FULL MATCH – Becky Lynch vs. Alexa Bliss – SmackDown Women’s Title Tables Match: WWE TLC 2016

FULL MATCH – Becky Lynch vs. Alexa Bliss – SmackDown Women’s Title Tables Match: WWE TLC 2016


  1. Miss the good days with the awesome storylines and superstars. Now WWE is just taking NXT superstars and putting them in WWE but the people in 2012-2015, that was the peak point of WWE

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  3. Alexa She 3 Times Raw Woman's Champion + 2 Smackdown Woman's Champion + Former WWE Woman's Tag Team Champion = 6 Times Woman's Champion👍

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  5. then : alexa has a title with a fiance while becky has non of that
    now : becky has a title with a fiance while alexa has non of that
    well look how the tables have turned

  6. Becky's reign is boring…
    She is my fav among four horsewoman..
    But the storyline made her as overrated like dominating others

  7. For so long, Women's Tag Division has been sidelined. I don't mind blurring Women's upper card with Asuka and Sane. Plus, it will definitely bring credibility to Women's Tag Team Championships

    Kabuki Warriors vs Charlotte & Becky vs Sasha & Bayley in a triple threat TLC Match for main event.

    Asuka and Kairi should play the role which Rated RKO played in Royal Rumble 2007 in Royal Rumble 2020.

  8. Я уверена что это видео смотрят и русские!😊залайкайте чтобы американцы подумали что я написала что то крутое

  9. I don't think she will keep it for long, she's far too cocky. Someone will come along and knock her down or her pedestal, then she will be right back where she started.

  10. Alexa winning was absurd. She is a horrible wrestler and shouldn’t have all the accolades she has. Privileged is what it is….

  11. Ah…the beginning of Alexa burying each horsewoman except Charlotte lmao. I kind of enjoyed it because she was so entertaining and good on the mic.

  12. I always used to feel like Becky's first reign got cut short for no reason, and that she really should've won this match. But look at her now; most over woman on the roster and the Face of the company. Crazy, yet well deserved. She earned it. 🔥

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