Full Body Strength and Power Workout For MMA [UFC 242: Dustin Poirier Vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov]

Full Body Strength and Power Workout For MMA [UFC 242: Dustin Poirier Vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov]

alright guys so today we're working with Dustin Poirier again this is gonna be seven weeks out so it's day two of the kinetic conjugate model that I derived for him only this is specific for what he needs especially when it comes down to training for khabib so again today we're gonna be working on lower body explosive power lower body speed strength and then we're gonna work into our upper body maximal effort we're also going to be doing some floor pressing to enhance that ability to produce that force and the outer extremities in the in range of his punches and then from there we're gonna be working on some quasi ISO metrics in the back basically for grappling strength and then also we're gonna work on some grip strength and core strength and we're gonna go ahead and finish off with the a lactic capacity training working on that repeated sprint hypoxic work so he's gonna be throwing on the mile high trainer and we're gonna work through a 20,000 foot elevation and then he's gonna be doing that with medium air flow and we're gonna do about 15 seconds on followed by 60 seconds of active recovery at 60% of his maximal aerobic power output on watts on the airline bike so again if you haven't done so make sure you subscribe make sure you hit the notification so you know what my videos come out follow along let's do this so I want three hold hold hold and then three dynamic alright and we'll do every one like that we're gonna go both feet on the ground flex D let's go with this leg first we'll flex this foot drive the heel into the ground let's keep it honest let's get those lats tuck those three holes at the first and then three nine in yeah let's hold it to where it n rings the way you're hit doesn't come off good good do it three one two three partner outside this one will go ahead we'll get the bird dog so we're gonna be here Casa La Rue make the fish and then come back in make the fish come back you let's do 10 reps alright let's keep it cool we're gonna go we're gonna go ahead and do basically the rotations but we're gonna rotate each side so I want you to start with the one arm so we'll try with this arm I'll hind the head right here don't touch the head just do behind the head this one's gonna go internal rotation so I want the arm back here yeah so from here now we're gonna flow so you're gonna flow like this hey look at me we're here you're gonna rotate and flow see that turn in back turn them back alright stay tight alright let's just work through that range of motion let's floss out the joint okay go ahead whoa yep right there and turn and come back good about the side well you're just walk to join Isaac we do this all working good back your straight arms as you come out Joe they rotate some ass a couple more right let's do it send the arms out good good good you open and close open there you go close open yup flow perfect open close reach out your absolute indifference now closed yeah perfect close you feel that right so you work in that entire sky that's gonna keep the shoulders healthy right just getting that full range of motion okay we're gonna go high knees and then but kids okay we're gonna transition into it though mid with mid you know mid stride so I'm gonna call that I'm gonna call that warm is gonna be high knees too is gonna be buckets alright so roll to the : alright ready give up give up good good good good – yeah good one relax cute there you go ready go good good once give up there you go – what finish right do they go go second goal is going to be cut back and then come back this yeah nope alright relax nope nope there you go rest so yeah I want you to come down watch me plant the feet back you know my two feet and then right yep and once you as soon as you hit the ground let's load up yep boom I commit just make sure you get the feet off the ground yes that sounds like a will do five good right let's get those feet up though once you bring your feet up cause I want you to hit the ground and go make sense let's say you're here hit the ground go there you go good right let's get a feel for that movement then we'll go up in those in the height good okay so you feet out a little bit closer oh nice good so explosive explosive Oh your get up there yeah okay yup they're all the way up on that box nope oh this one's gonna be a step down so you're just stepping down right we're here yep there you go go step down you got it alright good enough get up good yeah now I want you to land when you land right try not to let your book drive you got height you're just letting your body drop down don't get your body on once your land good in a good position here right let's go sit up there you go after good every time like that alright two more like that let's go dude oh there you go all I want you to do remember sit down and then drive through right tight grip on the ball let's go right there you're good sit your butt back strut good hit back but do it one more sit back drop this good racket yeah just sit back I want the shins to be vertical so up and down right so definitely sit your butt back so you can use your hamstrings to pull yourself out of that hole alright look good sit it back drop you're a fast up that's good right there all right check it out Jim we're gonna go here right we're gonna go underneath right from the pins you're just gonna punch all right just one of the pins all right so we're gonna go closer grip right nothing out wide right elbows are packed down shoulders or shoulders are packed ready nope do it down two more nope do it down ready straight up now two more I'm gonna hook drop do it down right off the juice out let me got it just in case all right yep spread leg that little bit right you're gonna reach through pull through underhand right there you go let's go there you go keep those hips down there you go come on go a core tight let's go dude look your breath that'll do it I feel all right on your clock okay that's what we're gonna do all right we're the only gonna do six seconds six seconds I'm gonna give you a minute break they're gonna do four rounds three two one let's go come on Dave JJ JJ JJ JJ just six seconds come on here we go four five six breathe one minute total one minutes over you go one minute told us 1:30 every go ready 3 2 1 go drive drive drive drive big power big power big power there you go 3 2 hi guys so as you could see you know the level of frequency and training volume has increased you know Dustin has been doing rounds on rounds on rounds of grappling and wrestling obviously in preparation for the next fight sold he is slightly fatigued so guess what we had to do we had to auto regulate again this happens this is real time I'm not gonna go ahead and sugarcoat it or hide anything so I brought down the overall volume of the training and I brought down some of that overall intensity by a slight bit so I brought down the volume by about 60% and I brought down the intensity by about 20 to 15% okay so again we still gotta adaptation we still were able to hit the stimuli needed but again we're not overloading the central nervous system and I'm given to him the ability to recover now I don't try to say that he's not training hard because as you could see you know I'm saying you could see from his face that he is working in Sanders so he's trying to make sure that he's getting where he needs to be we're making sure that everything is going to be progressive and we're not overloading every system each and every day again this is real-world coaching this is real time all right so you're actually getting to see what I get to do on a daily basis because of the fact that there's so many other demands that are placed upon this sport so again thanks again for watching if you have any questions take the comments down below again also make sure you subscribe make sure you the notification so you know my videos come out if you like this style of video like I know you do I know you want to see more Dustin so let me know hit the like button and I'll see you again next time you


  1. I physically believe dustin can defeat khabib, but he needs to avoid being mauled, there is no escape from that.,

  2. Love it…. Dustin putting in the work and coach making the adjustments for him to peak at the right time. That's what it's about!!!

  3. If you do the arm rotations with a walking lunge what benefits or what pros and cons would that be for the body

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