Dakota Kai replaces Mia Yim on Team Ripley: TakeOver: WarGames (WWE Network Exclusive)

Dakota Kai replaces Mia Yim on Team Ripley: TakeOver: WarGames (WWE Network Exclusive)


  1. Mia Yim's face reminded me to the legendert Bull Nakano.Butt,why Mia why.Glad team Rhea won.They deserve it.And ya,Dakota such a baddass cheerfull girl

  2. Heel turn was fantastic. I didn't the men could top that war games match but of course they did with that bump Adam Cole took. Dakota Kai with that long hair, man she looks sexy

  3. All these marks for heels i don't get it and everyone is turning hell i feel like this is like the nwo eveyone's joins so who's left yeah everyone is tuning heel who's left to fight against jesus! and i'm gonna say i don't really care heels are becoming extremely overrated especially how everyone marks out over them

  4. Dakota attached Mia to get the spot and then attached Tegan for not doing enough to keep Mia from taking it…. That's the only storyline that makes sense

  5. Dakota shouted at Rhea "I didn't make the cut, huh?"…. That could only mean she attacked Mia to get the spot then stuck it to her best friend because Dakota believes she could have done more to help her get in in the first place, screwing Rhea and Candice in the process…. That's the only sensible story… And not a prediction but a spoiler so enjoy your night at the bar in Wednesday night when this all gets sorted on TV

  6. That heel turn was amazing. Dakota's been such a pure babyface for years, a character that she played better than even Bayley could, and now has that backstory of being the sweet rookie that got constantly bullied and broken by the top dog in the lockerroom. Perfect character development to let her snap like this now. I hope she decides to side with Shayna and becomes one of her crew, it would fit so well after all of this. Then at a later point downt he line, it would open up the chance for her to finally step out of Shayna's shadow after she's established herself enough

  7. I have to say it was a good turn heel, but in my opinion, first ever womens WAR GAMES, and is a 4vs2? For me this heel turn ruined the match.

  8. What a great way to set up a Dakota Kai heel Turn that will be revealed later that night that she was responsible for attacking Mia yim and turn on her best friend,Tegan nox by reinjuring one of her leg. Great stuff 👍.

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