GBH are back in the hunt! #njwtl

GBH are back in the hunt! #njwtl

俺に怒ってるみたいだ だからバックステージにも来なかったし
話してもくれなかった 本当に申し訳ない 調子は良かったけど全勝は厳しい
真壁と本間は新日本のレジェンドチームだし 俺たちも勢いはあったんだけど… 矢野のカレー何個でも買うよ
取り下げた方が良さそうだ 彼の商品を売ってたことを知ったら
もっと怒るだろうな 今夜は晩飯を奢ろうと思う
そしたらきっと全てが元通りだ That’s another win, dumbass. Hey, I said this the other day, that we’ll
win the rest. You better be ready for us. I’ll say it again,
just when you’ve forgotten about GBH, We’re right back in it.
Be prepared. After our win tonight, now we’re 3 and 3. We have 9 left.
If we keep going, we’ll be at 12 and 3. 15 matches, total, right?
9 wins… 9 wins, 3 losses.
No, 12 wins and 3 losses. We can make it.
But actually, it was very tough today. It’s been a while since I’ve faced Cabana.
When I was at ROH, in the 2000s, I faced him. He hasn’t changed at all.
Even though it’s been more than 15 or 20 years, He’s still just as amazing as he used to be. But I shouldn’t praise him so much.
We have to keep winning. Who’s going to win this league if not us?
EVIL and SANADA? I don’t think so. It’ll be me and Makabe.
GBH will be victorious.


  1. Cabana knows how to cheer Yano up with dinner. Now that's a partner right there.
    HONMA & Makabe = 3: 2: 6
    YANO & CABANA = 3: 2: 6

  2. カバナのトーク中真壁のチェーンの音


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