Drew Gulak vs. Lio Rush – NXT Cruiserweight Championship Match: WWE NXT, Oct. 9, 2019

Drew Gulak vs. Lio Rush – NXT Cruiserweight Championship Match: WWE NXT, Oct. 9, 2019


  1. First match after the death of 205 and he has to drops the title, and looks like he out of shape compared to last time we seen Gulak

  2. Now all they need to do is bring Gran Metalik in. That dude is amazing but is being incredibly misused. Same with Dorado and Shinsuke. Aleister Black needs needs to come back to nxt also. Main roster water downs talent way too much

  3. What a toepay!! Low pay not a slow pay 🔥🔥🔥🔥Lio is going to be a good champion with his in ring skills and his mic skills.

    Nothing can stop him. He's all the way up!!! 🔥🔥🔥I just loved the commentary for this match and the meek mill reference

  4. It's good to see lio gaining back his amazing credibility after his awful booking earlier this year when he was on raw with lashely.

  5. The Cruiserweight Division needs more respect. WWE treats it likes it's nothing but a side show. Good to see NXT actually making the Cruiserweight Division relevant.

  6. I can’t be the only Canadian pissed off about not being able to watch this live? At least AEW was awesome last night

  7. When Gulak grabbed the title, i was expecting him to teach Lio something from his Power point presentation 😂😂

  8. who cares about lio rush winning the title easy answer NO ONE CARES ABOUT HIM he's gonna fail on nxt just like he failed on the main roster on raw and 205 live he will get backstage heat just like everyone and get fired he has done horrible things reasons was he made fun of kid who has autism on a livestream on Instagram which WWE HAS SWEPT THAT UNDER THE RUG which means they knew nothing about it he should've been fired because of that he will turn heel just like he turn heel back in 2018 and he will be bankrupt an– oh wait HE IS BANKRUPT he will be getting into backstage heat like they did to matt riddle and all of the other wwe superstars from raw,smackdown,205 live,nxt and nxt uk he will fail in nxt again and he will fail in the main roster again he will be buried and fired by wwe so you can forget about lio rush in the wwe ring ever and I by mean EVER again if I was in the ring with lio rush I would end his career and make his life a living hell I will end him when I get in the ring with him

  9. Very proud of Lio Rush gets his chance to shine after that BS bookings on the main roster, also can 205live finally be apart of NXT now just move the show away from the main roster and join NXT

  10. BIG MOUTH FINALLY GETS HIS TIME. lets see how humble he can stay that was his problem before no manners in the locker room….

  11. I was hoping that Lio would have pointed at the sky for Eddie before landing that Final Hour frog splash. That would have been great

  12. Finally a company that's doing something good with Lio rush keep the good work Lio rush and NXT keep pushing on Lio rush career

  13. 205 live was a joke from the beginning anyways, they should just have everyone in NXT especially since it’s a two hour show, my only thing is they should think of moving NXT to Thursday instead, there already getting killed by AEW which is a shame .

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