Edge On If Nostalgia Acts Have A Place In Todays Wrestling, Heels & Babyfaces & More

Edge On If Nostalgia Acts Have A Place In Todays Wrestling, Heels & Babyfaces & More

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  1. We sat down with WWE Hall Of Famer, The Rated R Superstar Edge, where we spoke about his thoughts on nostalgia acts in the current wrestling product, if he thinks there is a place for them, and if he has any advice for current wrestlers being clear cut heels or babyfaces like he was during his career. Subscribe to the channel for more clips of our live shows and interviews and don't forget to like and comment too!

  2. Edge will always be the rated r superstar and the greatest of all time and I’ve always been a fan he’s who got me into wwe and he may not be able to wrestle anymore but another return could be great and he’s aged greatly im proud of him thank you edge

  3. RATED R SUPERSTAR EDGE…Another Great Wrestler Performer…I Seen His Debut In ATTITUDE ERA…Great Tag Team With CHRISTIAN Five Seconds Pose Was Hilarious Their friendship With KURT ANGLE Was So Funny…I Liked His Heel He Was With LITA Another Legend…Thanx EDGE

  4. The entire wrestling world needs to listen to Edge.

    Booked well, the older talent can be a benefit to the product and the quality of the show they are on. It's only the internet fanboi marks who have a problem with it.

  5. Ok. So he talked about Rock and how that brought more eyes to the product. It's interesting: from a guy who got to be in the main event of a Wrestlemania I would expect that he would be 200% on board with current/upcoming stars filling that main event spot instead of "nostalgia guys"

  6. I cant understand why this guy isnt in the performance centre and not havin his brains picked by the newbies and those who have crossed over from the indy scene. He's an ubelieveably under rated intelligent person involved in pro wrestling. He could do wonders for AEW also. He literally did it all in his career and did it well!

  7. Edge was one of the best heels ever, also a pretty good babyface. I remember loathing him back in 2005-07. But, what a great performer and deserved world champion.

  8. Nostalgic acts are fine but toxic to new talent. Because once they all age out than you have none left and your screwed.

  9. these old school wrestlers are so much smarter than most of them now. almost everybody was bitching about The Rock coming back and taking their spot and all the other bullshit. btw whose spot did he take? who was or is now as big of a star as The Rock? nobody. he didnt take anybodys spot.

  10. I miss Edge. His character was a great heel & he delivered some iconic moments. Unrelated here’s a wrestlemania match that needs to happen. AJ Styles vs Triple H like why have they not done this?

  11. Ppl are remember this shifty old timers bc they suck now more than they are remembering the new talent the match before….. Taker you are a fuckin hack and a sell out. Walk away

  12. Agree so much with Edge, I think it can create potential rather than hinder the show using a bit of nostalgia to boost viewership

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