Drew Gulak vs. Oney Lorcan – WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match: WWE 205 Live, Aug. 13, 2019

Drew Gulak vs. Oney Lorcan – WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match: WWE 205 Live, Aug. 13, 2019

>>Oney Lorcan has been seething for the last 48 hours.>>100, looking for the hip and hip;.>>Awkward landing.>>And-
>>Wow.>>All the way to the outside
goes the champion->>Gulak is staggered.>>Champion is on rubber legs. Champion might not know where he’s at. Oney Lorcan’s all the way at the top rope. Gulak doesn’t realize it and
finally does not.>>Champion trying to follow up and
Oney Lorcan coming again.>>Whoa, whoa.>>Right back, boom, and what an uppercut. Challenger it into the cover to become
champion and Gulak able to kick out at two, but look at Lorcan,
Blockbuster connects, is that enough? Cover.
>>Would be.>>And
another kick out by the champion, but->>Where is this coming from?>>Look at Oney non-stop and keeping his
foot on the gas for the title and no!>>[APPLAUSE]
>>And here is that unbridled rage! A, new talk about time and time again that unleashed fury
of the challenger here tonight.>>This is where Oney lives he
lives in that fury in that chaos, fighting through anything.>>Gulak able to move in.>>A slam, much like we saw at SummerSlam,
another cover, and another kick out, but
barely by the challenger.>>Got some determination,
you got to give it to Oney Lorcan. If there’s an ounce of any in his body,
he will kick out, he will refuse to quit.>>You see both these superstars, so much
taken out of them this past Sunday and both have been battling
it out here tonight. And now, Drew Gulak is hoisting up
the challenger, maybe looking for that Cyclone Crash.>>This is it.>>If he hits it certainly it’s over,
but now, Lorcan into the half and half. Gulak starting to fight, champion able to
wiggle his way free, swing and a miss. Here comes the challenger and
he got caught in a tail spin clothesline. Cover by the champion and got, again,
Oney Lorcan able to kick out at two.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>And Lorcan now, look at Oney Lorcan again. He could have an idea of the half and
half, he tried earlier in the matchup, it didn’t work. Lorcan, he’s got the champion hook,
challenger looking for a big move off the top
>>No, no, no, surely no. Challenger trying to wiggle himself free,
champion away.>>No
>>Half and half off the top rope and walking out, realizes his moment, it’s crawling to the champion [CROSSTALK]
>>Do it, do it, he’s got [INAUDIBLE] over Gulak for the title
>>Two.>>Clear as day ring awareness.>>No, no it’s that Cradle, shoulders
down and Lorcan able to kick out, wow, that was close.>>I think that chops kick off the chest
into the throat of Drew Gulak.>>Hey, that’s a fun thing sometimes.>>And now, look at Lorcan, a challenger, beaten down and
that was certainly in there.>>Cover, cover by the challenger, two
out of line and Gulak kicks out at two.>>This game vicious and nasty.>>Well,
this is the fight that Drew Gulak wanted, Oney Lorcan certainly bringing it tonight.>>Gulak is off, here we go.>>And look at this,
a little pay back from SummerSlam. It’s a challenger, beating down
the champion looking for the half and half reverse. And Gulak now,
trying to keep his foot through, rolls through, shoulders are down. Lorcan rolls through the Gulak.>>He’s got it!>>Center of the ring, no,
where for Oney Lorcan to go. I don’t think Gulak has a lock
all the way and properly, but->>There it is!>>It certainly cinched in.>>Gulak, Gulak, can he hold it?>>Lorcan trying to be.>>Lorcan’s got to get to the bottom rope,
but look at the strain.>>Reach-
>>Look at the strain on the neck, Lorcan so far away.>>The neck of Oney Lorcan
has to be screaming in agony.>>Lorcan-
>>I long way to that bottom rope, he’s out, he is out.>>He’s out that,
what a fight, what a struggle.>>Here is your winner and still the WWE Cruiserweight Champion,
Drew Gulak.>>Drew Gulak may be champion, I don’t
know if Oney Lorcan actually gave up. I think his body gave out and
the referee had to make a decision.>>I think Lorcan passed out, we could see that from our vantage point,
the carotid artery of Oney Lorcan. Bulging strongly there,
I think that was Drew Gulak being applied.


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  2. Awesome match better than their match at Summerslam, Humberto Carrillo is coming for Gulak and the Cruiserweight Title very soon

  3. I love to have a neighbour on either side of my house screaming & yelling like Oney lorcan, asking me to getup early morning !

  4. See how Oney got up straight away after a failed pin attempt. PLEASE PLEASE DO THAT MORE INSTEAD OF SITTING THERE SURPRISED LIKE AN IDIOT.

  5. Will Oney Lorcan finally win the Cruiserweight title or will Drew Gulak remain supreme on the top of the Cruiserweight division?

  6. Nice match, of course, but I thought that no one in WWE can deserves a rematch clause as the new rules said…

  7. If wwe synchro summon CM who?+JBL with technical as a tuner you can summon Drew Gulak *you're genius if you understand this comment,lol

  8. Been a fan of Oney since his jobber days on NXT. So glad he has been getting more prominent roles over the years.

    And what a match.

  9. This was a really good match, but the crowd were unfamiliar to both men outside of a bland promo from Gulak

    They did pick it up towards the end though

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