Dustin Poirier: Fighting Khabib Nurmagomedov in Abu Dhabi is like a Rocky movie | ESPN MMA

Dustin Poirier: Fighting Khabib Nurmagomedov in Abu Dhabi is like a Rocky movie | ESPN MMA


  1. I don't understand how he can say he's the real champ, he's a nice guy, but it don't make sense, Tony was the interim before him , and he hasn't even fought him 🤔 atleast khabib best the last true champ

  2. I believe in you dustin. I have got no problem with khabib but the story this guy has had is incredible.i hope he come out prepared for the pressure that khabib brings, he'll have to stop those takedowns.if you're able to neutralize the wrestling of khabib,I don't think if it comes down to decision khabib will make it but that won't happen,he'll be taken down but during adversity a guy recognises himself.i am so pumped up,let's go dustinn..

  3. Dustin looking like he just came out of the army that military commander is going to take on that grizzly boyyy

  4. The only way Dustin could beat Kabib is with a big punch in the face in the first round.

    If he goes more than a round, he's gonna be tired and you know, Khabib has the greatest cardio in ufc.

  5. All due respect, but his family doesn’t have the money to go see him fight? He makes like 100.000$ every fight and I’m not even talking about the sponsorships, why won’t you take care of your family trip? .

  6. I feel like Tony,Diaz and Ortega are the only people that stand a chance against khabib because of their style , if khabib put them on the ground that will be their biggest mistake

  7. It's so awkward cause Dustin is a great guy and part of me hopes he wins but if he does I can't help but believe we wouldn't see tony vs khabib for awhile longer but still hope and think dustin wins this

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