FINAL GOODBYE! Corey Graves Puts WWE Superstar’s Future At Risk After Critical Tweets Are RELEASED

FINAL GOODBYE! Corey Graves Puts WWE Superstar’s Future At Risk After Critical Tweets Are RELEASED

What’s going on guys, welcome back to wrestling
world! Survivor Series was a stacked card with a
lot of non stop action But if you took a look at the commentary teams
then you might have noticed someone was missing Wwe had special commentaries set up to call
each match depending on which brand was competing But one of the main commentators from nxt
was no where to be found This commentator was Mauro Ranallo Mauro has had an amazing career and has worked
all over the world He called wrestling for many different companies
and even was a commentator for the huge match up of Floyd Mayweather vs Conor Mcgregor that
took place several years ago He signed with wwe back in 2015 and his signing
was a huge deal Wwe decided to make him the voice of Smackdown
and that’s where he would end up spending most of his time at He also commentated for WWE 205 live with
Corey Graves and Austin Aries But his wwe run was cut short in 2017 for
a mysterious reason Wwe tried covering up the story at the time
by saying he had flight issues But once several weeks went by and he still
wasn’t on Smackdown, wwe changed the story to him being ill and that was turned out to
be the truth The reports back then claimed that it was
JBL who’s constant bullying finally cause Mauro to snap and he no longer wanted to work
alongside him After a long break from social media, Mauro
returned to say that his doctors told him to stay off social media and that his situation
had nothing to do with jbl Mauro would then take a break from wwe, he
removed all mentions of wwe from his profile and wwe did the same thing leading many to
believe that their working relationship was over Mauro did return to wwe later on this time
on NXT, with a new supporting cast and has been calling the action on nxt for a handful
of years now Fast forward a few years to present day and
it looks like we have a similar situation happening once again Mauro called NXT Takeover and did a phenomenal
job with the show But the very next night on one of the biggest
shows of the year, survivor series, Mauro was unfortunately missing WWE’s story was that he blew his voice out
from commenting at NXT Takeover, but if we look on social media, we get a hint that it
could be something else At all started during nxt takeover, Corey
Graves, who was obviously watching the show, had this to say on twitter while watching
the show: “Just for the record guys, I know you wouldn’t
know it, but there’s actually a WWE Hall of Famer AND a former Ring of Honor Champion
on commentary. I’d imagine they have a lot to offer.” What Corey was implying here was that Mauro
was calling so much action that wasn’t sharing any time for his fellow commentators to share
their thoughts When a fan asked how much Chicago rap references
Mauro made Corey also replied by saying “far too many” This is referring to all the pop culture references
Mauro uses in his commentary When these jabs got back to Mauro, he responded
by temporarily deactivating his twitter account and obviously didn’t show up for survivor
series where he would’ve likely been working with Corey Graves Mauro’s close friend, frank shamrock, responded
to Corey’s tweet with an image that said, “social media has made too many of you comfortable
with disrespecting people and not getting punched in the mouth for it.” all the backlash and heat started going Corey’s
way after it was discovered that he possibly played a role in mauro’s absence at survivor
series Corey did responded to the backlash but not
with an apology, he responded with a few comments that almost made it sound like he was doubling
down on his comments from before He had this to say: “It’s far more conducive
to the human condition to be mad than to be wrong” As well as: three things can not be hidden,
the sun, the moon, and the truth So that was Corey’s official response and
the comment section on his tweets and is still filled with some backlash from fans So it’s likely that him blowing his voice
was just a cover up story for his absence But it’s really unfortunate that Mauro is
going through the same horrible situation that almost made us lose him from wwe a few
years ago Of course everyone might not enjoy his commentating
style but how about just going up to him in person and giving him some advice on what
he could improve on instead of just calling him out on social media especially when we
know his condition and what he’s already been through in the past Especially to be called out and just teased
like that especially with someone you worked with before just seems a little off, but there
is no apology coming from Corey’s way at all So where does this leave Mauro’s status? It’s likely that he’ll just resume his
work at nxt He’s a crucial part of NXT’s commentary
and he never has to work with Corey Graves over on nxt and he’s already familiar with
his supporting cast over there so it should be a smooth transition back for him It’s just really unfortunate that he missed
such a huge pay per view and such a huge night for NXT because of these few tweets But we wanna hear your thoughts on this situation? Did Corey Graves go too far or you think Corey
was right to say what he said? Leave your comments, don’t forget to subscribe
with notifications on, and leave a like if you enjoyed! Thanks for watching guys and we’ll see you
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  1. It's been quite the busy week for Corey Graves after his tweets from NXT Takeover being critical of Mauro Ranallo. What are your thoughts on this situation? Did Corey Graves go too far? Leave your comments, don't forget to Subscribe, and leave a like if you enjoyed! Thanks for watching guys!

  2. Corey Graves is not even close to Mauro at commentating so Corey should STFU. I never liked Corey Graves especially when he blasted CM Punk on Twitter

  3. It seems like everyone from JBL to Corey Graves CAN'T resist taunting Mauro Ranallo, either directly or indirectly, about his depression. IF the WWE suits were unhappy with his announcing style, they would have told him and he would have changed it. Instead both of them belittle him on the air as well as on antisocial media. Childish!

  4. I think Corey graves gone too far it have hurt buker t remember what happened it hurt resslers divas and commuters wwe company needs to fire Corey graves if wwe doesn't fire Corey graves it is going to big trouble with wwe and we know who.

  5. So i think corey needs to get fired hes boring commentator jerry lawler more entertaining commentator if he worked in my company n was bullying people id fire his bum right then n there

  6. Corey needs to go he is not good at all on commentary and to make himself feel better he goes after someone who is million times better on commentary so b4 he says he speaking truth then why does he ,when anyone says something to him , and gets mad ….glass houses

  7. Mauro is a great commentator. Exciting and knowledgeable. He did commentary on one of the biggest MMA events for a reason. Because he's good at what he does! Corey is probably envious that he's being overshadowed by someone who knows the profession! You should be taking advice from Mauro not giving him any!

  8. All that Graves does is send jibes to the other commentators, he should be sacked. Why not just let him stay as Mella's lackey that's all he is good for.

  9. A true professional would’ve pull someone aside and give someone advice on what they’re doing so they can get better, not insult someone on social media.


  11. Really. This guy can't take a little criticism. He is a grown man working in the public eye and he can't handle two little tweets. If that pushed him over the edge then maybe it his time for him to pick a new career for his own health and sanity. Maybe a talk show that is prerecorded. He maybe great at what he does but if he can't mentally handle it anymore then he may need to move on. Wrestling is not made for the weak and the ones who get participation ribbons.

  12. I don’t think Corey graves went to far and he doesn’t have a compassionate bone in his body I don’t see why Camilo go out with him or date him which he doesn’t care but his wife or children he’s a loser

  13. I think there's points to be made on both sides. Corey could have handled it better, but maybe Mauro should also avoid working in environments that will likely trigger him or exacerbate his mental health issues.

  14. Why don't all of you social media bullies get off of Corey Graves balls I see nothing wrong with anything that he said about Mauro ronallo and if he was a real man instead of a little bitch he would've just ignored Corey's comments but he quit so I'm just saying he's a total bitch.

  15. if Corey only was 1/10 as good as Mauro….Corey is an a**hole and needs to be removed from the announcers table..he is too negative and a hater….never liked him as an announcer but to attack the greatest announcer in the world….Corey is just like JBL..a bully

  16. No offense to moaro but i suffer from the same condition but society says not to tolerate such behavior because you're not good enough but that's bull Mauro has lots to share don't let people like Graves or JBL keep you from doing your job. I you can't deal with big mouth co-workers find a new job or deal with it and prove them wrong don't run and hide because of words that's what's childish

  17. Never liked Corey Graves . All I know is he wrestled before he had an injury and has been on Commentary since. Never saw a match, anyone know whether he could actually wrestle ?? If you have a match, wih him in it, post it. Thanks ✊✊✊

  18. A "kayfabe" bad guy said mean things, that is shocking!!!!! Both commentators are good in their own ways, and as long as he isn't harassing him behind the scenes, then I see Corey Grave's comments as criticism. I am not saying I agree with Graves, but I didn't hear any real insults about Mauro, just his commentary. Have a great day all!!

  19. Mauro is in the wrong line of work. I understand his condition, but it comes with criticism. However, Graves shouldn't be throwing him under the bus on social media. Demote Corey Graves to 205 Live.

  20. I noticed many times where mauro would flat out interrupt beth and nigel mid sentence which i found disrespectful. While i like the excitement and enthusiasm he brings, he tries to overpower the other two with a lack of respect of their voice. So im with corey graves on this

  21. All Corey Graves does is knock down all his co-workers and lust after women wrestlers he will never have a chance with (Alexa Bliss and Mandy Rose). I think he's the reason Renee Young is no longer commentating.

  22. Just because someone has an opinion that hurts your feelings doesn’t mean it’s not OK for them to have that opinion I feel like a lot of people need to get thicker skin and not worry so much about what others have to say

  23. Corey Graves gose to far with his comments like he does on commentary! I don't like him on commentary! He needs to learn to keep his mouth shut about other people and what is going on with them in there lives! I mean really he needs to watch what he says before he gets both feet in his mouth!

  24. Corey Graves is an *sshole for saying something like that! He should at least apologize for what he said. It was obviously very hurtful. They should definitely fire Corey for this!

  25. In my opinion Corey Graves is a pretentious prick. WWE should suspend him without pay for a couple of weeks. Shamrock makes a very valid point. WWE says they are against bullying and they promote mental health vprove it.

  26. Corey Graves is a major Douchebag and needed to mind his own business. It's ok to give someone constructive criticism but give to them in person not on social media.

  27. Cory goes too far at times. He's gonna end Vince's little man in the end. He got under Booker T's skin last year. He's doesn't know when to stop yapping. One day he's going to run up against the wrong guy

  28. Cory “CTE” Graves needs to watch himself. One punch to the head would scramble his brains and turn him into a vegetable lol. I’d love to see Frank Shamrock have a go at him. Cory would back down immediately

  29. I didn't see anything wrong with what he said… he didn't say he sux or he's a wimp or anything like that. Oh and graves does know the business.. he was a wrestler, Booker and trainer for over 10 yrs

  30. Soooo, What does this have to do with Carmella in the thumbnsil when she wasn't even brought up in the video. No offense or disrespect. Bt the thumbnails are just awkward.

  31. Corey needs to grow the f up. Bullying is not cool be it in school or at work! Remember the age old saying “ if you don’t have anything nice to say, then say nothing at all!” Kinda makes you wonder what kind of roll model he is for his kids, hope they don’t grow up a miserable bully like him!! I used to like the guy, but his attitude lately sucks!!

  32. I like Mauro he adds to the match…. like he is so hype it gets the viewers at home even more interested… his excitement in a match even tho he probably already knows the outcome is awesome … hes like a fan which makes it better hope he comes back Wednesday

  33. I think the only reason corey keeps cyber bulling mauro about his commentary work is because he's jealous that mauro's better at it then he is. 🙌

  34. Corey Graves just runs his mouth about who he likes & puts all the other commentators down, If he was let go…. I wouldn't even blink, he gets on my nerves. He's the reason Byron Saxton got sat down, he needs a beating since he's a former superstar, give him some bumps lol. Mauro is GOLD on NXT!!!!

  35. Mauro is the best he dosent need to improve anything he is better than all of the main roster commentators amd. I hope we dont lose him just like what happened in 2017

  36. Grave definitely went too far w/ his comments. Keep stuff like that off of social media. Given Mauro's condition, what IF he decided that he had enuff of this world wanted to leave it? GOD forbid that this would happen but what then, Mr.Graves? WWE would probably give him a raise & put him on the NXT announce team. And still no apology. Just sayin'. 🤬👊🏻👎🏼

  37. Frank Shamrock was right, social media has made people too comfortable with disrespecting someone but they're not face to face to get punched in the mouth for it

  38. Mauro should be let go. He's over the top, calls matches like he's in a goddamn circus. It's unreal. Graves is right, just becasue somebody says something that's not very nice doesn't make it untrue. Pull your pants up, dry your eyes and grow some goddamn hair on your balls people.

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