Gay Guy learns how to WRESTLE!

Gay Guy learns how to WRESTLE!

-Hey, it’s Josh, and guess what? I’m going to go
learn how to wrestle. I have my own
wrestling referee here. -Hi, I’m Bill. -Beat some people up. -Take that. -Yeah! You guys get the
fuck out [INAUDIBLE]. -I’d like to introduce
you to Scotty Mac. Scotty Mac– -Hi, nice to meet you. -Nice to meet you, too. – –one of the trainers
and owners of ECCW. -I better change. -OK. -There’s facilities over there. -BRB. -OK. -Go change, but
he’s already wearing [INAUDIBLE] get this training. -I’m ready to wrestle. Just call me the
Rainbow Wrestler. OK, let’s do this. -Those would be
amazing for a show. This is just the training gym. For right now, maybe
they’ll [INAUDIBLE]? -I don’t want to
make you jealous, so I’ll save these for later. -Maybe just– here, no. There we go. We want to roll, so get in
line behind shreds there. -Good start. Better than I expected. That was good. -What do you mean,
better than you expected? -Awesome. -I got this wrestling thing. -And I’m going to start
with my right leg. All right, how’s that? -Good. You did great. -You want a few less steps. -I don’t get the fall though. -No, you don’t get the fall. OK, we’ll start here. I want you to
pretend like you’re sitting on an imaginary chair. OK. And– oh, you kind
of went with all ass. So if we can go– -I do tend to do that. We could go with more
surface area, more back. More back, less ass. First time for everything. -Better. Let’s move on. -[INAUDIBLE]. OK, wait, question, when
do we hit the showers? -There’s no shower time today. -Anyway, if you could
be more professional and get on with this. -Some do a one foot
takeoff, like this. Or we could do– and again,
we’re landing nice and flat and my ass up. -I got the ass up part. -All right. -Ahh! -Almost. -So straight over. a -I don’t do anything straight. -And, close. Good enough. We don’t often poser after. -Is there something where
you guys all crowd around me and just squish me? -Well– -Is he talking about a
battle royal for some reason? -I don’t know what
he’s talking about. -He’s talking about
something, I don’t think it’s a battle
royal though. -Maybe I’ll give
you a body slam. -I haven’t had one of
those since last night. Yow! -What’s going to happen,
what you’re going to do, I’m going to take your
arm here, put it here. I’m going to reach between
your legs– -Uh huh. So far so good. Well, what are you waiting for? I was born to wrestle, baby. When I pick you up– -At the club later tonight. -When I pick you up, you’re
going to post on my hip. -OK. -Ah! -OK, Arty, could you
please make him post? -Oh, yeah, on my hand. -I’m going to post. I’m going to post. Ah! -Boom. -Wow, I think I just climaxed. Do we get cigarettes
after, or what? -We don’t really
smoke in the facility. We need to have a
finishing maneuver. I know he said you probably
already finished with the body slam, but let’s say you didn’t. Let’s say you want to
take it to the top. -I could go again. -I’m going to climb up,
position yourselves like this. And I want you to do a big high
cross body, jump into my arms, and I want you to pin
me one, two, three. -Thanks, boys. -Spotters. You guys should grab my arms
and we can go that Madonna thing from “Material Girl.” No? Ah ha! How do I not him my
face on the floor? -I’ll make sure you don’t
hit your face on the floor. You might hit your
face on the floor. -I’m just shaking because
the things aren’t sturdy. Ah! Be! Ya! You’re not pushing. -You’re just so bad. -Ya! -One, two, three. Winner. -He counts and then you win. -I like this wresting thing. -You counted? You counted already. Yeah, that was it. -Thank you. This has been awesome. -So celebration time, like
maybe one of your poses? No, no that’s not! Use the usual, not the
usual– and you’re thrusting– -I could really get into
this wrestling thing. – –and gyrating. -So am I a
professional wrestler? Getting there. Our next big show is at
the Commodore Ballroom, January 18th. But if you’re not
at the Commodore, you could also
see us every month at the Russian Cultural
Center in Kitsilano on 4th and Arbutus. Really great live
entertainment in your face, up close and personal. -I like it in my face. -Ah, well. -Well, it’s time
to hit the showers? -Yes. So, individual– -Thank you so much
for the training. – –showers. Thank you for watching. Make sure you subscribe. And I’ll see you on
Tuesday with another video. Ha! Head lock! -Head lock. -Toodles. -Toodles.


  1. You know you're a pro wrestler when you can make the trainer speechless, laugh or stumble over his words, and you did all 3. Your wrestling outfit was a jaw dropper, too!

  2. Josh. You have no idea. I was laughing throughout the ENTIRE video. As a former-WWE fan, I appreciated this video so very much, and I wish I was in your shoes in this video.

  3. Hahaha this made me tear up and those guys in the beginning where spoke at what you said and then warmed up to your humor

  4. Josh, you were gayer than ever with those wrestler guys! But, I can understand because they were pretty darn HOT! I'm pretty sure at least one of the spotters was into you. Looks like you had a bunch of fun…no matter what. 🙂

  5. PMSL, I have never laughed so much at a vlog before. Could you see the other guys just didn't know what to do with them selves. But the main blonde guy was up for a laugh, ether that or you pulled Josh 😉

  6. oh my God So funny  "I'mmmmmmmmmmmmmm  Ready to wrestle…………….!!!!"   Hahahaha  and the shimmy  he did  set the tone so bad the other wrestlers was like  ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh Dame.

  7. Were you hard or is it just me?? The other guys  could not stop looking down at  your package I think   they wanted some that's why they made you change  .

  8. Josh, you'll need a wrestler name…
    It's hard to think of one.
    (he he he, see what I did there!)
    Seriously I know a couple guys in that league, and they're great men and athletes.

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