Dolph Ziggler’s quick superkicks can’t stop Goldberg: SummerSlam 2019 (WWE Network Exclusive)

Dolph Ziggler’s quick superkicks can’t stop Goldberg: SummerSlam 2019 (WWE Network Exclusive)

Goldberg sizing up Ziggler.>>A superkick.>>My God.>>This could be it.>>Hook of the leg and a kick out at one. Ziggler surprising
Goldberg with a Superkick. And another one,
Goldberg down a second time. Cover by Dolph and Goldberg powers out. The element of surprise by the show-off.>>Get up!>>Dolph’s looking to put this away quick.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Turned Ziggler inside out.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Goldberg ain’t playing tonight.>>[NOISE]
>>Intensify personified.>>Goldberg, Goldberg!


  1. Ziggler was the MVP for asking for 3 more spears and selling them so good. It made him look like a babyface tbh

  2. Don’t get why Goldberg just squashed ziggler like it’s not doing any good to either wrestler and vince pays Goldberg huge amounts off money for a 1 minute match like bruh

  3. I honestly liked Goldberg vs Undertaker better than this match. Nothing against Dolph, but even the mid carders back in WCW were able to get way more offense in. Regardless of Goldberg's in ring ability, I'd rather see him try and fail (safely) as opposed to playing it routine. The fact that Dolph kept asking for more made himself look stupid instead of strong. It's the way he asked, it's like he was trying to be funny, but that's not a situation that calls for humor.

  4. Wow!!! The incredible Goldberg is back!!! Always loved watching him. Always he’s the best for me. Love you Goldberg 🙌👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  5. im saying this because jack hagers swagger or what ever his name is wants to criticize goldberg about his match at summerslam with ziggler. jack hager/swagger goldberg is a better wrestler than u and u r so suck[boring] at cutting promos bill is better at that to so shut up till u r a wwe hall of famer . p.s. im saying this hoping u see this

  6. Ziggler is hands down the best seller in the business. He can make the finger poke of doom look like a death sentence. I wish they would push him more. He is so talented overall.

  7. Proves that Goldberg is only good at short squash matches. If this went on a min longer it would’ve sucked. Retire already

  8. Odd choice to put DZ against Goldberg but if you think about it, WWE wants to nake Oldberg look good coz DZ is helluva seller.

  9. That spear had some anger by it after Ziggler super kick Goldberg twice by trying to get the quick victory. 52 years old & Goldberg still got it!. 😅 👍

    After the match, D. Ziggler needs to keep his month shut cause Goldberg spear him two more times. Man I was LMAO 🤣

  10. Every match of Ziggler automatically becomes a five star match the guy is just so professional and exciting!Because I don’t know if it is just me but I feel other superstar a little bit lazy when it comes to act or make the moves exciting.

  11. This match sucked a lot I knew he was going to win like always this is why I don't watch WWE anymore everything is not the same this is why Dean Ambrose joined AEW WWE are playing favorites their not giving anyone else a chance I want to see one of the iconic's holding the smackdown women's championship or Dolph Ziggler holding the WWE championship or the universal championship you know something new and not the same old thing all over again that's my opinion

  12. Dolph … Love you guy. But why are you keeping resigning with WWE …. They make you look like a joke …

  13. Would’ve been more impactful if the superkick was a false finish. Dude gives Goldberg his finish and Goldberg kicks out at 1? C’mon.

  14. Ziggler is an absolutely brilliant performer in every way ….. a sick wrestler and athlete….. great on the mic…. has a great look….has a ton of believable intensity ……. has tons of charisma and cool vibe about him ….. always in shape …… it's painful watching him all these years not be at the top and not be the world champion ……. dude criticized Cena publicly at an interview back in the day when Vince was pushing Cena to be the face and golden boy of WWE, and Vince never got over that (plus I'm guessing Dolph banged some female talent and a couple of people's girlfriends behind the scenes and got himself in rumors and heat, which probably didn't help with his career potential)…….. it's pretty sad

  15. Anyone who thinks this match sucked is lame, it was awesome. No one can pull off a better spear than Goldberg even in his 50's.

  16. This match was pathetic. McMahon never sees that he can make something bigger out of a situation. Ziggler should've won with a superkick to set up him Vs Michael's at Wrestlemania. Ziggler is a phenomenal performer. Oldberg needs to stay retired or put over younger talent.

  17. I remember playing wwe ps2 game , where I choose Goldberg always.He is the only one to charge a spear after every grapple , which in turn end the opponent easily.

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