Eric Bischoff shoots on Debra McMicheal in WCW

Eric Bischoff shoots on Debra McMicheal in WCW

well let's talk about somebody who's who didn't impress you Deborah McMichael I'm glad that you just brought up Mongo Nelson would ride a bourbon wakil has been dumped as they nixed the idea of her managing Ric Flair as a heel over the past few months WCW has dumped sherry Nancy Sullivan Jacqueline and now Deborah McMichael Plus Kimberly's involvement is strictly to leadpages ring entrance and she's basically just a nitro girl so the only woman with a role left in WCW is Elizabeth now I don't want to necessarily dig into that but I do want to know what happened with Deborah McMichael yeah I'm only hesitating because there was a period of time when I had so much fun with Deborah both my wife and I did you know Deborah would first of all Deborah came to everyone with the nitros with with Mongo and typically you know 97 98 whenever was when Mongo was there when you know we'd hit the bar you know he'd do the show and I know everybody wants to make it sound like you know WCW and you know all of us at Metro it's like one big fucking frat party every Monday night all we did was party it wasn't really true it wasn't really any different than what I experienced when I was in WWE quite frankly you know when you do a show you know on a Monday night you're working all day I'll again speak for myself when I was in WWE and WCW I mean I probably drank 6 gallons of coffee throughout the course of a day you're just going and going and going and then boom it's time it's show time and then your adrenaline is up you just pump in adrenaline right and you're dealing with challenges and you're dealing with problems and you're you know you and for me I was also a performer so I'm you know getting ready to do that it's a ton of work and it's a lot of adrenaline so by the end of the night when you you know the show's over you jump in your car and you head back to the hotel there was no way I was going to sleep neither was anybody else you're so jacked up from you know the show and for the most part 96-97 early 98 we were on really incredible hi man it was it was like snorting an Eightball not not literally but figuratively it was you know it was crazy how much fun it was and you get done and it's like oh go to my room and ricochet off the walls till three o'clock in the morning or we'd all you know mediate a hotel bar somewhere an airport Marriott or wherever we were staying and steve was one of the guys I always hung out with cuz he was fond Steve was funny as hell he had a great sense of humor he told great stories he was just a fun guy to hang out with and he was really chill you know he was he was so laid-back and Debra I mean she was like a comedian you know back then but as often happens let me say as occasionally happens you take somebody who's never been out in front of the camera before who secretly really wanted to you know Debra was a beauty pageant queen she you know tried doing television commercials she aspired to to be out there as a talent in one way shape or form for a long period of time before she got to WCW and when she came to WCW with Steve she was simply there to support steep in what he was doing and and be a part of what was going on but as occasionally happens when people like that find their way in and give it a little bit of an opportunity and all of a sudden are on camera it's amazing what that does to some people and words get big and all of a sudden they start feeling like a star and certain people not all of them that fall victim to this disease but some of them get really really shitty about it and Debra did she all of a sudden the whole Queen Deborah thing that at first was kind of an inside joke and then it became oh let's kind of let's turn up the volume on that and that'll become her character you know the beauty queen it became you know life imitated art let's put it that way and it just got to be too much she was way too much maintenance and that's what happened to Deborah McMichael can you give us an example of how she was – how many nice was it based on call Tom's or creative or no it was petty shit you know what I mean you know it was caddy just kind of self-centered stuff I don't like the way that girl looked at me you know backstage you know come on tell me about that kind of silly shit you know just that kind of stuff when he starts when you start thinking you deserve your own dressing room because you're Queen Deborah time to put a pin in that so that was it was along those lines and Deborah's a sweet person she's I mean she really is she's a blast but it went to her head really really fast you


  1. Everything Bischoff has described about Debra never being on camera and the head getting big and the ego getting big.  Sounds just like him!  He was a low grade ring announcer for the AWA, made his way to WCW where he was much of the same until he managed to use those used car salesman skills on the WCW front office to land the head job to run WCW over Jim Ross.  Than proceeded to give dumb contracts and big money to guys who were way over the hill and just shit on all the young talent so much so that Bischoff was no longer just happy calling the show from behind the desk he decided to ACTUALLY put himself into the NWO and go on tv weekly as a mouth piece for Hogan or the NWO.  When Hall and Nash showed up who was present and involved?  Bischoff!  When Hogan turned heel who was front and center until his big unveil as an NWO guy?  Bischoff!  When Bret Hart showed up after Montreal, who was one of the first guys in the ring?  Bischoff!  When the Warrior got his deal and confronted Hogan in his debut who was standing beside Hogan?  Bischoff!  Bischoff talking about others getting an ego and having a big head is fucking hilarious!  Talk about someone who needs to look in the mirror.

  2. WCW did miss out with Debra but per Eric she was her own worst enemy at the time. He'd do the same thing in 200 when he released several female talents but kept Ms. Jones who I thought was the worst valet ever.

  3. I would have hung out with Mongo, too. I met him after practice once when he was still playing for the Bears and he had the most amazing attitude. Most of the players couldn't wait to get off the field after drills were over but he stayed out there to kick field goals (he was a defensive back). He loved the game that much.


  5. Sure Eric…its the same as wwe and there was no party atmosphere. Thats why on wwe there was multiple cases of people going on air drunk.

  6. Me and my wife had alot of fun with Debra . Alot

    No one would sleep

    Austin is the greatest character in history but he is the biggest cuck loser in real life. Debra is a wild woman who prob fuxxs like a porn star. Wonderful gal. Total tramp. Austin was a fool for marrying her.

    Living with her ? Making.her a partner ? Sure. She seems great. But you cant marry someone like this . Ever.

    And when you do and your jealous because you married.a thot ypu dont get drunk.a beat her

  7. Had to listen to this because I dated Debra back in 2013. She took me to a Celebrity dirt bike race with Aaron Lewis and a couple Alabama football games. Eric is right, she was a fun, sweet lady.

  8. Mongo Should Have Been a Helluva In-Ring Performer. Was It Age or Timing That Was His Detrimental End? OR Something?!?

  9. I like Eric but this sounds basically like"I missed the boat on her,Vince got her and made her a star and now I'm bitter"Yeah she wasn't in WWF all that long,what 2 years but was there anyone more popular then Deborah those 2 years not The Rock or Stone Cold?

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