Flow State Workout 3 of 4 (Sprint – Boxing – Juggling – Turkish Get Up – UKick)

Flow State Workout  3 of 4 (Sprint – Boxing – Juggling – Turkish Get Up – UKick)

(beeping music) – Okay, so today’s work and
remember your checkpoints. You need to make sure your
heart rate variability baseline is at the correct point. You check that and make sure
that you can do this workout. If it’s too low, maybe this isn’t the workouts for you. You need to determine whether
you’re good is good to go, or you’re not good to go. So also on top of that, go through and check the
checklist you need to do. The four steps to make sure that this work it maintains a full workout. So today’s workouts as Sprint’s, boxing for the tennis bom bom bom, you’ve got juggling, you got the Turkish getup
and you got the U kick. Doesn’t sound too challenging, but it should be matching with your level. Why? Because you’re gonna use
rate of perceived exertion as your set point. Remember you want to
be putting that seven, so if you see this working
is not is too easy, then you’re not putting
yourself at the seven. Every single one of these exercises you can push to keep yourself at seven. So let’s maintain a seven. Keep the mouth off, nasal breathing and let’s do this work. (tranquil piano music) ( beeping music) (loud banjo music)

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