Desperation? Trump’s Top Aide Now Suing Trump Over Impeachment Testimony | MSNBC

Desperation? Trump’s Top Aide Now Suing Trump Over Impeachment Testimony | MSNBC


  1. Why did Sandra Hucksbee Sanders leave that job? She was so dam good at it! DENY DENY DENY!!!! Never would she of pulled a Mulvaney Admit then retract!

  2. Even scarier thought: Would DT threaten associates, staff, cabinet members and their families as he did with discarded mistresses? Promising favors or threats of airing dirty laundry to shut up? Fits the decades long profile of behavior.

  3. Im curious…. 🤔… What exactly does a NEVER TRUMPER mean?. A person thats voted or selected to serve in the Goverment…(IN OFFICIAL CAPACITY). ARENT THEY THERE TO SERVE AMERICA THE COUNTRY.. ?

  4. Ok just to say around 3:21 they took out some KEY moments of that press conference. This is the reason why the, "fake news" is such a big problem. He did confess but they just only showed the juicy parts.

  5. you know who else that doesnt like to go to court houses or be interrogated…….Hmmmm, oh yeah CRIMINALS!!!!! When a interrogation is happening and a suspect is asked a question. Then the suspect answers and gives out more info then he was asked. Almost like the suspect is trying to paint a picture that it's not them. It's kind of the way trump is doing with the "new phone call".

  6. One of those guys WILL go to jail if they don't turn on Trump. If Trump slips the noose once again somebody in the administration is going to be his fall guy.

  7. Everyone knows this will go to Senate, and they might impeach him…but not remove him. Trump followers seem like cult followers, willing to drink the poison. I remember when Republicans were better than the sum of all their parts. What happened to America? There's something wrong with the president and everyone knows it, but don't care.

  8. Republicans: this is all heresay, no one had first account

    Also Republicans: The President has the right to stop his inner circle members from testifying cuz of executive privilege

  9. I couldn't help but laugh at that one moment in the hearings when Republicans put a motion add Mulvaney walk back of "no quid pro quo" to the records

  10. They are corrupted and they harm people and the should be the focus on corrupted democrats nothing more. President has not done anything wrong and only show passionate love and his camping is nothing but wanting help the people. Everything is evilavent

  11. Has anybody wondered or does anyone know, what's in Ukraine that Russia wants but doesn't want to destroy with bombs? Meaning: Why fight a ground war when one has superior air power?

  12. This is the slow but steady decline of the U.S. you’ve been witnessing it since the towers collapsed. Trump is a symptom, not a cause.


  14. Why is this corupt president lying again to the American people we know Trump was watching the impeachment hearing because Trump could not stop tweeting while the hearings was going on it was thousand of tweeting by trump while the hearing was happening every time trump open his month it's a lie this is the worst president I even new he so dam dump he a Two year old I don't no what the FK to say no comment

  15. I've lived through 12 Presidencies, and I never imagined such a travesty of justice was possible in this country. You people are beneath contempt.

  16. All this just shows how incompetent the Republicans and the Fat Ugly Orange Maggot are. So, if you DON'T want the country by a bunch criminals that behave like the Keystone Cops, you better VOTE BLUE IN 2020!

  17. We need to look at something full on and straight forward here! In the entire history of America (USA) we have had one black man in that office as president- only one. He was in office 8 years, was not perfect by any means but was and still is loved and respected – to this day – around the world. That says a whole lot. Now…if we take a look at all the white men who have been president, we will discover without fail, some sort of scandal, intrigue, corruption, mayhem, deceitful behavior, lying under oath, plotting assignations, sleeping with other men's wives, cheating on taxes, oppressing and enslaving people, overthrowing governments, installing puppet rulers, dropping bombs on nations who do not submit to their wicked demands. Changing laws to help them criminalize non – criminals. Locking babies in cages, as if they were animals. The list goes on and on and is non ending. And yet the one and only black man was able to leave office after 8 years without a single hint of a scandal. Go figure!

  18. So sad to see people giving a 👎! Just shows how many people in this country are Unpatriotic and lack basic intelligence!

  19. I have read the transcript and still couldnt believe why others are still defending trump? Its like saying, "we're americans we are a sick minded nations so deal with it!"

  20. Does the President as commander in chief have the power to withhold military aid? Of course he does! Doesn’t matter what Favors he asked for! The President has the power to withhold the money no matter his reasoning! I guess Zelensky is a liar! Get over tards! Why do you think the Whole Senate is backing Trump? Because all Presidents have done this and all Presidents will continue to do this.

  21. tRump said he only hires the best kind of people to work for him. That is why they have turn on him, getting tired of his BS and quit or, went to prison……..

  22. What none of these guys accidentally admitting to the crime seem to understand is that yes the President or State department doing Quid pro Quo for the good of the country happens all the time. But that when the Quid belongs to the government and the Quo is for the personal benefit to the official it is a crime. It is the difference between a salesman selling a car for his dealership and him selling the same car, still owned by the dealership, but pocketing the money.

  23. I think Trump is ready to give the command to the Republicans, DRINK THE COOL-AID. And they would. They are now officially that stupid

  24. When reporting "the news", please keep your "opinions" out of it. Let the general public decide on their OWN thoughts. Thank you.

  25. We don't need a Deep State they do it all to themselves. Unmitigated greed and stupidity without a thought of the consequences or how any of this affects THE COUNTRY. Trump has never ever thought about this Country. Only thing he's ever thought about in his syphilitic little brain is how much more cake can I stuff in my hole.

  26. Obama gave Iran billions of dollars and we got a crappy Iranian deal done all kinds of dirty stuff for the Fast and Furious and other things abusive price of quartz spying on another campaign this impeachment thing is a joke

  27. Donald Trump will win the 2020 election he got 38% Hispanic vote this time around he's going to get 60% because nothing's getting done in Congress and everybody knows that this impeachment hearing is a hoax

  28. I predict sometime in the near future MSNBC will be sued in the Billions of Dollars for non stop outright lying and fabrication of lies. At that point in time MSNBC will lose its license to operate! That would be the end game for being number one Fake News Organization in America!

  29. To be clear:
    1) Cheated on ALL of his wives
    2) Avoided military service to our country with "bonespurs" that dont bother him on the golf course
    3) Multiple times claiming bankruptcy Without Paying people who worked for him.
    4) Bragged about NOT paying taxes saying it was because he is Smart.
    .. How does ANYONE believe this Liar Cheater Con Man in office.
    The people still supporting this man are looking past all of it trying to defend him. And the GOP are having to make up LIES to protect their interests (Tax breaks for the wealthy, filling the Supreme Court etc)
    It's insane and it has to stop so we can get someone who knows how to run the country (BTW I am NOT a Democrat)

  30. I think Trump refuses to accept that his job is to further the interests of the United States. Period. It’s pretty simple: if the president is using his position for personal gain, that’s illegal. Kennedy made a secret deal with Khrushchev to remove nuclear missiles from Turkey in exchange for the Soviet Union removing nuclear missiles from Cuba. That deal was in the best interests of the United States, but it was a secret at the time. That’s a great example of a president doing his job.

  31. The president's did not abuse his power . No one is under oath in kangaroo hearing and the socialists agenda is persuasion by hearsay with known liars.

  32. Are you stupid or just reading from someone else's ignorant report…..go do your own homework….money was held up long before this phone conversation…the new president of Ukraine did not even know it at the time of the call.

  33. Shouldn't a subpoena override a demand from the accused, even if that demand comes from the White House? Defendants don't usually get to block testimony. This should be made very clear in our laws so that we don't have to waste time having officials going through lawsuits to determine whether or not to testify.

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