Every WWE Star Released In 2019 & Where They Are Now! | WrestleTalk

Every WWE Star Released In 2019 & Where They Are Now! | WrestleTalk

A lot of wrestlers treat wrestling for WWE
is their biggest goal in life, the main event they’re all reaching for. And while many succeed in reaching that stage
and make a good living at it, others get there and realise is not what it was cracked up
to be. Or they make it there and flounder under the
pressure. Either way, no job lasts forever – apart from
me in this one – and wrestlers get released from their WWE contracts and wished well in
their future endeavours. And 2019 was no different. So let’s take a look at all the names who
were released from WWE in 2019 – and where are they now? Hideo Itami was the first WWE wrestler released
this year, on February 22nd, 2019. Itami was “called up” to the main roster
– or whatever you want to call 205 Live these days – after a stop-start run in NXT that
was hampered by injuries. Itami was clearly an unhappy chappy, shown
in his appearance at Royal Rumble where he was unsuccessful in capturing the Cruiserweight
Championship. He asked for his release shortly thereafter
which was granted. It was figured that Itami was given his release
because he would go back to Japan rather than join All Elite Wrestling – which is exactly
what happened. Going back to his old ring name, KENTA debuted
for the promotion at Dominion in June, came in joint 3rd in the G1, turned heel to join
Bullet Club, and won the Never Openweight Championship from Tomohiro Ishii. On the same day that KENTA was given his release,
WWE also announced they’d come to terms with the release of Tye Dillinger, who like
Itami had a rough transition from NXT to the main roster, reportedly because Vince McMahon
hated the 10 gimmick, and Dillinger asked for his release which was granted. Now going by the name Shawn Spears, he was
announced for AEW’s Casino Battle Royal at Double or Nothing, signing with the company
officially shortly thereafter. He turned heel on Cody Rhodes by hitting him
very hard with a chair at Fyter Fest, and formed a partnership with Tully Blanchard
under the gimmick of The Chairman. TJP was also given his release from WWE on
February 22nd, though reportedly not by his own request. A report came out that said his firing was
for disciplinary reasons, but nothing has come out about it since. He has since gone back to Impact Wrestling,
and competed in New Japan’s Super J Cup where he eliminated El Phantasmo. He also competed in the Super Junior Tag League,
where he and Clark Connors failed to make it to the finals. Finally on February 22nd 2019, WWE released
longtime backstage producer Arn Anderson after it was reported that he let Alicia Fox go
out for a house show match despite her being intoxicated. Anderson had been with the company since 2001,
and he joined All Elite Wrestling in a similar backstage role – getting a cameo appearance
at All Out when he helped Cody beat Shawn Spears. WWE announced they had come to terms with
the release of Stacey Ervin Jr. on March 22nd, who had done little of note during his time
in NXT – especially after a concussion slowed down his development. He did wrestle on an episode of TV in February
teaming with Humberto Carrillo against Street Profits, but asked for his release which was
granted on March 22nd. It would appear that Ervin is done with pro
wrestling, as he hasn’t wrestled for another promotion since his release. Ricardo Miller was released from WWE the following
day after having zero matches, and has had no contact with another promotion since his
release – leading to many believing he’s also done with wrestling. On March 27th, it was announced that Jim Ross
had decided not to re-sign with WWE after coming back to the company in 2017. He provided commentary for a couple of events
like Raw 25 and the Mae Young Classic, but it was clear that WWE had only signed him
for fear of doing more work with WOS Wrestling in the UK. He signed with All Elite Wrestling on April
3rd, and is one of the commentary team for their weekly Dynamite show. On April 9th, 2019, WWE announced they had
released Dasha Fuentes after she made a mistake on Raw. It was later revealed the mistake she made
was saying the word “match” instead of “challenge”. Which seems reasonable. Now using her real surname Gonzales, Dasha
signed with All Elite Wrestling as a co-host for Dark alongside Tony Schivaone. A couple of days later on April 12th, Rhyno’s
contact with WWE came to an end, as thus so did his time with the company. He quickly re-joined the ranks of Impact Wrestling
where he attacked Michael Elgin at Slammiversary even though he was still under contract with
WWE. He has since fought against, and teamed with
former ECW alumni Rob Van Dam for Impact. The next one is slightly tricker to track,
as although it was announced on April 12th that Goldust had been released, it’s been
reported and speculated that he left earlier in order to finish out his 90-day non-compete
before AEW’s May PPV Double or Nothing, where he had an all-time classic with his
brother Cody under his old ring name Dustin Rhodes. Rhodes is now a full-time AEW roster member,
feuding with Jake Hager and Chris Jericho’s Inner Circle. Now I’m going to apologise for butchering
the next couple of names. I’m a bit thick and the pronunciation of
names is not one of my strongest suit, but on April 24th it was announouced that WWE
had released Shadia Bseiso & Nasser Alruwayeh. Bseiso was touted as the first Arab woman
to be signed to a WWE contract while Alruwayeh was WWE’s first signing from Kuwait. Neither has wrestled since being released,
however they did get engaged in January so that’s lovely news. Two days later on April 26th, WWE announced
they had released backstage producer Dean Malenko. PWInsider reported that Malenko had done nothing
wrong, but WWE were phasing out their older producers for younger names like Abyss and
Shane Helms. Malenko signed with All Elite Wrestling in
May as a senior producer. But a much bigger name was released from WWE
less than a week later, when Dean Ambrose left the company after refusing to sign a
new contract. He would later recount on Chris Jericho’s
podcast the numerous problems he had with the WWE creative process during his six-and-a-half
month stint on the main roster where he won several titles. It was first reported by PWTorch that Ambrose
wanted to leave after WrestleMania, which then became a storyline on Raw – leading to
many people think it was all a work and he was staying with WWE. It however was not a work, as he left the
company on April 31st 2019, and on midnight of his contract expiring posted a video that
he was now Jon Moxley and had escaped from prison. I still can’t quite work out the symbolism. He shocked the world by attacking Kenny Omega
to close out AEW’s Double or Nothing, and has become one of the company’s top stars
– currently in a feud with Chris Jericho over the World Championship. He’s also wrestled for New Japan where he
won the United States Championship, but had to vacate it when he couldn’t make the King
of Pro Wrestling show due to travel issues. He will return to New Japan in January where
he faces Lance Archer for the title he never lost, hoping to defend it against Juice Robinson
on night two. It’s quite the work. On May 11th it was reported that NXT commentator
Percy Watson would be leaving the company. The move was unsurprising, as Watson had been
replaced on commentary by Beth Phoenix, and it’s since been reported that Watson is
looking to move away from wrestling into acting. Crazily, we’re now about to jump from May
to October, when it was announced that WWE had fired Eric Bischoff from his position
as Executive Director for Smackdown, a position he’d only held for a couple of months. While Paul Heyman took the same job on Raw
and his presence was felt, the same could not be said for Bischoff. It was reported that he was unfamiliar with
the current product and didn’t know anyone’s name, with Bryan Alvarez of Figure Four Online
reporting that he’d heard “zero good things” about Bischoff’s run. Tom Colohue of Pro Wrestling Torch added that
a contact at Fox told him Bischoff was fired because “significant promises were made
that we don’t feel were upheld.” He hasn’t joined another promotion in the
wrestling world since leaving WWE. Later that month, NXT Breakout Star Jordan
Myles found himself in the middle of Twitter controversy, when he accused his employer
of being racist. It stemmed from a t-shirt that WWE released
for Myles, which looked a lot like blackface. The t-shirt was rightly criticised, particularly
by Myles who then went on a Twitter tirade against Vince McMahon and Triple H, even taking
shots at Ring of Honor and their former champion Jay Lethal. Myles came under fire for his outbursts, exacerbated
when it was revealed that he had partially signed off on the design. Myles apologised for some of his comments,
but on November 13th posted a profanity laden video where he quit WWE saying he “refused
to work for racists”. On November 21st, WWE officially released
Jordan Myles, who went back to his old ring name of ACH. He made a couple of indie appearances and
signed with MLW, but announced on December 7th that he was quitting wrestling all together
because of the negativity he was receiving on Twitter. We thought that might be it for the year,
and then on December 8th WWE announced they’d released four more wrestlers, with reports
that more are to come in the new year. The first was one that had been brewing for
some time, as Luke Harper was finally released from WWE – you know what that means. Harper had expressed his unhappiness in WWE
back before WrestleMania, and asked for his release shortly thereafter. His request was denied, and it was reported
that time had been added to his contract due to an injury he suffered in 2018. So although he was under contract with WWE
until the summer of 2020, it was announced on December 8th 2019 that the company had
come to terms with his release. Harper – who just the week prior had trademarked
his old indie name Brodie Lee – has a 90-day no-compete clause, but it’s rumoured that
he could join All Elite Wrestling in the new year. Someone else who asked for their release shortly
before getting released was Sin Cara. The former Hunico asked for his release on
November 11th, and was released on December 8th, showing up at a AAA show six days later
wearing his Sin Cara mask. He later announced his new name will be Cinta
de Oro – apologies if I said that wrong remember I’m an idiot – and will continue the legacy
of the character after the original performer died in 2016. The Ascension were also released on December
8th, after not appearing on any WWE show for over 8 months. The pair were announced for a meet and greet
at WrestleFest 2 on March 8th, and their first match will be for Xtreme Wrestling Alliance
on March 21st in an advertised Smackdown rematch. The only other names to quickly cover are
those who have not officially had a release, but they have been moved to WWE.com’s alumni
page. The first is Kacy Catanzaro, who reportedly
gave her notice to WWE and retired from pro wrestling in August. Alicia Fox was also added to the alumni page
after months of inactivity, and lastly, Ronda Rousey was moved to the alumni page after
she lost the Raw Women’s Championship to Becky Lynch at WrestleMania. Dave Meltzer reported late in 2018 that Rousey
was leaving WWE following Mania, but it was also reported that she was under contract
with them for a couple more years. She has been mentioned on TV, but there have
been no reports about a potential return despite being the favourite to the win the Royal Rumble. So that was everyone who was released from
WWE in 2019, with a couple who were moved to the alumni page. What would you like to see these fine folks
to do next, let us know in the comments down below. And click the videos on screen right now to
see which wrestlers should quit the promotion in 2020, and who made the list of WrestleTalk’s
top wrestlers of the year? I’ve been Luke Owen and that was wrestling.


  1. I wonder what would happen if John Cena made an appearance on AEW, and we have him as one of the 2020 stars released. Idk when his contract ends tho.

  2. Hey luke my local Easons in Ireland are saying the wrestletalk magazine wont be in shelfs until February 2020.
    Can yous do something about it

  3. "It, however, was not a work as he left the company on April 31st, 2019…"

    (looks at calendar)(looks at calendar again)
    (remembers rhyme)
    "30 days have September, APRIL, June, and November…"

    Maybe that's a clue that it's all still a work!


  4. Could someone link me a source that says the original Sin Cara passed away? I looked up both Negro & Azul, which both are still alive. Am I missing something?

  5. Anybody remember when Harper came back in black tank top and new black jeans? He was over like rover then disappeared shortly after.

  6. I really hope the next countdown is “ Top 10 Wrestling matches of 2019 “ much more interesting than talking about releases

  7. The Arabic woman you show , is not the same person in the orange after. That is Kavita Devi from India 2 different individuals.

  8. 2019 has been a good year for Jon Moxely. Aside from a few minor roadblocks being his staph infection and losing his title due to travel issues, leaving WWE has done wonders for him. Here's hoping 2020 will be Luke Harper's year once his 90 day no complete clause is done.

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