EX WWE Champion Exposed Triple H Open To AJ Lee Returning! Kurt Angle, A liability! Wrestling News!

EX WWE Champion Exposed Triple H Open To AJ Lee Returning! Kurt Angle, A liability! Wrestling News!

Here is your news for
January 10, 2020 We’re starting off with some news
from Triple H today, as the WWE
COO has commented about a possible
return for AJ Lee. After her husband CM Punk left
the company in January 2014,
AJ stepped away from the ring in March the next year,
and rumors of a return to the
squared circle have been few and far between. Just last month, Lee took to
Twitter to shoot down the idea
of appearing on WWE Backstage with her husband, and
whilst the former Divas Champion
doesn’t seem fussed about making an
appearance on the FOX show,
it seems WWE are still hoping for an in-ring comeback. Speaking on a conference call to
promote this Sunday’s NXT UK
TakeOver: Blackpool, via TalkSport, the Game was asked
about his wife commenting on
AJ’s return, and said: “I think what Steph was saying
is that in the right circumstances,
if it’s good for fans and it’s something that would be
good for everybody, then
absolutely. They were both phenomenal performers, incredible
performers. If it was right for them,
for the company, for everyone involved,
then absolutely.” He added: In a perfect world, sure. I think
you’ve heard Vince (McMahon)
echo that statement a million times over the years –
never say never. You see
people come in and out, performers and talent. If it’s right
for fans and everyone else
business wise then it’s something that can happen but
if it’s not, then it can’t.” “If it was right for them, for the
company, for everyone involved,
then absolutely. I don’t think that’s ever been a
factor, of somebody saying
“this person should be here, or that person should be here. Incredible talent are always
incredible talent – but there’s
so much more to the business than just being a talented
performer… I can fantasy book
and say I’d like to be young again but that ain’t
happening too! In a perfect world? Yeah, sure.
Again, you’ve heard Vince
echo that sentiment so many times of the years, never
say never!” It seems like the Game is keeping
his cards close to his chest, as
he’s neither confirming nor denying that the
company is wanting to strike
a deal. For the record, AJ has said that
she’s “very retired” from pro
wrestling, which is very different to her husband, who
hasn’t ruled out an in-ring
return, and is currently working for FOX Sports on
WWE Backstage. A few months ago, nobody could
have expect Punk to return to
WWE, and if the man who once vowed never to appear
on WWE TV can return, it seems
anything is possible for AJ Lee. One Superstar fans can expect to
see regularly is Adam Cole, who
cleaned up during the NXT Year End Awards, but
hasn’t stopped racking up
accolades just yet. Recently, the reigning NXT
Champion named the Pro
Wrestling Illustrated Wrestler of The Year award, a very
prestigious honour that Cole
was happy to show off. The cover star for the latest issue
of PWI Magazine, its no secret
that Cole received many accolades for his work last year,
and is off to a great start in
2020 as NXT Champion. Though we can’t say when Cole’s
reign with the gold will end, there
doesn’t seem to be an end in sight for the
Undisputed Era leader, who
has fought off all-comers since winning the title in June last year. We’ve got some very interesting
news for you now, as Sgt.
Slaughter may be a former WWE Champion, and worthy of
respect for his accomplishments
in wrestling, but is he an actual military veteran? If you ask Slaughter, the answer
is yes, as the Hall of Famer has
claimed a military past since the beginning of his career,
claiming that he was a drill
instructor in the U.S. Marines. Even to this day, Slaughter will
call himself a veteran, but that
may be a lie, based on information uncovered by So
Cal Uncensored. on an
F4WOnline forum. Slaughter has never gone into
great detail about his time in
the marines or where he was serviced, and there may be
very good reason for that, as
an article from the Baltimore Sun has been
uncovered, where the Marines
asked Slaughter to stop impersonating them. The article from March 24th, 1985
seemingly exposes Sarge as a
fraud, and over the years, there have been many stories from
the former WWE Champion
that don’t add up. In one telling of his past, Slaughter
said he served six years, ending
his service in 1973, despite the fact that he had
already become an established
name in the AWA by 1972. Whilst it’s nothing new for pro
wrestlers to have a kayfabe
background, Slaughter has always maintained that he did
actually serve, and if he
hasn’t, this could be seen as highly disrespectful to the real
Marines, who fought for their
country. The So Cal Uncensored Twitter
account gave plenty of examples
of Sarge being treated like a real veteran, including a
WWE article which said he
served, as well as an interview with Slaughter where he
speaks about his military past,
which may never have happened. Stolen Valor is a very serious
issue in the United States as
people have often passed themselves off as veterans to
gain the respect of others,
and if Slaughter is found to have lied about serving, this could
prove to be disastrous for both
him, and the WWE. Back to the present now, and
tonight’s edition of SmackDown on
FOX has received it’s first segment. Following the shock return of
John Morrison on last week’s
show, the former ECW World Champion will appear live
in the ring tonight, as the
special guest on Miz TV. Last week, Miz took his
frustrations out on Kofi Kingston
in the ring, and when Cathy Kelley looked to get answers
from the A-Lister, was denied
an interview by Morrison. On a post on Instagram, Miz
broke the news of his guest
tonight, ending the post with the hashtag #BeJealous, the
catchphrase the pair had
years ago, as part of their own talk show, the Dirt Sheet. Also on tonight’s show, Lacey
Evans is looking to continue
her war with Sasha Banks, and decided to make a
statement in a very unique way. In a video uploaded to her Twitter
account, Evans said how she
has a Woman’s Right with Banks’ name on it, and
handed her daughter a chicken so
that she could continue her promo. Riding off on a four-wheeler in
the closing seconds of the
video, Evans ends the promo saying a Woman’s Right will
shut the Boss up for good,
and the former US Marine is clearly showing who she is. As a mother and a camper, Evans
hasn’t got anything to hide, and
a victory over the Boss tonight could see her get a
shot at Bayley’s SmackDown
Women’s Championship. Tonight’s show will also see the
return of the Usos after a
considerable time away, and the brothers will take on exactly
why you think they will. One week after Jimmy and Jey
returned to save their cousin
Roman Reigns from another dog food dumping by
King Corbin and Dolph Ziggler,
the Usos will face the King and the Show Off tonight
on SmackDown. It’s never really been explained
why Ziggler and Corbin are a
team now, as Ziggler’s former partner Robert Roode is
currently serving a wellness
policy suspension, but what we do know is that the pair
have been prominently booked
since coming to SmackDown. Tonight’s show will mark the first
match for The Usos on TV
since their July 29th, 2019 appearance on RAW, where they
faced both The Revial and the OC. Now that they’re running
alongside Reigns, fans can
expect to see plenty of The Usos, as it may be a matter of time
before they’re on the hunt
for the gold. We’re going digital next, as the
WWE has launched a new series
called “If it’s on the Internet,” where wrestlers can either
confirm or debunk rumors
that have circulated online. For this first edition, it was
Carmella who sat in the hot
seat, and the Princess of Staten Island denied allegations that
she’d dated John Cena. In fact, Carmella said that she
barely knows Cena, but
because they both reside in Tampa, many fans assume
they were dating. Relationships was a major theme
of the interview, as Carmella was
also asked whether she was a factor in Corey Graves’
divorce, though she responded
by saying when they were dating, he was already in
the process of divorcing from
his now ex-wife. Camella did confirm however,
that she had had plastic surgery,
saying that she had breast implants, but denied accusations
from fans that she’d had work
done on her face. An interview that also saw the
former SmackDown Women’s
Champion speak about her time as a Laker Girl, idolizing
miss Elizabeth, her real-life
rivalry with Mandy Rose and more, this interview is
definitely worth checking out,
to hear a more personal side to the former 24/7 Champion. We’re looking ahead to the end
of January now, as the WWE
will host their World’s Collide special during Royal
Rumble weekend. This week, two more matches
have been added to the show
which will see NXT battle NXT UK, as Toni Storm will
challenge Rhea Ripley for the
NXT Women’s Championship. This match came about after
Storm interrupted the new
Women’s Champion on this week’s NXT, and laid out the
challenge for World’s Collide. Interestingly, Ripley Vs. Storm
could be a match for both the
NXT and NXT UK Women’s title, as Storm alongside
Piper Niven, will challenge Kay
Lee Ray for the NXT UK Women’s championship at
this Sunday’s NXT UK TakeOver:
Blackpool 2., though so far, only Ripley’s title has been
announced as being on the line. Finn Balor vs. Ilja Dragunov has
also been announced for
World’s Collide, and these matches will also join the
Undisputed Era taking on
Imperium in a huge eight-man-tag. WWE Worlds Collide will take
place at the Toyota Center in
Houston, Texas on Saturday January 25th, and will air live on the
WWE Network one day
before the Royal Rumble. Speaking of the Black and gold
brand, the numbers are in for
the first live head-to-head match-up between
AEW Dynamite and WWE NXT,
and this week, Dynamite got the win. With 947,000 fans tuning in, this
number was down from last
week’s 967,000, but the AEW show was able to fend off
NXT, who rose to 721,000 after
last week’s 548,000, though this low figure was
expected for the January 1st
show, as it was pre-taped. As for AEW, last week’s 967,000
is particularly impressive as
they went up against some heavy sports competition,
and Tony Khan and his group
should be please they’ve managed to keep post of the
audience from last week. This week’s AEW Dynamite was
headlined by Jon Moxley’s
making his decision regarding joining Chris Jericho’s
Inner Circle, whilst NXT closed
out on Keith Lee winning a fatal 4 way to become
the next number one contender
for Roderick Strong’s NXT North American
Championship. Now, when Kurt Angle returned
dot the WWE in 2017, he was
immediately placed into the WWE Hall of Fame and
rightly so. On the night after WrestleMania
33, Angle was selected as the
General Manager of RAW, and though this kept the
Olympian on TV, it isn’t what
Kurt had in mind. While speaking to Chris Van Vliet
recently, Angle opened up about
what he hoped his return would be like, and though
he tried to keep in shape and
keep the ring rust off, his ideas were quickly changed
due to Vince McMahon and
Triple H. Though Angle said he thought he
would receive a return run like
Goldberg or Sting, McMahon saw the Olympic Gold
Medalist as too much of a
liability in the ring. Though Angle was seen as a
liability, Kurt made it clear
that Vince had his best interests at heart, as anyone who
saw Kurt’s few matches after his
2017 return could see he wasn’t competing at the
same level as before he left. Angle also revealed that his
original retirement plans was
to hold off another year, and face John Cena at WrestleMania
this year, closing his career for
good as Angle knew he wasn’t competing at the level
he believes he is capable of. Obviously, this match didn’t
happen, as Angle would
instead lose to King Corbin at WrestleMania, though Kurt is still
with WWE, now working as a
backstage producer to help superstars put matches
together backstage. Though Angle will always be
remembered as one of the
greatest ever, it would have been interesting to see what
could have happened, and if
Cena would have been available for more than just a Dr
Of Thuganomics bit at last year’s
WrestleMania then things might have been very
different for the conclusion
of Kurt Angle’s career. We’ve got some very strange
news now, as though most
fans won’t know the name Carmel Macklin, the former
WCW star is in hot water. The New York Post is reporting
that Mackin, who worked for
WCW as Nitro Girl Chameleon, is among the
defendants against teacher
Brendamarie Alexander, a teacher who claims she was
targeted by the Department
of Education. Alexander is alleging that Msclin
took Alexandr’s master’s degree
and re-purposed it as her own, and that the former
Nitro Girl who now works as
an assistant Principal refused to discuss the matter. Another claim is that Macklin was
behind an effort to make
Alexander work with unmanageable class sizes, and
in one incident, the former Nitro
Girl attempted to get Alexander reprimanded for
corporal punishment after
the teacher had to physically restraining a violent student, and
even after the corporal
punishment allegations were dismissed, and Alexander moved
to another High School, Macklin’s
harassment continued. These are all very serious
allegations against the former
Nitro Girl, who left wrestling when WCW closed down, and if
found guilty, Chameleon could
face some serious punishments of her own. And finally today we’re ending
with some sad news, as
legendary wrestler Pampero Firpo has died at the age of 89. A competitor for over three
decades, Firpo passed away
just before his 90th birthday, and older fans will remember
him headlining Madison Square
Garden in the 1960s against Pedro Morales, and he
was also a staple of the
California Wrestling scene. On Twitter, Firpo’s daughter Mary
broke the tragic news, saying: “My beloved father, Pampero
Firpo, (Juan Kachmanian),
passed away today just a few months shy of his 90th birthday.
As a professional wrestler for
over 30 years, he thrilled fans around the world,
wrestling in 21 different
countries across 5 continents. At home, he was loving, generous,
and protective. He was faithful
to God, devoted to his family, and made friends
wherever he went. At the end,
he expressed gratitude and peace for his extraordinary
life well-lived. Thank you to his fans, friends,
and colleagues who have
shared your memories, friendship, love, prayers, and
support with my dad and our
family. It means the world to us. God bless you.” Though he may no longer be
with us, Firpo’s legend will
always live on, as few fans will know that Randy Savage imitiated
Firpo’s interview style and Oh
Year catchprase, and we at Slat Rock would like to
send our best wishes to his
family at this time.


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