Goto is back! Delivers emotional speech in front of sold-out crowd!

Goto is back! Delivers emotional speech in front of sold-out crowd!

Let’s hear what the winner, Goto, has to say. Huge chants for Goto. He’s moved by it all. It’s been a while. It has been. The fact that I was able to fight
in front of you all, once again, And the fact I beat Jay tonight…
I couldn’t be more pleased! G1 CLIMAX is just getting started, though. I know that it’ll only get
harder and harder from here. But I have to say this. Is this what I think it is? The ‘G’ in ‘G1’ stands for ‘Goto’! That’s it! Goto’s back and better than ever! The ‘G’ in ‘G1’ stands for ‘Goto’. And he
closed with, “That’s it!” We can see the change. Goto’s awesome. He’s taken the next step. Goto will move forward, carrying the weight
of Shibata’s will on his back. ジェイ 自分を責めるな! First, I want to thank those of you
who trained with me. Shibata and the young boys of the LA Dojo.
Thank you. Without their help,
I couldn’t get this win tonight. However, I can’t say I’m completely back yet. This was just another step
on my total comeback. However, to Shibata and the boys from the
LA Dojo who trained with me, Even though they are not in G1, I will fight for them, too. Through our training,
they motivated me to fight like this. That’s what I’m feeling. So moving on to next match,
I will get fired up again. This is where my real G1 starts. If I lose
the next one, that’ll say that I’m not worthy. This is where my real G1 begins. That’s it.


  1. G1 stands for goto
    This year is goto's year
    Bring him the iwgp heavyweight champion
    Do shibata proud,Represent him and make him have a moment with goto after he beats okada
    That's a good ending i bet everyone wants it too

  2. HIROOKI GOTO: 2-0
    JAY WHITE: 0-2
    "G" in G1 stands for Goto!
    Please New Japan, pull the trigger.

    P.S: Keep Shibata-san's name from your mouth, Jay-baka!

  3. 俺はロスインゴファンだから内藤が優勝して二冠が一番のハッピーエンドだけど、それ以外だったら後藤とか、ランスとかファレとか矢野通とかが優勝して欲しいな

  4. An excellent match that told the story of Switchblade's overconfidence coming back to bite him in the ass. He underestimated the wily veteran in Hirooki Goto, and he paid for it in full. Goto seemed to have innovated a new move as well, as I have never seen a Death Valley Final Cut before. I am still on the lookout for Switchblade to win the entire tournament. I give this match 4.00 out of 5 Stars.

  5. Everybody please pray for Hirooki Goto to win the G1 Climax 29, i'm not gonna lie, i will cry if he wins the tournament with his theme, that's it

  6. Don't give him another chance for never openweight title he won it so many time give him a shot at IC title or heavyweight title

  7. これでジェイに勝って熊本のリベンジを果たしたのは良かった✨

  8. まあ、これがメインの時点で後藤が勝つのは分かりきってたから何の驚きもない。


  9. 後藤優勝して欲しいけど、もし優勝したとして、同じユニットのオカダと戦うのかな?

  10. 後藤はシングル何気に良試合多くて試合は盛り上がるんだよな。

  11. I saw this Match yesterday and goto suprised me. Also funny thing about the match is how both were playing who hits first with the ropes

  12. Please NJPW if I cannot have Suzuki as world champion, how about Goto? He's been Openweight champion too many times.

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