Discover Andrade’s lucha family legacy

Discover Andrade’s lucha family legacy

[MUSIC] I’m from Gomez Palacio, Durango. I’m proudly from Mexico. I am in another country, but representing
Mexicans and all the Latinos as well. This is my life. I came to give all of myself. Lucha Libre has been in me since my birth. It is in my blood, and
I don’t regret my roots. [MUSIC] My grandfather started with
sports-entertainment in the family. My father followed his steps,
my uncles and also myself, following the family tradition. [MUSIC] I did not have the honor of
seeing my grandfather wrestle. I was three years old when he passed away. But I had the honor of being
present to see my father wrestle. I was a little kid, and
also wrestled next to him, never against him but
being next to him in the ring. I’ve watched my uncles wrestle. I’ve been in the ring against them,
and also against my cousins. I chose this path and I followed it. It’s amazing and I don’t regret it. Today I am the third generation
of wrestlers in my family. The first in WWE, and
I’m representing my family, my country, my culture, my tradition,
my roots of Mexico and of all Latinos. I have Latino blood but
representing everyone. I don’t have a plan, this is my destiny. Lucha Libre is an universal language. It became multicultural and
that is something amazing. Mexican Lucha Libre has
contributed a lot to WWE. A lot of WWE Superstars went to
Mexico to improve their technique. They watched videos or had included some of the movements of
Mexican wrestlers to their routines. People recognize Eddie Guerrero,
a complete wrestler, or Rey Mysterio. Most luchadores, Mexicans or from
Latin America that had arrived to WWE. They always put their
country’s name at the top. I think WWE wouldn’t be so
amazing, cool or spectacular if Lucha Libre didn’t exist. Lucha Libre is very important for WWE. I feel happy. I feel thankful with my family for
showing me this sport. Always opening doors for me,
showing me how cool this is. If I was born again,
I would be a wrestler, for sure.>>Here it comes,
hammerlock DDT from Andrade.>>I want to thank and celebrate this month of Hispanic
heritage with all of you.>>Here is your winner, Andrade.>>[FOREIGN] [MUSIC]


  1. Dude is amazing. He's phenomenal in the ring, everything he does is crisp, clean, impactful, and exciting. He's got crazy charisma, and though he doesn't speak English well, he has a great mouthpiece to get over with English speaking fans in fine Zelina. Hope he gets pushed to the moon.

  2. Manuel alfonso andrade oropesa
    Aunque sea tu personaje heel
    Siempre tendras mis respetos
    Sientete orgulloso de representar a la lucha libre mexicana en la WWE
    y ojala ganes un campeonato que tanto te mereces
    !!!!!VIVA MEXICO!!!!!

  3. There should more video like this to get invested into wrestlers, or else theyre going to end up like Zack Ryder ( the most deserving star out there )

  4. Eres un gran luchador sea donde te presentes dentro de las marcas de wwe o fuera de ellas vas a dar todo de ti y espero que algún día de estos pueden conseguir un campeonato te lo mereces

  5. I love this man, he got all to be one of the top guys of WWE today, hope they push him soon, much respect from Brazil, el ídolo 🇧🇷🇲🇽

  6. The true king of the ring. A perfect replacement for the great Eddie Guerrero. Give him the cool Latino gimmick he will definitely carry it far. He has the talent, the smiles and attitude for it.

  7. by this time Andrade should be a former us champion early this year, royal rumble winner, Intercontinental champion defeated finn, king of the ring

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