Everything you need to know before tonight’s SmackDown: WWE Now, Nov. 29, 2019

Everything you need to know before tonight’s SmackDown: WWE Now, Nov. 29, 2019


  1. 2 things that's it ok and Liv is going to join Bray Wyatt. Cause we haven't seen her in months on TV so we might see her tonight who knows. She might be Sister Abigail

  2. On This Day In WWE History on TV in 1999, The Monday Night Wars Continued Between WWE RAW On USA & WCW Nitro On TNT Where Triple H Ruins His Wife Stehphanie & Test's Wedding And Reveals He's Married To Stephanie While Over On Nitro Triple H's Buddy Kevin Nash Faces Goldbering Date Was November 29th

    Trple H To Vince: Now, Vince as a member of the immediate family I know that you can only have one question on your mind… DAD… (…) And that is, not did we, but how many times did we consummate the marriage?! [thrusting his hips]

  3. On episode eight all the letters rewritten in pen Spell Phoebe Who is Phoebe maybe she’s the new person in the fire Fly fun House

  4. Why everyone wants Liv Morgan to be the new face in the house?, it should be Luke Harper not her, WE WANT THE REUNION OF THE WYATT FAMILY!!!!

  5. If it’s not LIV MORGAN, you can keep it and i will never ever watch SmackDown on FOX again! LIV deserves it and we want it so much! Let LIV in!!!

  6. In one of the firefly funhouse episodes Vince McMahon came in with devil ears maybe on the other side of the firefly funhouse is hell

  7. Maybe it will be rowan or harper?
    maybe what rowan had under that thing last smackdown….
    what if bludgeren brothers face new day?

  8. This is the peak of WWE, they announce one promo segment and one match to hype up their show and they expect people to watch it…

  9. I kinda hope its Liv Morgan but idk how it would work because they're on different brands, who knows it might right work. I also would like to the Usos returns

  10. Imagine Miz comes out to accept New Day's open challenge and New Day mock him for having no partner or friends and then we hear: 🎶Now listen this ain't no make believe🎶

  11. Let’s all hope or actually just me since everyone actually likes this which is stupid that there is no more miserable nxt invasions

  12. Imagine if its Luke Harper and he comes out being really energetic and basically is wearing the same clothes as brays character from the fun house and they could really make a change in his character on making him really Psychotic as it could be a possibility

  13. I would not mind them doing more WWE animated movies with DC comics or Star Trek or Star Wars Or Hanna-Barbera into full length animated movies

  14. They have been teasing Daniel Brian as a member of the Firefly Fun House and I think it would be a brilliant idea! He is a fantastic Bad Guy! With his bad guy persona he would fit in just perfectly! I know he has already fought the feind put they could work that into the angel. I can see some amazing things coming if they play the angel right,

  15. I was hoping for liv but there wasnt even a new friend in the first place.i still love the fiend character as much as i did before but i feel its gonna make others hate him :/

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