Edge & Stone Cold Steve Austin Set To Make SURPRISING RETURN For One Last WWE Match

Edge & Stone Cold Steve Austin Set To Make SURPRISING RETURN For One Last WWE Match

Wwe hall of famers getting ready for one time
returns?!? This could be some very exciting news for
old school wwe fans WWE is reportedly looking into some big returns
for 2 legendary superstars These stars being edge and stone cold Steve
Austin Edge (nearing 46 years old) and Steve Austin
(nearing 55 years old) have both been out of the ring for many years now… But both of their names are being heavily
brought up for a one time return Stone cold has gone on record to say that
he can definitely put on one last match New reports also claim that its highly possible
that this match could happen at a future Saudi Arabia show because of the massive pay outs
those shows have The money for those appearances are so insane
that wwe was able to even talk Shawn Micheals out of retirement after he swore to never
Wrestle again Superstars in their 50s such as undertaker
and Goldberg also reportedly received $2-3 million for their Saudi Arabia matches So the feeling is that if stone cold can get
a “Saudi Arabia payday” then we can definitely see him back in the ring for that one match Another return that is being privately discussed
right now is edge Edge recently received clearance to deliver
his first spear since 2011 at Summerslam 2019 when he took out Elias And ever since that moment, there’s been
rumors of edge being cleared for even more physical activity Edge has also come out about his desire for
one last match recently as well A new report even claims that edge has received
his full medical clearance So edge is definitely looking like the most
likely star to get one last match What are your thoughts on these possible returns?


  1. Apparently some moves are being made about Edge and Stone Cold's in ring return. Right now, Edge is looking like the more likely one to return. He's reportedly getting clearance from multiple doctors and his name is even being rumored for Crown Jewel so edge's situation is picking up so we'll let you know if any other info comes out on his return. What are your thoughts on this situation? Leave your comments, don't forget to Subscribe, and leave a like if you enjoyed! Thanks for watching guys 😀

  2. Steve Austin vs Edge + a major ppv like Wrestlemania 36 or Super Showdown in Saudi Arabia = Lots of fans tuning in and lots of money for wwe

  3. if they can do it safely, I'm all for it. The Middle East is full of unrest. Why not do this in Australia or Germany or England? Why in the Middle East?

  4. Stone Cold should keep his legacy the way it is. One last match, and one botch, can get the fans talking trash and I don't want that.

  5. Edge(The 11x world champion,The rated R superstar,The ultimate opportunist)
    Stone Cold Steve Austin(The Texas Rattlesnake,Toughest SOB alive) 2 hall of fame,One last match. Has Christmas come early
    One thing: Dont book it at super showdown/Crown jewel. That ppv kills legends. (Undertaker vs Goldberg)

  6. I think they won’t bring Aj lee back for is because of cm punk. Isn’t he working for the Wwe backstage though?

  7. Geez these guys are returning now too? It shows how bad WWE is doing. I love these guys but is it worth it? Oh well what the heck, its out of my control. I hope hulk hogan and ric flair return to do some more matches also. Bring back big show, kane, and what the heck bring back Hacksaw Jim Duggan, one man gang, JBL, Muhammad Hassan, Mordecai, and Hindenreich. hahaha

  8. My ONLY, BIG concern is that either of them could be permanently injured. JUST because they receive clearance DOESN'T mean that they can do ANYTHING they want in the ring. YES almost anyone can be crippled in the ring BUT a previous injuries will make it ALL the more likely. I DON'T want to see either EDGE or Stone Cold in a wheelchair. I hope that the massive payday is WORTH it!

  9. I wanna see stone cold vs the rock one more time at wrestle mania even tho they both in their 50’s they can still put up a good match

  10. Would prefer if edge can go put him WM match and it would be awesome if maybe get CM Punk in match or maybe an AJ Styles

  11. Edge and Stone Cold Steve Austin returning, well, someone's going to get a Mudhole stomped into them by Stone Cold Steve Austin, and get ready for Stone Cold Steve Austin saying What? All the time

  12. It would be cool for both to do one last match but Edge sure he was cleared for one move a simple but soft spear which Elias sold. Edge doesn't have the speed to do a devastating spear anymore let alone last five hours if its a crown jewel match. Stone cold same thing he doesn't have the speed either but maybe he can idk. Edge I fear is his neck if one wrong move he's done forever in a wheelchair. It would be cool to see them in a storyline against say KO or Roman or another but guess money talks just ask HBK

  13. Funny if Edge was surprise last member of team Hogan. That way he wouldn’t have to carry whole match and possibly get injured again. Maybe have him and Christian return and shakeup the tag teams.

  14. I hope this 100% bullshit, Austin owes us absolutely nothing nor does edge.
    Both are enjoying good health in their retirement years and to risk to return to recover the terrible state of the WWE would be a terrible idea.
    Austin will either get beaten up by becky lynch or another young star the WWE desperately want to push.
    No one has ever made the impact Austin made and I can't ever see that genuine lighting in a bottle happen ever again.

  15. Leave them in retirement land.
    They had their matches and moments.
    Don’t take the spot from younger more deserving talent

  16. Hell no! The match should never happen. Edge and Stone Cold are my childhood wrestlers and I don't want them to have one last match now.

  17. I'm definitely a Stone Cold fan and I like Edge too but I wouldn't want their last matches to be in Saudi Arabia because not as many people could watch it due to the time zone. Watching a replay would not be as great


  19. Edge wasn’t cleared when he did his spear and he himself denied on twitter being medically cleared to compete get you facts right

  20. I always thought Stone Cold had one more Wrestlemania match in him. I still wanted Stone Cold vs The Rock 4. Or I thought he was who could have come back to beat the streak.

  21. Edge has ALWAYS said, the WWE would NEVER, EVER clear him. He would not lie about this. ALL guys who have retired have talked about "One last match" doesn't mean they would. As a fan, I would NOT want to see him take the risk. He already gave us all he had, and then some. He does NOT need another match. I would rather have him safe, and happy and able to play with his daughters. He has EARNED that. I really hope and pray he doesn't return for even one match! I don't think money means that much to him…. his health and safety mean more.

  22. To me, that's awesome news for these two showing high interest for a one more match return so I'm definitely down with that. HOWEVER, I hope WWE doesn't make that same mistake with The Undertaker and Goldberg with their devastating match at Super Showdown from a few months ago

  23. Edge already addressed these rumors and says it is not happening. Could be a work, but I doubt it. Dude could be paralyzed from one hard bump to spine.

  24. Yes Edge Not for just one more you can Do it if Anyone can. Make a Dame Good Comeback back it is Edge he is The King Always was you Got this WWE. Is Going Down Hill. You can Save it but If WWE don't then they lose Go anywhere. There is More. Places than that wwe and the McMahon Family # GoEDGE

  25. I want to see Edge versus Elias in the one-on-one match and I want to see Stone Cold Steve Austin versus question

  26. I hope any of them doesnt cam out of reitirement cause They Will both Die like have You seen the undertaker vs goldberg like that could happen to them as well

  27. Wwe is like the military. Once u sign a contract they will always call for u. Like undertaker ric flair hbk Goldberg many others

  28. If Stone Cold Steve Austin can give the world one last match: I SAID, NEXT YEAR, 2020, WHRESTLEMANIA 36: AUSTIN 3:16 VS HULKAMANIA! NO SHOUT OF A DOUBT! Once of a lifetime……..the two biggest WWE Superstars (From The Golden & Attitude Era)!
    – Austin says to Hulkster " Heyyy, Hollywood Boy, One more time? One more time? One more match, between the two Greatest Heroes in WWE?

  29. Money always talks. It's a shame it all boils down to that instead of just having the love & passion of performing one final match.

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