Dana White completely SHUTS DOWN Jorge Masvidal vs Conor McGregor, Khabib taps out Daniel Cormier

Dana White completely SHUTS DOWN Jorge Masvidal vs Conor McGregor, Khabib taps out Daniel Cormier

since we're hey Maz Modell's five-second flying Nikkei Oh over Ben Askren he's been calling out Conor McGregor his manager Malky Kalwa stated yesterday that Jorge will not accept any fight of any kind unless it's for the title or against Conor today Dana White shuts that down speaking to TMZ Dana went on to say no hell no asthma die was too big for Conor yeah he fought it welterweight but he shouldn't have I hate it when he did it not only did I hate that he did it once I hated that he did it twice he doesn't belong it that way I think he'll be back this year or early next year we'll see how this whole thing plays out in September a beef nurmagomedov puts Daniel Cormier in an armbar submission riah faber on SiriusXM explains why he should be next in line for a title shot against Henry cejudo I want to take a look back at my shirt and see how many top 10 wins I have because I went back and watched my fights in preparation for this fight and almost 90 osteen 95% of the people I thought was that via Michael McDonald's right number 3 hours late number 2 you know we've got you know the list going on get Brian Bulls you got 8 fight win streak from from from Bruce Leroy and you got guy ranking top 10 Frankie signs I mean that's all I've fought my whole career this is a fight where a guy had just broken the top 15 and it's rare that I got a fight like that you know and so I I mean I know there's levels to this thing if you put myself up against a pedro muñoz or a Xavier Austin saw for example I may have a win over hospitality so Kershaw who knows gotten a knock-down drag-out when 13 is not fighting in smartest bite in my opinion but I wouldn't try to go like that so the question is for the guys that are skeptics is like these guys are trying to prove themselves that they're top level fighters but I really established I mean I'm gonna tell their fighters the fights for Championships that's what I do on any given day I feel like I can I can hurt yeah I can finish guys there's no one that's gonna out wrestle me per say there's no one's going to be heads and shoulders above me in in the striking game there's no one the jujitsu game I've done jujitsu matches with some of the best jujitsu players on the plan so it makes sense for people to be skeptics but that's what people are that's on the internet Cub Swanson versus Crone Gracie's being targeted for UFC on ESPN plus 19 knocks over Swanson is currently riding a 4 fight losing streak his latest loss is coming from Shane Burgos via split decision Kron Gracie is riding a 5 fight winning streak and is currently undefeated this latest wind is coming from house casseras via rear-naked choke in the second round Anthony Smith on SiriusXM speaks on Luke Rockhold KO loss to jana ovitch at UFC 239 he says that he absolutely deserves the embarrassment you know I would have loved to been the guy that put Rockhold out like that but I think it serves him right old all the trash talk all the Anthony Smith is a bomb and Justin's gonna roll over him and I'm gonna start you on and it's just the disrespect and in just looking right over John I've been telling everybody that ask me John oho which is the dark horse in the division he's one of the most dangerous dudes and he in part of it is because he's so quiet and it keeps his mouth shut and he does this thing and it keeps on just walking through people you know I mean you know and he does have to lots of geography I think it's safe to say that that there's nothing you there's nothing to blink your eyes out there so you know it's unfortunate that his jaw is broken I don't want anybody to get hurt but it is nice for again to see Rocco get his shoved right in his face I mean every single time he's trash talked somebody and been too cocky and thought he was too good for everybody and then you know his shit doesn't stink he he ends up being the one who looked stupid so I'm glad that you know and again it's unfortunate I don't want him to get hurt but I think all the embarrassment and the finger-pointing and the laughing that's happening in him right now I think he absolutely tyron woodley in a recent interview speaks on Ben Askren five-second knockout loss to Jorge Maz Vidal said that he believes been ask him will come back a better man and a better fighter speaking to BJ Penn dot-com he went on to say I'd talk to him a little bit he's a competitor I just checked in on him to make sure his health is good and to get him his face you've all got to deal with lessons in our own way if you don't learn anything from it it becomes a loss so I can't help him learn the lesson that he needs to learn from that I think it's gonna take him having to feel a little bit bad a little bit looking in the mirror like damn that shit's a reality whatever lesson he gets from it I think it make him a better man a better fighter chad mendes has announced his official retirement from MMA he posted this to his instagram your what I just want to say thank you to all my fans and everyone the tune in to watch me battle with 29 years of competing and 11 years in the MMA game I feel it's time for the next chapter in my life it's been an incredible journey with so many life lessons along the way I feel extremely blessed to be living this life I live and can't wait to see what the next chapter has in store for me I will continue to hustle like I always have I will continue to grow Robbie Lawler on Sirius XM speaks on retirement he also speaks on why he's not bothered about fighters trying to trash-talking I don't really have a bucket list it's I just love competing and as soon as I don't love competing and I don't want to train the youngsters in the game I don't want to continue to learn and my body's not doing what it's supposed to then it's time to hang it up but if I have all those things and everything's clicking the way it should be I'm gonna keep competing and there's no end in sight that's when it happens it happens and there's no timeline on it it's just it just is what it is and I don't really care what anyone says it's that simple I don't really care what anyone says I Know Who I am as a person I know I'm gonna come out and fight and I'm guard I mean anything anyone says before or after it doesn't matter because the only thing I can control is my attitude and how I go out there and competing and everything else is just maybe for the I don't know excited about it maybe the media gets excited about it but I don't it doesn't get me riled up at the morning I just I just love doing what I do Michael Bisping on the believe you me podcast speaks on your AIA Faber's win over Ricky Simone he says the favor should fight Henry cejudo next he comes out and he looks incredible he looks in the best shape of his life and this is firing at 40 years old you know the main he hasn't fought in nearly two years it's been inspiring to see that could I jump back in and compete yeah course I could could I jump in and do what you ride it I don't know about that and that was pretty special it's come back against the kid a guy like that that's 15 and one I beat him like that I mean it was awesome if anyone deserves that it was you right so come on every time and lied that in his hometown and then afterwards I said who do you want to find next and he came out with the perfect thing he said Henry judo have we say who does got the belt at 135 he actually called out you write a favor you know when he beats who was it malamar nice when he beat Marlon more ice he called out Dominick Cruz he called that you're IFA but he called that got Kody cabron which was kind of unusual but still he did so then you guys said yeah well listen he called my name out let's do that let's go me and am so who don't now I spoke to Bret Sakamoto from ESPN as we were driving the lengthy drive from the arena back here is very very long arduous drive a lot of traffic but still I enjoyed it for you guys and he said he disagreed with me he said not only said I don't think they should do that I said why not I said because he doesn't deserve it and I'm like what are you talking about what a storyline that would be you write a favor comes out of retirement knocks out a contender like Ricky Simone he's paid his dues to the company he's been a company man he's been a great ambassador for the sport and these are the stuff that dreams are made of and these are a big fire and he's a big name give them out of tire shop I think it'd be awesome what a story that would be though you know for your I favor a man who never wore UFC gold he only had WEC he was never a champ in the UFC I used to call him your I favor back in the day because they gave him so many title shots but but it's truly you know they gave he had his fair share of shots I'm not sure how many maybe two maybe three I used to bust his balls over it but anyway he never became the champion what a cinderella story to go into retirement still be coaching and mentoring fighters get that edge to come back I think okay the imagine what with the content the light Ricky's a mountain lock you mouth and then for whatever reason right or wrong they give him a title shot and he comes back at 40 years old B's the champion and beast a double jump Henry say who don't mean that what a storyline and that's gonna wrap it up for the news make sure you subscribe to Planet MMA and click the bell to be notified when we post videos and also check out our website at Planet MMA calm for news blogs forums and our exclusive in the name urgent ice here the three top comments from last video these comments are in reference to the upcoming fight between Coby Covington and Robbie Lawler the first ones from warrior the pleb and it says I hope Lawler ruins covington second one says okay Colby be ready when you're locked in the cage with Robbie that man don't play the final one says I hope Robbie colbi through the canvas I'm so tired of hearing that chump run his mouth those were the three top 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  1. We are all here cause this sport is for men, Dana is a big fucking pussy, we need to replace him, we need to own this sport! We all need to be part owners!

  2. According to Rockhold it doesn't count if you loose by knockout because "it's not a fight" LMFAO aka Rockhold is undefeated as he only ever loses by EMPHATIC knockout! BUM CITY!

  3. Colby is too fast and way to good of a wrestler to lose to robbie. Rob has the power but thats the only thing he wins in this fight. Colby is the real deal guys. Usman is running just so he can say im champ. Robby gets dusted out pointed and covington makes him walk around in his own blood unless he catches colbywhich i do not think will happen. Looking forward to this fight. He talks but hes a bad mofo……….

  4. Masvidal is like what? 182 to be precise? Conor is like what? 179? Nate is like what? 185+???????????? an inch taller than masvidal???? where is the logic that masvidal is too big? This is the first time in a long time i HARDLY disagree with Dana. Conor VS Masvidal would be an EPIC fight, and yes Conor would get his head slapped OFF.

  5. Dana is a lying little cunt and he knows it. Conor is a natural welterweight, he just cuts huge amounts of weight so that he can bully smaller guys. But Jorge would ruin Conor's life, so Dana gotta hop on that dick and save him like always.

  6. Watch "the worse thing to say in a post-fight interview" on chael sonnen channel to understand why dana is not giving masvidal the connor fight.

  7. Be careful everyone they're trying to distract us from wanting ferguson vs kabob!!!! Dont forget!!!

  8. Urijah Faber, DO NOT! make the mistake to fight H. Cejudo, he will end your 40 yr old ass, he will fuck you up!

  9. He always protect Conor and it’s getting old. Tony Ferguson is overdue for a title shot, but Dana only want mcgregor to fight kabib. Conor always get rematches after he lose, but Diaz and Aldo never got their rematches.

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