Dorado, Metalik & Carrillo vs. Gulak, Nese & Daivari: WWE 205 Live, Sept. 10, 2019

Dorado, Metalik & Carrillo vs. Gulak, Nese & Daivari: WWE 205 Live, Sept. 10, 2019

Here comes Lince Dorado. These two superstars
are teammates tonight but they will be opponents-
>>That’s Tony Nese and Drew Gulak, the scheduled opponents. Humberto Carrillo and Lince Dorado and of course Drew Gulak’s cruiserweight
title on the line this Sunday. Gulak now and these, I mean guys,
they came out of nowhere. This is a pre-meditated attack.>>They clearly had designs on these two. Couldn’t wait for them to get in the ring,
couldn’t wait for the bell ring.>>Humberto trying to fight back,
as is Lince Dorado. Hey, there’s Ariya Daivari. What’s he doing out here? I know he’s got some
issues with Lince Dorado.>>Well certainly, Lince Dorado
trying to beat down Daivari but the numbers advantage now of Tony Nese,
Daivari, and Drew Gulak. Gulak trying to send a message
to his championship opponents at Clash of Champions.>>I thought Gulak was
gonna take on all comers. I thought he wasn’t afraid of anybody.>>Well, you thought wrong.>>What’s the explanation for
this, come on.>>Look at Daivari now, just picking apart
Carrillo and Dorado now for Gulak this>>And here comes the cavalry, thankfully!>>Well, there’s Gran Metalik,
Gran Metalik evening the odds! And the king of the ropes, taken-
>>Flying->>That’s more like it.>>The champion now, swings and
misses, but gets caught!>>Come on, come on!>>But how quickly the tide
has turned here on 205 Live.>>No way. No way. You three against us three, right now.>>What do you say, champ? [NOISE] Dorado’s gotta keep fighting,
keep his foot on the gas if he wants to get
to that tag and he’s close.>>He found his corner. Metalik made the tag and
in comes Gran Metalik, and Metalik could be one way to win
from literally breaking through. After that wonderful showing
last night against Rey Mysterio, he’s gonna be cruising in this matchup. Look at Metalik go, whoa. Talk about no wasted motion with Grishina,
take a look at Metalik.>>And the thing about Metalik
is that he’s able to move in all four dimensions of the ring. Look at the way he flies!>>Drop kick off the middle turnbuckle. Imagine, if he’s able to
pin Drew Gulak somehow. Metalik will put himself right in
the championship conversations and Daivari with the right hand. Super kick to Gulak.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>King of the ropes and king of everything in between,
right now, plain and! They just got bulldozed
by the premiere athlete.>>Yeah!
[NOISE]>>Right now the sneakiness of Daivari and the craftiness, looking for
that Hammer Lock Lariat. It didn’t connect, but
he caught a kick to the face.>>Now doing what he does best,
flying through the sky.>>Premiere athlete taken out. You’ve got to be kidding me! But look who’s left standing. Gulak hoists up Dorado. Could be looking for that Cyclone Crash.>>Not today, Lince sees it coming.>>Another super kick, Gulak could be out. Dorado’s to the top rope, guys. And here the Shooting Star! He’s got him! Cover, could this be it? Lince Dorado has just pinned
the Cruiserweight Champion.>>Here are your winners,
Humberto Carillo and Lucha House Party!>>Could that be a sign of things to
come in five nights in Charlotte? You gotta realize Lince Dorado going into
the biggest match of his career just picked up a win, and picked up a pinfall
over the cruiserweight champion. That is huge.>>Here Lince Dorado
just pinned the champion. If that happens Sunday, Lince Dorado
he’s the new cruiserweight champion, and you see Dorado looking Humberto Carrillo. It’s a triple threat match
at Clash of Champions.


  1. This was a horrible and disrespectful crowd theses athletes put their bodies on the line for y'all entertainment and y'all pay attention to a fan raising a baby in the crowd

  2. I was right next to the baby pretty much and I was really excited to see 205 Live in person but the baby kinda killed it for me I was still able to enjoy the match though

  3. Don't blame the baby or the crowd for the lack of interest. Blame 205 live. A show with loads and loads of potential but can never transcend "wrestling" and put some story into the mix. Only so much you can take before losing interest. This show could probably easily be the A show if they committed to storytelling. Maverick and Mike's storyline is proof of that.

  4. 2 hour = 2,000 views XD that show how people love 205 Live, come on WWE stop that show… No one want see, pick that superstars and put on NXT/SmackDown/Raw and close that boring division with boring book, but with good moves.

  5. Every Wrestler in the WWE Match is Professional and trained hard for that.
    So don't try these Stunts at Home, Office, School or anywhere.
    My channel is about martial arts and fitness. So people who are interested in martial arts, can join my channel.

  6. After watching 205 Live, I hope WWE doesn't go back to MSG for a LONG time. Two very good matches and a main event ruined by morons who missed clearly the best match they would see all evening. If I was wrestling I would have phoned it in (not that any would care) but props to them for being professional for the REAL fans watching on the Network

  7. I was in attendence. People stayed just to see the FIend after 205live, totally disrespected this great match by paying attention to a baby in the crowd….

  8. They changed ALL of the crowd audio. Those cheers are fake af. The entire match the crowd was chanting and cheering a baby outside. Completely fake crowd audio.

  9. WWE should keep the 205 brand and their television program going. They also should have the 205 and NXT brands crossover with each other.

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