FULL MATCH – Nikki Bella vs. Carmella – No Disqualification Match: WWE TLC 2016

FULL MATCH – Nikki Bella vs. Carmella – No Disqualification Match: WWE TLC 2016


  1. Nikki Bella is a joke like Dana Brooke is she wasn't dating John Cena she wouldn't be where she is right now just like Dana Brooke dating Dave Bautista. Because have any of her matches been great absolutely not even heard being the Divas champion at one point wasn't that interesting run. Literally was only champion because the company had issues with CM Punk and his wife AJ Lee that's it they have Carmella Coos Bay CA Long Island Jersey Shore version of Nikki Bella because that's all she is literally the same character but more Jersey Shore ghetto bruising of Nikki Bella did both the saint you just like literally looking in mirror. Nxp in

  2. No disqualification match there is count out but Extreme Rules has no count out wtf anyway it sucks Nikki Bella can I wrestle anymore I hope she has a good career outside of wrestling

  3. Nikki Bella & Carmella 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 But Nikki Bella First I miss you 😘 and Brie Bella so so so bad in the WWE Ring and All

  4. I remember that rivalry in 2016 it was underrated, but a good segment between those two Nikki Bella wanted to find out who attacked her from behind at Survivor Series 2016 thought it was Carmella. Spoiler Alert: it was Natalya then they had a rival up until 2017 for awhile which didn't last, nevertheless this match at TLC was good I miss Nikki Bella being in the ring.

  5. Nikki did a great job, She desserved it.
    Like after having an injury, She still choose to be in WWE returning to Match again

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