sorry I had to propose a pastor in Vienna motto should a suit like you think the VC there's a moral to this story yeah it looked like a coronation for Tom Jeff FeO he's getting the crowd he wants the crowd to cheer his performance and at the end he gets picked he gets picked by Marin Simon of Washington and you just can't do this kind of stuff Louis you can if you go you see a space and you know do boxiness I'm sitting outside and he finishes that no Western Sydney thank what's up though [Applause] he hasn't seen it he's still celebrating the goal what Stan he still hasn't recognized the flag they'll still down here now to try and keep these Belgians at bay oh no he thinks he's won it's one lap to go yeah this one lap of racing to go honey six he's walked a long time to all she wanted was the whole shot and she could just run with it exactly Oh Jacob Ellis goes down a shocker on the home stretch finally grabs the gold and changeup Ellis gets the silver [Applause] you know I don't want to speculate here but she fully did she tweaked out an air and that's that's what put her down celebratory perhaps she jerked the board out pulls it out in front of her she goes down on her heel that's what happened she didn't land base she landed on her heels [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] to follow it up again with the [Applause] you [Applause] fully [Applause] and the officials I have to go look at it one more time [Applause] now the witch's spell down the floor and to complexify walking and the by defensive backs including Hakeem who's come in the six going deep he goes and the King brings him down he just got in there he plays both sides and he was chasing down the speed merchant Watkins an 84 yard connection shot right not a margin of error for Shaun White and he's missed [Applause] Oh 117 yards and a backpedal just made it to the end zone I didn't like the ending but I sure liked the start [Applause]


  1. Even when i was in a school student i found a boy who was celebrating too early in a running race later a guy just crossed the line

  2. Why is it so hard for people to make sure you've actually WON before you start celebrating? Everyone in this video that celebrated early deserved to lose.

  3. 03:51 , in all honesty, if i was that old man, i would have lifted him up and gave the lad the 1st place he deserved. That way, the silver would have ended up meaning even more than Gold..

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