

  6. still waiting for the day when they add contact in railly game poor codemasters Dirt 2 and 3 such good rally games dirt 4, dirt rally 1 and 2 lame because you race against ghosts and not a grid start i lose interest very fast against ghost racing

  7. Is it just me or does the pre race music realllly freaking get annoying after hearing it 500 times … and also btw I just hit 100 wins on gtsport and now I'm retiring lol… sikee

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