FULL MATCH – Triple H vs. The Great Khali – WWE Title Match: SummerSlam 2008

FULL MATCH – Triple H vs. The Great Khali – WWE Title Match: SummerSlam 2008

He’s a head shorter than Great Khali.>>7’3″ to 6’4″, you can do the math.>>Yeah, I don’t like doing math.>>And Khali is 165 pounds
Bigger than the champion, and look at the size differential. That tells a better story than we can.>>Khali showing no respect,
for the WWE champion.>>Triple H has gotta stick and move. And that’s what he’s doing here.>>Well yeah, the quickness will
definitely be the of the champion.>>Look at this, what is going on? Triple H trying to on that pedigree and,>>God, hit a wall.>>Game getting more momentum. Khali-
>>My God.>>What big hands,
these giant hands around the neck->>[CROSSTALK]>>Choke slam. Khali early with a choke
slam on the WWE champion. And The Game in big,
big trouble in the early going.>>Amazing power.>>Look at the power,
you’re not kidding JR. Early going in this match,
right out of the box, Khali. And look, Triple H is not a cruiserweight. He just got chucked like a small
sack of something, potatoes.>>The Game weighed in reportedly at 255,
Khali at 420. And look out,
this one could be over early.>>Vice grip.>>Can you believe what we’re seeing here? The Great Khali,
with a Khali vice grip and those massive amazingly strong hands squeezing
the title out of The Game.>>You gotta get out of it quick,
Triple H. Trying to work, Triple H, look,
he’s trying to chop down->>Look at those big legs!>>The knees, The Game was knee cap. And finally the game destroyed
the vertical base of his adversary. Which really seems to be
one of the key elements.>>You have to,
you gotta chop down that gigantic redwood that’s hovering over.>>My God! That huge catcher’s mitt size hand of The Great Khali caught
the WWE champion walking in. And now The Game thrown abdomen,
sternum first into the security wall.>>Look at this chop,
the replay of this chop. It’s like a ceiling fan
hitting you in the head! Guy is massive!>>Six!>>Referee Micky Henson, the veteran,
up to six on his ten count. Khali has done big time damage
on the outside of the ring. The WWE title is on the line match.>>And JR, in my opinion it comes down,
in the early goings of this match, the chokeslam, the massive, massive
chokeslam by Great Khali on Triple H.>>Well the air was driven out
of The Game on that maneuver. Then we saw a Khali vice grip. The Game quickly had to go to
the knees of The Great Khali, but now it’s been all vertical offense. Nothing but high impact from Great Khali.>>Yeah, and I think Triple H seemed like,
just trying to get out of the vice grip, going to work real quick on one
of the knees of Great Khali. But Great Khali shut him
down again real quick.>>Khali’s offense may be bowling
shoe ugly, but it’s very effective. That is a massive arm,
and look at this cover. The arrogance of the cover of Khali.>>That’s not gonna work
with the king of kings, man. You’ve gotta go for
a real cover in my opinion.>>Khali measuring The Game with that
massive hand, and now the claw applied.>>Yeah, that’s just not your
basic nerve hold there folks. Those two hands are like big mitts. Like you said, catcher’s mits. Look at the size of those meat hooks.>>A lot of athletes in this
business over the years have utilized their hand strength
extremely effectively. We remember the. You talk about The Bruiser and
The Crusher using hand strength.>>Right, right, claw hold.>>The blackjacks.>>Well that claw hold is,
it could do damage.>>But nothing like The Great Khali.>>Look at this now. The Game, he’s high up there, baby. Watch out, no! That’s not a basic body slam either.>>Basic elementary offensive. The leg drop. The leg drop by Khali. The Game,
barely able to get a shoulder up.>>I don’t know man, Triple H may
be kicking out on instinct there. The Game not looking good. I have to assume Triple H trying to
shake off the effects of that vice grip, just crushes your skull.>>But Taz,
I think you were right to begin with. That tree-like chokeslam is really
what took it out of The Game early. And then the vice grip held for
awhile The Game not too long.>>And the mammoth adversary for The Game, The Great Khali has a good game plan
obviously, and it’s working, JR.>>The Punjabi Punisher is doing
just that to the WWE champion. And I can tell you what,
The Game in my opinion, he’s a man that hates losing
more than he loves winning.>>Triple H bringing the blows right now,
trying to build some kind of a come back.>>Watch out, face buster!>>And Khali still didn’t go off his feet
but he did get tangled in the ropes.>>Opportunity time for
the king of kings right here.>>I’ve known a lot of WWE champions but
I don’t think I’ve ever met one that being the WWE champion
means more than that man. And Khali, to his credit, able to get that
size 18 boot in the face of the champion.>>Well you can’t blame Triple H for trying to take advantage of
Khali tied up in the ropes. Just a tad overzealous was the champion.>>Huge size and
strength disadvantage for Triple H.>>Whoa, whoa, whoa, look, JR, look! Pedigree!
>>And Triple H is hell bent on
executing a pedigree.>>Just massive guy is gigantic.>>And The Game elevated over the top,
from the ring to the floor.>>I’ll tell you, The Great Khali
has The Game scouted very well here.>>And one would think that
Ranjin Singh would make sure that Khali gets The Game back in the ring. Look at this.
That’s a 7’3″ backdrop.>>Not a good way to spend
a Sunday night in Indy.>>The Game trying to-
>>There he goes. That’ll work. Triple H trying to do
anything he can here.>>A steel ring post. Steel, and we’ll see more of that
later tonight, is very unforgiving.>>Well during the arm wrestling match
a couple weeks ago Triple H had said to Ranjin Singh, I’m going to
break one of Khali’s legs and->>Gosh!>>Well, it hasn’t happened yet.>>Again, the hands and the strength
of Khali while vertical are deadly. That’s Khali’s offense. Striking blows. Remaining vertical.>>Two.>>Yeah, well,
he’s very good at being vertical. He’s like a telephone pole with hair.>>Look at that.>>And Khali now-
>>My God, look at this.>>I thought Khali was caught in the,
look, he’s got the vice grip. Those huge hands around
the head of the champion.>>Put The Game in full motion.>>Khali punishing the WWE champion.>>Might be more leverage,
they say, with Triple H facing him. But it gives The Game the opportunity to
maybe throw a few more body shots if he can do it.>>But how much of those body shots
affecting this mammoth human being, The Great Khali? Can you imagine the celebration in India?>>God, look at this.>>If Khali brings the WWE
title back home and it looks like that’s what could happen.>>There’s a good chance of
that going down right now, JR.>>The Game’s head is getting crushed.>>The squeezing, the vice-like effect,
and The Game fighting back, reaching down in his soul
with an adrenaline rush. With the title on the line.>>And the power here of Triple H!>>But right back in the vice grip. What does Triple H have left?>>Smart right here by Triple H to try and
go to The Khali’s left knee again.>>The Game able to avoid contact,
luckily for him.>>Triple H!>>Maybe time is the charm. Can he get it, hook it?>>Come hell or high water, the champion is [CROSSTALK]-
>>Got it!>>My God, my God,
Triple H able to hit the pedigree on this.>>He finally locked it in.>>And The Game is. [MUSIC]>>And still WWE champion Triple H!>>I don’t know how Triple H but he had
the ability to lock in the pedigree. And boo, lights out for The Great Khali. [MUSIC]


  1. Dalip Singh aka The Great Khali once dominated Taker and later became a jobber which he never recovered from…

  2. where is Khali? WWE what are you doing these days? where is all the excitement? Steve Austin, Rock and so many others. We want attitude era back ASAP

  3. Khali was one of the worst wrestlers ive ever seen. Jeff Hardy should won that batle Royal match for first HHH contender instead of him

  4. I like what HHH was doing here, he could make a match entertaining with anyone. It was like an ode to Shawn making a match with Yokozuna feel legitimate. Respect to the consummate professional Levesque.

  5. Khali gadha , Khali is donkey boxing or Fighting in air
    Hawa me ghunsa chalata hai

  6. Khali has always been mocked and not given as much respect as he should have given! The truth is that WWE does not know about the population of India! Due to the viewers, the money would rain so much that WWE could never even think of a dream!

  7. Khali dominated through out the match and finally he lost because people wanted Triple H to win the match… Nice scripted match…

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    നീ,, വെറും,,, കാലി,, തന്നെയാ,,,,,,

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