what's up like dance with trouble ths powered by G fuel first there's yourself another plan that doesn't suck ass I'm too Luigi Mario mix martial arts Tommy told today Twitter gets beefy Nick goes to war and Mischa tries out a birthday soon plus if your account of the week stick around to the end of the episode where the hugest gamma labs giveaway in history let's do this shit well somebody please think of the children fighters use social media for all kinds of things here's a selfie use it to prove he can actually say words George st. Peter's assistant use it to report about a stolen vehicle Pat Barry uses it because all caps are fucking awesome but it's not all fun and games out there the Twitterverse twitter is your leading source for beat 140 character form whether it's juggernaut Rory hybrid versus the meathead or Jason Miller versus Jason Miller this shit has reached Biggie and Tupac levels so before things get out of hand if people start getting blocked I call it my friend future to help these fighters sell things like a detonation Greece through battle raps take it away future what's up Tommy we in the do know what's gonna happen we getting crazy first up tonight we got welterweight B we got the juggernaut and Kenny Florian let's go I like the color of your sweater Rory what is that eggshell your grammar is terrible on Twitter and you can't spell you keep saying you're not gonna fight GSP but it ain't out of respect bitch you can't beat me you're a discount bin Kenny Florian and why the fuck do you dress like a historian Massa god he's gonna save you like he saved John Fitch this battle rap is over I'm the juggernaut bitch I'm coming at you harder than a mop book pop pop what the get now you dead suck-up you keep saying that you'll beat me in the cage nobody who fought has a Wikipedia page you ain't the juggernaut bitch you a mark ass punk I could beat you when I'm drunk as a skunk on a tree trunk when I'm done they're gonna call in the police me and George co-champs til forever rustic urge huzzah dylaney a lot of hostility all right up next we got two cats that were beefing on Twitter just the other day two fighting this July meat head and MC hybrid do you think meathead hey brinda I love watching you on the Utah blaze I was in the NFL you know we're big boys play here you call yourself the hybrid how come oh I get it you're half stupid and half dumb I missed your BJJ match heard all you did was run at least it's more active than laying on Lavar Johnson I'm gonna throw a crossbody at UFC on FOX 8 that's assuming they let your Adam sailor ass through the gate Wow meathead you're calling me dumb after the mystery on minute I'd say we're about Congrats on being the winning is black zillion I think that takes their overall record to five and a million I'm as afraid of your rhymes as I am of your hands this sports not for you son back to the Meadowlands on July 27th you're gonna pay the Pied Piper I just shit on your raps somebody changed my diaper oh that was the craziest shit I've seen in my whole life okay last but not least these two cats are meeting for the third time it's gonna be intense we got Sugano and Kane this is the big one we're gonna start with the Challenger take it away Junior you hit like a girl I feel like a fly lands on my face war motherfucking MMA Nick Diaz promotions he'll their inaugural bit last weekend and kicked off with a failed stream presumably caused by spinning shit what's the show's up and running things were smooth and Jeff Monson's dome as a bunch of young bloods kick the shit out of each other one fight ended with a toehold my honor and Josh Rosenthal swung by giving zero fucks about his upcoming sentencing throw in a shirtless guy trying to fight Nate Diaz mid broadcast and things couldn't have got any Diaz here unless the announce team was smoking a bowl not sure how much money Nick made as nearly all payments range from 209 to 420 but it was entertaining a shit and at least gives me one more reason to bring Nick on the show until he decides to unretire Nick Congrats on a pretty smooth card haha fucking thanks for whatever the fucking clowns with balloons didn't show up and if I end it with a fucking doctor stoppage even though fucking got rid of elbows or whatever but thought the card overall was fucking uh good and no walls were giving tickets so when can we expect to see warm ma to fuckin me and Matchmaker Nate Diaz or fucking sitting down right now and we're gonna fucking put together another cards full hitters or whatever it's actually a name of our second show warm in a hitter's no uh book and warm MA to another card that's full of hitters or whatever you might have trouble putting it on a poster besides the promotional stuff do you plan on fighting again soon or you still retired I think I'm gonna fucking stay retired for a few more months and uh I want to fight Anderson Silva maybe do some boxing a yoga instructional DVD I don't want to fight George st. Pierre because he's a punk-ass bitch but everyone fight them again or whatever and I think would be a good fight whatever you do Nick keep making news otherwise I might be out of a job fuckin maybe you should rely on two or three characters so much fuckin me and Anderson and shale are gonna be around forever so maybe you should actually take some fucking time to write some material that's new instead of having me say he's talking to a nine every fucking show or whatever okay okay okay later Nick get your wine and your cheese and your glasses ready fight fans Misha Tate's going nude tastefully ESPN the magazine's yearly body issue takes a look at the human form at its peak without all those stupid clothes we wear to convince ourselves we're not just animals who learned to talk good cupcake nearly peed out Roy Nelson for the obligatory MMA personality and follows in the footsteps of rival Ronda Rousey who she seems to be attached to in every conceivable way these days she was Rhonda's first title fight their coaching against each other on top they've posed in the same magazine are gonna fight each other again after tough 18 and they can both defeat Bryan caraway Ronda Rousey and mr. Tate or the sub-zero and Scorpion of MMA the spy in the another spy hey Rhonda thanks for stopping by wait a minute is that you Misha yep it's me rowdy Misha you mean cupcake I changed it again I see well congrats on the ESP and body issue thanks it was a lot of fun I was naked of course except for some pink wraps I wore hmm sounds a lot like Rhonda's photoshoot no it's different anyway filming tough right now just hanging out with my fellow coaches Nick and Nate Sanchez Cosmo challenged you Jitsu okay what the fuck is going on here I'll know what you're talking about Nick and Nate Sanchez's faces are freaking me the fuck out are you trying to become Ronda Rousey not at all I'm my own person just because we're both at the top of women's MMA right now well if cat Zingano didn't get hurt that's not the point we're in the same field at the same level we're bound to do similar things now if you'll excuse me I need to go do some moderating on this Pokemon forum okay wait a minute hold up before we say more words I gotta get some shout out Finn go ahead Nate Sanchez I won't give big THANK to all my boys print that with eyelid Carlos Machado that's it yeah the other you usually takes a lot more people in inanimate objects see you all some other time depending on people's reactions to this episode your comment time each week I take to social media look for the meanest nastiest most hurtful comments about the show then reward those people with a spot at the end because I hate me as much as you do this week's most hilarious comes to us from cum foolery who said Bryan caraway is more likable than this show I accept this let's joke like fans to the next Wednesday when I defame pet Cobras with John Dodson until then had a triple ths not common buy a beanie capacity shirt with my face on it then become CEO of gamma labs take a picture in it and I might put you on the show speaking of gamma labs this week's giveaway is a fucking monster the first 50 people to use the coupon code trouble THS 40 a check out will get 40% off their entire order excluding specials or gear yeah so get on that quick congrats to you said Oh contraire us winning the sign ain't the edge come on Eagle of big ass thanks to Bruce Buffer this time industries plus all my awesome friends who still support the show despite the quality and follow me on Facebook and Twitter or ninjas will punch kittens perpetual ths I'm Tommy toehold bison you're off the air


  1. So sorry it took me this long to click on your vids, when watching prebeck's vids.. Truly great shit. Keep it up.

  2. You actually looked up area code 902? That's awesome. If only you could look up how to make your show not suck balls.

  3. we absolutely need a weekly segment featuring ronda nick and nate and meisha nick and nate verbally duking it out until the fight happens.

  4. Watching you stand there with that creepy look while the other characters are talking, makes me as uncomfortable as seeing my kids Dr wearing a Michael Jackson mask.

  5. I just stabbed my self in the eye with a carrot ate razor blades and dropped my balls into a toaster and felt no pain till i watched this show !!

  6. hey yo Tommy Toe Hold has anyone ever told you have one of those faces you want to punch to make it look better. you look like a dilbo with a dirty SancheZ face waiting to get tea bagged.

  7. I wanted to leave a comment saying how crap this show is. But I can't. I actually kinda like it. Sorry.

  8. Sorry Tommy, this was not your best work.

    By "not your best work", I mean it fucking sucked more then usual.

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