Gail Kim on TNA new Owners & More!

Gail Kim on TNA new Owners & More!

we're back at Wrestle con on the Hannibal TV and we have caught up with the gorgeous legendary Gail Kim Gail welcome thank you and uh I've seen in a long time and I think we live in the same city ain't it life's crazy what the fans want to know what everybody wants to know is where have you been and are you coming back to TNA anytime soon yes so I have been injured I guess we never really oh we just keep rolling it's a convention exactly I've been injured and we didn't really explain it on television I've just been extra cautious coming back so I will be back soon yeah glad to hear it what do you think about the new management the new direction of DNA I'm really happy honestly I've seen this company go through so many ups and downs and I will have to say when Jeff was in charge the last time I felt like that was the best years of TNA and I'm really looking forward to being under his regime again because he just really cares you know and when you have people that are that caring and passionate there's really the only thing can be positivity for the talent for the office for the people that are in the environment so I'm really excited I totally agree when I heard Jeff was back in charge I think and Scott's a more is involved in Dutch I said with Scott Dutch and Jeff and I said they're going to have a chance now so I'm glad for you guys I know I'm you know I'm a huge mark for your husband so I'm sorry I know it is all about you but but asking me is Robert here is Robert here like no I'm sorry if you if you live under a rock she's married to the famous chef and restaurant Impossible host Robert Irvine who I'm a total mark four and up is the show coming back that show will not be coming back no all right I'm going you might be a different version of it it's just ran its course and just like any other television shows it did 13 seasons I believe or 14 seasons you know you kind of just look for the next thing to do and he's doing more thing so just watch out we'll be watching out you guys met while you were filmed while he was filming a show right I think I saw it dinner impossible though I know WWE and I just send it long story short I ended up being on the show and it's been history ever since because we just kind of fell in love I mean if you can't fall in love fall in love then love well thank you for giving us a little bit of time tell Robert that I'm crushed that there's no more Restaurant Impossible I'm going to have to fight I'll have to watch him pack again now the Jefferson charge thank you so much Gail appreciate


  1. Holy Crap, Penzer's working with Hannibal? Awesome. Nice interview with the great Gail Kim as well.

  2. Damn Gail kim is still sexy and 40 is old i think not I'm not saying it's super young it's not old like that either i am 30 years old but if I was in my 20s i still want to sleep with her I'm telling you 40s is not old like that just saying in my opinion

  3. Interview went well as well in owners company Decided shows channel Gail Kim She really wonderful

  4. Anyone else thinks Gail Kim looks a lot like Ziya Tong from Discovery Channels tv show Daily Planet?

  5. Any chance of Gail Kim going to NXT? Triple H is in control of NXT.. and the women's wrestling in there is awesome.

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