European Rings🇪🇺 | MAIN WRESTLING VLOG ep. 2

European Rings🇪🇺 | MAIN WRESTLING VLOG ep. 2

What is up guys my name is Dan Main – not
a superstar not a nobody but on my way and right now I’m on my way to the ring so let’s do this! So what is up guys this is your man you
already know who I am as I told you in the intro. Hello from Styria this time
not Vienna as I’m at my parents house because today we’re going to a pretty
local show it’s a show in Austria we’re going to Ternitz which is about 45
minutes away from this place and we’re going to rings of Europe it’s a new
company and haven’t worked for them yet so I’m pretty excited how it will go
going to new companies is always the thing where I don’t know what to expect of
course you never know what is gonna happen if you’re gonna like it or not
but this will turn out I hope it will be a great show I’m very excited and of
course I’m taking you with me we’ll see some friends will see some – maybe make
some new friends even so stick around and let’s go to Ternitz! all right so right now we’re on the way
to Ternitz we’re in the car Say hi to mother main – hello – do you speak
English? A little bit. do you like the… do you like that I’m wrestling today – JA ROE where do we have to go? Where
is Summer Crush – thank you Jesus okay so right now we’re up here in the
first story of the Sporthalle I think it’s called in Ternitz
focus focus yeah some guys are already getting warmed up getting ready for the
show and I’ll just take you around Maybe we can get a wrestler on for an interview here’s the tech guy here’s the tech station so stick
around and I’ll see who I can talk to what’s up who are you wrestling today? I’m in a
six-man yeah like trip le threat so it’s two on two on two but I think I’s
tornado so okay it’s not that much but but it’s a lot of dive and it’s a lot of
super indie so so… Are you gonna kick their asses? Definitely! How do you know, how do you know? Is it sCrIpTeD or what? Is it FaKe? Naaaaaahhhhhh… What do you mean? Whou whou what is this? When worlds collide, when worlds collide… I have to do some promos now so … Bis nächstes Mal! Looks like a VLOG! It’s a VLOG yo! Hey guys! What are
you gonna say what’s your name? Greetings from Hungary my name is Attila Boros, My in-ring-name is gulyaseci support the Guylasches Igen greetings from the countryside – great man
oh yeah Right now I’m here with my buddy What’s your wrestling name? ALEX ACE – Alex Ace – Yeah Who are you wrestling tonight? I’m Wrestling Mexxberg. I’m gonna destroy him!
And what’s the cool thing about your match then? What do you mean what is the cool thing? The cool thing is I’m gonna destroy
him how many times do I have to tell you?! I’m gonna destroy him! I’m gonna grab him by the throat, pick him up in the air put him down and that’ll be it! Okay okay, you don’t have to speak that loud I
can hear you down here – okay okay It’s just the distance sometimes you know I have to
like get it in there it’s right here yeah it’s right here – project really well yeah ok ok I’m glad … I’d better be good
hope you got that I hope you got that you watch it tonight I’m in the parking lot right now because this is where we get up to the entrance
of the show I will be introduced in about one hour one and a half hours that
will be the time when when the men’s show will start as first they have a ladies
show called Glam and afterwards the men’s show will start I’ll be called out in a few minutes
I suppose Glam will be over soon and I’ll be called up to introduce myself to
the crowd so I just got off the match actually won…as the… I’m still a little bit f***** – right now it’s just taking a shower getting dressed and that was it so this show is coming to an end
got a beautiful bruise up here… just got dressed, kind of dressed – the last
match on right now I kind of calmed down again I got back to my senses Ok everyone! Today is this day after the show as I
decided to not do this outdo thing yesterday I got home at about two
o’clock in the morning which was way too late for me to properly talk anymore so
I’ll share my thoughts about the show with you right now in my eyes it was
really good one I really enjoyed it ROE did a good job with this
one they really tried their best they gave the best to keep the show very
professional to keep it very high class in general really good job Rings of
Europe I actually was just supposed to cut a promo at the beginning just to
introduce myself as a future member of rings of Europe right and this guy
Hector came out and interrupted me as a logical consequence I decided to tell
him to wrestle me right that night the promoter agreed so later on I had a
singles match against Hector and well yeah I mean he got the best out of me – he
was a really good wrestler it was a tough one no question about this but I
have to thank all of you people who actually came
out there and supported me because you were cheering so much for me so thanks a
lot for this it really helped me a lot and really motivates me to keep going so
thank you for that I just enjoyed taking pictures signing stuff for you so thanks
again for coming around and also big thank you to you guys at home for
watching this vlog for watching vlog number 2 thanks for your support please
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share the vlog with and let’s grow the main movement as this was your man Dan Main – Not a
superstar, not a nobody, but on my way and I thank you for watching and see you
in the next video Main out


  1. Auch Teil 2 ist sehr nice geworden 🙂
    Hab dich gestern bei der POW ein wenig vermisst 😕 lässt du dich im Oktober aufm Schützenplatz blicken? 😊

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