Cowboy Bob Orton 2020 Shoot Interview | GO Pro Wrestling

Cowboy Bob Orton 2020 Shoot Interview  | GO Pro Wrestling

how everyone I’m Andrew Khellah here from
GoPro wrestling in the studio and I’m with none other than the legendary Hall
of Famer the one and only w/e legend Cowboy Bob wore in the ACE thank you for
joining us here I really appreciate your time you know a lot of times I wrestlers
here the legends old-timers here in the studio one of the common denominator of
the question that I’ll ask about the current WV product is they’ll say well I
don’t really watch the product but you have a future hall-of-famer legend
himself in his own right Randy Orton wrestling for W and it’s been on top for
all these years what do you think about how he’s doing in WWE and the direction
that he is taking are you saying he’s the best are you saying he’s the best
because he’s like you you told me about him as a son or you talking about as a
performer well have you critiqued him when he joined them W eating at all when
he first started I liked her taking a little you know talk to him about what
he was doing what to do when to do it that’s most important thing it’s not
what you do it’s when you do it and once he learned that aspect I really didn’t
have a whole lot more to say because because he can do anything
and his his works supposed to be and like I say there’s nobody better right
now then the brandy and I think he would have been good at any plate other sports
as well right no you just wrestled there’s googleplay little basketball
okay and you have another son he will touch on him later but he he actually
does stand-up comedy a lot of people don’t know that we talked about that
move to New York City the September he’s already got his apartment
Wow so he’s going he’s gonna give it a shot
yeah what’s so wish him the best time yeah Simmons genes right yeah girl girl
you you know Randy grew up with his dad with you growing up with giving the
advice given the influence on your father legendary Bob Morton senior
what’s the what was that like growing up in the business starting out and having
your dad help you and what were some of the things that your dad taught you well
you know dad was kind of like I was you just he took me down he he wants me the
other guys Matsuda was the one who actually got in
the ring with me and and trained me and everything at the same time Bob Bruce
was down there and Jack Brisco I spent a lot of time with me which which was
really great but he met you mentioned hero Matsuda is it
true this is just a reminder what this is true but is it true that you’re the
one that introduced Hulk Hogan to Matsuda yeah I was in a bar in Tampa
Florida that had to be 75 maybe 76 and I got ready to go home the band went on
break I was getting ready to go home at the time I was a Florida champion I
waited about oh 220 maybe 225 and as I was leaving the bar somebody behind me
said hey mr. Burton hey mr. Orton I turn around and look and it was this big son
of a guy I’m thinking huh boy because I was a healing and at that time he kind
of had watch yourself with people you know and didn’t want to get caught with
your pants down so to speak and I saw him and I said oh boy here we go
but he was very polite and asked me how to get started because he wanted to be a
professional wrestler and I set him down to hero Matsuda who nothing to spend the
first time out broke his leg but it didn’t stop him he came back and
and he ended up being probably one of the biggest names in the business now
did you have to go through similar hardships I mean it’s a different time
when when your son Randy came up maybe early 2000 was a different time
but I mean in the 70s and 80s when you came in it was heavily protected with
kayfabe and protecting the business so did you ever have something similar
where they would test you in the ring they would injure you like what were
some of the similarities or differences it said ‘i know school was pretty good
and then of course you know dad was ahead of me so people had respect for
dad naturally nobody tried to hear anything back then it might have been a
couple guys who were actually you know pretty much know who did you train with
how did you break in I trained with your Matt Briscoe sportatorium
Tampa Florida do you remember well how much you got paid in your first match I
think it was $40 might have been 25 but I think it was 40 my first Masters with
George McCreary what was that like we just went out and shot Jordan was a real
good amateur teacher he’s just what happened nobody nobody smart and you
guys up you taking you guys really you have wrestling background so okay we
were just scared to death nervous we just decided you know let’s just go for
it you worked early in Alabama what was that what was that like my next match was me and my dad against
your matsuda and I’m pretty sure with my grant
and working with George the night before thinking oh my god and then working with
Hiro and Mike Graham you know I hope you know Mike had been working for a while
the next night was like I said it could be like this you know I’m looking at
it’s very worst in the very best Helen in two days so you know it’s pretty cool
you know I’m not a lot of people could say I detect him with my father second
machen that’s incredible did you ever get a chance to you ever
get a chance I know you you’ve done some run-ins and did some work with Randy
when he’s part of W did you ever actually have a match like a tag match
like you and Randy partnering up I’m pretty sure we did we were tag-team
against the Undertaker he didn’t need a part we get back in the ring after all
those years not being in the ring I’m being able to get back in the ring with
the Undertaker and Randy who are over so strong that it was really not like sex
but you know maybe there was just great people going crazy in a lot of people
know you work for the early territories that you know in down south but you
didn’t get your big break till you got to New York
WWE well you know the territory when there were territories I was I was on
top in the Florida 70s mid-70s I was Florida champion everything well I meant
the national and when they got to the National expansion well that’s right you
know one day when Vince finally went nationwide what an experience that was
you know we went everywhere but that’s alright listen you know
people were just just filing in the arenas it was just fantastic you know
with you wearing it it’s just when you came in that’s when then started you
know quote-unquote leaving raining the territory she would
take all the best talent that’s how you came in that’s how Piper Mean Gene the
guys from AWA what year was did you get the call to go to W and how did that
come about well I started with Vince’s dad in the WWF I was there maybe six
seven months and then I I think I went from there to Charlotte maybe took some
time off then I went to Charlotte it was the same MO nwa stuff where there’s
cliques and looking at in the other image if you know working wasn’t fun
because you had all the clicks and all that stuff but then with Vince
what nationwide you know I got to come in and you just realize you know it’s
like night and day you know just just the professionalism the way things were
and the camaraderie you know the dressing rooms and stuff was just
something you didn’t really see any of the territory because everybody was you
know worried about this and worried about everybody’s worried about their
spots that was it was a lot of people protective over their spots at that time
what a lot of people were you know fortunately I never got in the end stuff
I never cared always figured if I went out I worked hard did the best I could
do I didn’t have to worry about that stuff and so I did I never how did you
meet a Roddy Piper did you meet Prada before you come with the WWE yeah Charlotte we were roommates now we lived
together for a while down there and then then when I come into New York I didn’t
really know that I was gonna be hooked up
that’s what they did it was just great out of last I think Ronnie did too and
there was a certain seeds for weed now you guys are part of the main event of
the first WrestleMania we’ll touch on that you had some really great matches
that were really full under the radar that a lot of people don’t talk about or
I’ve seen that you weren’t asked a lot in other interviews but well you had
some great matches with Tino Santana that a lot of people don’t know about
what was that like working with Tito Santana a lot of professionals just just
fantastic could do anything you guys were feuding over the
Intercontinental title like Tina was red-hot at the time I mean you were
red-hot at the time was there ever talked about you taking the
Intercontinental title they never talked to me about you guys wrestled all around
then brought three or four times artwork which you know it was great made a lot
of money where do you go buzzing thanks right around like 84 85 that’s when they
had the war to settle the score that’s when the first WrestleMania was taking
place when did you start hearing WrestleMania
was gonna be a thing the very first WrestleMania
was there rumblings in the locker room like all Vince is out of his mind what’s
he doing he’s bringing in celebrities what was your take on all that well we
knew that better do good as I think Vince sunk about everything he had to
put everything yet but it did so good we’re talking about Roddy preen before
and I’m on air now but like in Ronnie’s book Roddy says that he yourself and
Orndorff were left outside while the limo picked up
hokage mr. t right after you guys were the reason that like had this red-hot
main event with them and you were the heels you know and they treated them
with like first time you guys were just left on the middle of like 34th Street
is that true like what what happened boy you know what I kind of vaguely
remember remember that but that’s true now you just left you guys there mr. t
what did you think about mr. t being incorporated into the main event
especially at a time when you guys were really protective over the business and
to have a guy that’s from Hollywood who’s on the a team and he’s doing great
things in Hollywood but to come into the wrestling world and you guys are trying
to protect him what what how did you feel about him being involved you know
what it did pretty well yeah I want to get your take on it cuz I know how rowdy
felt about it got this this is jumping a year ahead honey David something we had
New York City they were I had to pull him off I said rod but he was pissed but
you know it’s just drama was real real high strong yeah jumping a year ahead
when they were putting WrestleMania 2 with the boxing match between Piper and
mr. t they had a match beforehand on Saturday its main event with you boxing
mr. t there’s a story that coming back from the locker room you’re just coming
in with a towel draped around your neck and it’s and a cigar you’re just like
you haven’t break a sweat and a beer in your hand and mr. t is flopping like a
fish as Piper and some others would say is that no is that what happened oh you
be modest mr. t take direction from you and some of the other veterans about how
to work or was he and he’s in there with one of the baddest dudes in the world so
you would think that he would be pretty weird
thanks guy going back to Wrestlemania 1 when did you know that that was going to
be the main event and did you think that it would take off I mean you were just
touched on it that Vince was gambling with his future basically with that but
while the event was going on or did you feel like man I’m part of something
special here this is really something different oh yeah yeah we all know
special and we all know that we better do good what was was that the first time
you met Muhammad Ali I mean he was the special referee enforcer he was a
wrestling fan in Florida he was a special referee in one of my matches me
and is either me and my grammar mean Steve Kerr especially your judge or
something why does affect our thinking okay that’s
not an easy thing to do I’m sure yeah and then when we was in the garden come
on boy why wasn’t that match at WrestleMania one a six-man tag I mean
you had yourselves and Jimmy Snuka there you were in the respective corners of
Orndorff and Piper versus mr. teen Hogan why wasn’t a six-man tag well I think it
might have been a little too much especially with tiara or even you and
snook on the undercard I mean you guys are no stranger to others you’ve had
some great matches with each other I’m surprised like they didn’t put you guys
together and I mean they had on their matches on the card SD Jones and King
Kong Bundy in 90 seconds this one is from the center is MIA we
touched on that but you were introduced in that boxing Bob and Beth Lincoln the
Saturday night’s main events live with mr. t you’re introduced as the ace in
comedy and funny man by ring announcer Joel Rivers who misread the car do you
remember that Joan Rivers apologize yeah yeah that was just something I wanted to
clear up what was Andre the Giant like I kind of remember on TV once yourself yes
she was like she actually was on W be like as a future timekeeper I believe a
ring announcer on resource Joan Rivers yeah anyway moving on it’s okay
celebrities in wrestling moving on what was Andre to giant like what is your
beer of choice how many beers have you witnessed I mean the legend has it he
drank almost close to 200 beers on one sitting I know the times that we drink
together I always tried to keep up and I could
laughs you know I could keep up with leaving for maybe maybe 30 minutes and
then it was just just too much I don’t know how much he drank but do you drink
a lot of beers what the can look like in his hands can you actually and you
probably know what what what did you even could see the beer in his hand I
mean a lot of people say oh they’re so big they couldn’t even see that he had a
beverages in a can you wouldn’t know he had it unless you
knew he was very top didn’t get said to her what he’s saying like that that’s
that’s true is it true like he he went out with with your your sister your
sister for years what did you feel about the like well you guys got along anyhow
right oh yeah yeah we worked in Madison Square Garden was going good never touching back like to bring up some
names like from W at that time I mean there were so many heavy hitters
personalities at the time bunch of guys how would you feel how would is there
anybody besides your besides R and D and W today that you feel could be a part of
the locker room in the 80s and get over oh that’s a hard question do you think
lambda you think Randy couldn’t yeah 46 you say because it is jeans you know
there’s a handful of guys up there they’re pretty darn good was there we
touched on it earlier is there anything that I mean now he’s a veteran and he’s
more polished but is it early in his career did red they ever do anything
that worked you were inside or out of the ring that said hey you know we got
to talk father a son let’s go a little bit outside the ring I think you know
you get a very young age you started making a lot of money and he went a
little wild there for a short period of time but
you know yeah he did have to be talked to by me and a couple other people too
so that uh didn’t take him long to straighten up and and but I understood
you know you’re 24 25 years old he was one of the youngest champions at that I
think in 2004 you think he was the youngest champion at age 24 I don’t
think anybody has surpassed that sense of you know Frank you could check I
think Brock Lesnar was I think it was 25 or 26 but we haven’t had the youngest
one that was younger than 24 I believe that won the World title
at that age to have that kind of you know water career strong is there a bad
match he’s ever had that sticks up is there something that you ever said you
know Randy I didn’t like that match and here’s what I like is there anything I
mean he’s had a lot of great matches more a lot more than if you had any bad
matches I mean there’s been a time look you I said hey you know you should have
done this instead of that or or maybe waited a little bit but I wouldn’t
remember specifics yeah you’re his biggest critique oh we feel used to be and the great endorsement says I’m gonna
go I’m gonna go way back I mean you mentioned the Briscoes what were some of
the guys like I know a lot of old-timers like you know like myself but I got
people like to my I have my pals like they always tell me like you know you’re
too old-school but Johnny Weaver I mean he was a big river Johnny Valentine who
was some right waver I didn’t know him too well I know he was in North Carolina
don’t even maybe once or twice what were some of those guys that you traveled
with is there any funny story you could share especially Johnny Valentine who
was a big river well I spent time with Greg did you ever review I don’t think
anybody else the picture spots along them guys
you know that there certain guys they never did mess with and luckily I want
to yeah did you ever see any nasty ribs pulled by anybody and if so can you
share us I’m sure I did and I don’t mean nasty I don’t mean like
oh I’m talking about like gear people’s gear cut I heard stories like some guys
gears would get cut off things that were Halliburton would get thrown in the
river things that were just clean that was just curious about that I remember
some of the things you’re talking about you ever witness any of the fights like
famously the dan spivey and agent Adamas I was there the problem with that is is
Adrienne told the referee didn’t screw something up yelled it to referee Danny
he was always a little like you know a great guy but the little hug him you
know thought the Navy was talking to him and just blasted you know I’m gonna get
the locker was fine he was fired ultimately I’m sure that came that clear
shit happens in the locker rooms come on I’m gonna shit I said Adrian I’m not
gonna go over there and get a bunch of trouble with guy you guys had your
problem it’s over and I’ll forget about it but he went back over there and come
back and I guess we begin please just oh but I’ve never seen a nice bit like that
but it screwed my head up I’m taking the hospital getting sued
he was riding with me I had to take you to the hospital getting sewed up and
everything take care of him jeez I really like
David but you know I like Danny to Isparta digging right now he traveled
with him alright was just a blast just a lot of fun to be
around good old Texas boy who did you trouble with mostly was it rowdy during
that time period well I travelled with Ron Ibanez appear
very in the die Morocco I rode with this watcher Adri but you know then when I
was in Carolina I probably traveled a lot with rowdy
some with Valentine Florida I traveled with Bob Roop red robot myself but
usually at this one by myself it was one of my friends there I didn’t like just
be on the car with with guys I didn’t really know or or whatever you know just
a lot of wrestlers have said good things about you and it’s particularly Paul
Orndorff in the fact that you guys weren’t like
crazy on the road too much do you weren’t you just kept to yourselves you
didn’t get into trouble how hard was that this we try how powerful is it to
stay out of trouble when you see all these things happen like you know not
mentioning names but like wrestlers tearing up hotel rooms and things that
were happening I mean I mean even Orndorff told me to say like god they’re
guys that will get kicked out of hotels because other guys would tear it up a
away from was it difficult what was WrestleMania 3 like to work in front of
93,000 you teamed with Don Muraco and wrestle with Tom’s Inc and Rick Martel
but that connects the biggest crowd I don’t know until they had it in
WrestleMania in Dallas they had mm but that took 30 years for the record
to be broken or something was that the biggest painter you ever had no we’re
not giving him note without giving a number what was the what what opponent
we’re match was your biggest payday did wrestling Hogan make the most money like
your opinion though a lot of wrestlers said if you worked at the same card it’s
Hogan at that time they used to have eight towns beat towns if you were on
the same car there’s a house yeah and the seat sounds right you should work
three three shows began you’d rather be on home because he was in a biggest
arena back then there was no guaranteed money like it is Iran back in that time
we were pretty much all of our cell had it was just he was in the biggest place
and then you know the B team MC team they always you know do pretty bad cuz
they’d have something like like rowdy and I am NOT or something on one Cheryl
and Valentine the honky Tonk Man on another show you know I listen was it at that time you guys really
protect to the business you didn’t travel at all with baby faces it was
heels and baby faces separate locker rooms she was a parental cars and it was
like that their shoes go big do you think that the business can get back I
mean with the way things have been exposed like even like now we’re doing
an interview about it how this would never happen 2530 years ago but I think
that it’s a real heat maybe they have have a back off on a little bit because
of the problems we used to have with the fans and stuff and I think they don’t
have that much problem anymore with with the guys getting sliced did you ever
have I come across that like going to the ring or coming out
hit with anything or like can you describe some of the things that might
have have or something that sticks out in your mind like that was a scary
moment that like Roddy Piper talks about at one time him and Ric Flair coming
from Puerto Rico back to the dressing room and Roddy said he was stabbed a few
times did you ever have any similar experiences like that we had worked with
Hogan and Snuka they beat us two straight Falls and left us in the ring
you know you just don’t do usually the baby faces would stay in the ring so you
can get out they left you I don’t know if it was just a minute a younger part
or maybe as a rib I have no idea I told Ronnie I said yeah there’s only two of
us I said look at the cops cops were hiding in the bleachers Wow brought just
a New York’s finest well yeah we started down the aisle and they had thrown so
much stuff that the floor was really quiet and all of a sudden I just grabbed
Ronnie’s I saw these three guys coming at us and I grabbed rowdy and they hit
that beer and just slid all three of them we lived for that that was fun I
was exciting wouldn’t be for me how we touched on Don Muraco you teamed with
him he worked with him a lot like even you guys had that split for a little
while but didn’t they didn’t push it two months I mean but what was Don Muraco
like to work with that mr. Fujie in its own right
who’s your manager as well very common way back to like you like who are you
some ways yeah you seem like a guy who doesn’t get angry a lot does anything
ever gets you angry or at that time ever got you to the point like a lot of
personalities back in 1989 you made uh you try to make a comeback with Joe WF
you lost a Ted DiBiase and somehow shows in Springfield and what what happened
there like he tried to come back like did they tell you it was time or how did
you after you left in WWF you went to WCW for a little while what were the
differences when you mean quick you touched on that click this is
interesting when you mean click do you mean it’s the Booker and his boys order
me on ok ok so the Booker would go from town to town they book who they wanted
they put them in positions to succeed and you felt that other guys were left
to starve per se or not get the push or get the push a thing cuz ur or your time
okay what was it like work if you worked in New Zealand a little bit as well I
think guys over there once or twice with parkland
I think I was in Australia probably the same times I went to New Zealand because
in Australia 30 times when did you ban a lot well is that like what’s up Harlem are you a so she love her oh yeah well
Michael after never like sushi – everybody knows that like so yeah let me
ask you something you recently and this is this might have been up your alley I
mean this happened in st. Louis Jinder Mahal wrestling your son Randy
main eventing would make money in the bank pay-per-view a couple I think was
like a year or two ago what was that like to be involved in that
especially in st. Louis yeah with flair yeah yeah the cast always want to ask
about the cast we touched about it in the car I want to ask you this did let’s
try to clear up the rumors where you really hurt what how did the course okay
how long did it take to really heal that that cast cuz you’ve had it out for a
while and I mean for storyline but it’s truth is that you were really hurt and I
think it took a while I think after you retired that it actually finally healed
is that true wow I still see the it’s if I could see the yeah that’s gorgeous car
yeah yeah anyway how did that injury occur well I threw stuck into the
turnbuckle any move I come with the forearm and I went between your ropes
and hit the steel pole and then later I forget exactly who was where but but
snuggling with one of chops and I went to block it me
he hit the same spot how honored are you that the cast is
still in infamy that it was part of the first WrestleMania it was actually the
finish to WrestleMania one when you accidentally hit call Orndorff and
caused the whole thing – I mean what was that like for you or just like the fact
the fact that your cast was the reason of the finish of the very first
WrestleMania in Madison Square Garden WrestleMania one the champ riding with Rada you mentioned really
probably wasn’t like a dull moment at all who was the one that drove more
whoo-hoo you know why is that was rowdy I’m just messing I love kiddie kiddie
new life I got to be close with rowdy right before he passed you know it hit
all of us like I think you told me you talked to him
days before it happened out just just days before you just brought her down to
Los Angeles I don’t think she’d been down there with him too long so yeah
what a shock like I said I had talked to him not even a week before I don’t think
I was so upbeat and I had Kirti that that upbeat in in quite some time
and he was really I’m really excited about her coming down and the stuff that
he had gone down there was starting to click the podcasts and all that stuff
and then I think he was getting her role here and there and and some stuff so he
was it’s really happy and she had always stayed in Oregon she had just come down
I guess the kids were old enough now that to handle everything up north so so
she had come down and he’s really really sounded like you’ve
been a great place Randy everybody knows you know professional
wrestler extraordinaire buddy know them but you actually have another son you
touched on it that he’s moving to New York City’s enemy I could see the Glee
on your face like he’s smiling being proud that like what kind of like where
could people see your son is there any links is there any you know first people
that are curious is to watch him well you know what if you get on the internet
and look underneath a Norton I’m pretty sure that some of his stuff will come up
but I’m still got a good for you you know you don’t really need it I see
these people with all these phones in there
my wife’s got one she’s doing I knew when i text you you just upsetting your
look text about your flight everything you’re just like thanks that’s it it’s
very old-school I respect that a lot like the different time different means
just very how how it was you don’t have any social media pages at all no no
that’s why I’m bringing that up because if anybody has any Bob Orton jr. social
medias it’s a phony the man is telling you it’s not him so you know you don’t
have any social media whatsoever you don’t have nobody that runs accounts for
you nothing let me read something this is oh no this is true or not this is
from Wikipedia so everybody knows Wikipedia it’s true right around 1980
yeah we can see the Wikipedia is known to have some discrepancies and this is
why I’m gonna read this and see if this is true or not
and if it’s not true they should take this down around 1986 Bob Morton was
involved in an incident in Fresno California where the Fresno before I
even read it you didn’t read the recipe they could have said you murdered three
people nobody knows it says here that the Fresno Police Department were called
for an incident involving Oran and Roddy Piper in a hotel organ would end up
naked and drunk on the roof of the hotel and would be shot drunk first you’re a
drunk for drunk and naked on the roof of the hotel and you were shot three times
with police Tasers somebody says they got your two buddies now they want you
to come so I was all about the third floor one of them hold of do you know
where they got to the thing that you know you can either hold the rail me
yeah yeah yeah all the rooms are around from the balcony they rose up yeah okay
so I’m on the third floor I think and I’m thinking that’s rib no I thought
well let me take a look so it’s like three o’clock one I look
out and ringing nobody around so I got the door in one hand I’m looking just
get where I can see over the railing and I hear click I looked down there and
sure enough there was Ronnie and Dom please had Ronnie handcuffs
then we have done handcuffs because bonds risk are too big so I well in the
first place at the same time so I went through and the cup started following I
said you guys can come so go be right out let me put my pants on so I put my
pants on I’m standing up to pull them up and I see this fucking guy looking boom
boom I thought this son of a bitch just shot me and then I remembered seeing
these little tracers and I looked down and I had three things in my things are
the water and I just grabbed them jerked them out and threw him with that prick
and I said I’m gonna kill you you motherfucker
and I started Eddie cops got him out of there and then they by Bob mail calm
down calm down and by then you know okay fine I’ll calm down
and then I I know oh that they they didn’t take ruddy and
and down to jail because they figured they were some pretty bad shit shoot me
three time my hotel room so they went Dinah Ronnie go and you didn’t get medical attention yet you
just went right back to bed no they know you say that they’re one of them cops
made me go to though my I might have been a hospital or whatever in Athens
dams McKee Racal Monica took my hotel but you know I think if time got
material and alcohol my room I I don’t need to go but maybe they maybe they do
things but them things you know who knows what they do yeah the Harlan
County good guys are sick let’s play a word association to close us out I’ll
blame some guys especially it from that era in the 80s early night that you
worked with and anything thought or sentence story comes to mind you could
just go right with it Roddy Piper oh just great guy never gone a lot of fun
to be around a hell of a performer and one of the best interviewers in the
business ever and it was an honor to be his partner his bodyguard how much he
did you guys get when you took what was his name the little when you took it and
start shaving his head you were holding him at his feet are dangling anybody one
goes to WB network and could go back and that’s the beauty with WB never could go
back and watch but you were holding this poor little guy his feet are dangling
and Piper screaming in his face and he’s shaking like they’re just laughing the
whole way holding in the world a lot of people would like to do you know people
cheer for me or buy their shirts and merchandise but you didn’t shy away from
the heat the way a lot of performers now they want to be loved
that I got also that’s where we seen with Randy and I mean Randy has always
been a more natural heal I mean he just loves the play off of that you know
especially like Choa I’ve seen him have children tears down their face one time
Madison Square Garden I was in the front and I saw him wrestle Jeff Hardy at the
rail round but it was 2008 I remember after the match he just held up the his
world title the kid was draped with Jeff Hardy gear and he the kid was just
soaking and put his face and Randy was just enjoying and in the fact that and
it wasn’t even on TV this was something when the lights were the arena was dark
and they were playing a promo of something else video package and just
for that one moment just for him to really get somebody upset just for
almost few people in the front he never turned it off like if you know I mean
like until he got to the like you see all their performers they turn it off
when or turn it on turn it off when the cameras up there but even if there was a
couple of people he’s still in there yeah so when you said there enough that
just triggered a memory of me when I sigh I remember him doing that it was
just you know like father like son you don’t shy away from that heat how about
mr. wonderful pole or played for the saints I think was the saints could have
made it in that Pro Football you know just a fantastic athlete and a great
professional about hell building generals one of the best Jim you know
for a guy with a gimmick he tried real real hard and he was very open to
anything you wanted to do eat and I think he did very well for little
village in gimmick you know yeah he was good they using the exact way that he’s
actually here this weekend how about the junkyard dog oh I used to work with him
New Orleans I was down there with a lot together about 15 years ago I remember
you were on a panel I was there with captain Lou albano not there sorry not
he was in the first panel but it was this was at a fan slam
Tommy Fieros fan slam now he’s doing in his wrestling caught one of the things
that somebody asked you was what were what was the best advice you ever gave
or somebody given to you and I’m just paraphrasing but you said if you don’t
you don’t feel it you don’t see it and if I ever felt it I’m not the shit out
of you he said something of that nature yeah my
dad always said that they can only see it they can’t feel it and that’s true
yeah that’s why I was gonna ask me where’d you get that from but how about
captain Lou albano oh gosh that sure we got fired every other week by Vince I
you know I’m sure he did he would fire him and rehire him like is it like the
next week good great manager he always talked
about the talent we never touched on road agents who are some of your
favorite road agents or some that helped you in your in your career especially in
W Eastern a girl a chief Jay Strongbow George Steele was our agent overture
sure we’re all oh the ones you got turn work hard have a good match how hands-on
was Vince McMahon and in that time as opposed to no obviously it’s a lot older
he’s got writers Scotty the company’s public says please film or hands-on
right well I know it is with the main event guys I’m sure Randy and honor guys
but a lot if Warren Johnson are in the organ or Triple H or a couple guys like
that you didn’t really a lot of guys are actually intimidated by him even so till
today obviously is there anybody that you wish you have gotten to work with
that you’re never going to change to in WV or well I can’t can’t think anybody
out the top of my head I think I work with about everybody how let’s continue
how about the British bulldogs yeah dad and I work with them them a few times
what were they like were you there when the fight between Dynamite Kid and
jacques rougeau when he hit him with the with the quarters or knocked his teeth
out no that might have been a little after
there was an 87 a lot 87 88 about yeah I look like I might have heard something
about it but I how about Bobby Heenan oh yeah yeah Bobby was a great manager and
just a lot of fun he was the same way what this evening
sign one he was same way in the car whatever Gorilla
Monsoon just laid-back easygoing find a work for good ideas a good on the
mic how about was there anybody that you did
not enjoy too much or that were you weren’t as close with something that
earth do you didn’t like it could have not only just been a personally maybe
just didn’t gel with them in the ring and didn’t have a great match you would
think was there anybody at that time you know not really when I had guys like
that I know you remember him I just grounded and I’m sure they took care of
working with with me by by going back and saying that was fine me a little
snug is that what this guys who thought they were better than they were and took
liberties with your body you know once it got hurt me a little bit about Hulk
Hogan oh you’re inductive in the same class in 2005 he’s probably about yeah
you’ve mentioned about how he tapped you and you thought and he you introduced
him to here on Matsuda already sent him down there yeah yeah we did on that both
yeah we did we talked about it what do you think of like actually kept this in
great shape and I appreciate you signing it for me this is the I don’t know if
you see this is the LJN in the package this is your first action figure when
they came out with this this is one of the earlier series I
believe it says 1985 that’s the original card on it I mean
just look it even it has the Hat I mean everything when they came out
with this a lot of guys that they grown or they looked at it as an opportunity
to make more money what was in your estimation what what the boys thought I
knew personally oh I just thought it was pretty cool yeah and this was and they
still keep like even till now they cut their this is this is the newest one of
yours Mattel this is copyrighted from 2017 so I mean they still look in the
same series Rick Rude sergeant slaughter Ted DiBiase I mean what’s it like to
walk you could mean you could walk into a home or right now I mean at your young
age of what 42 and see and see something like this and say oh my goodness you
know when you see something like this now I mean your grandkids could go in
and buy us off the shelf this how does that make you feel oh wow it’s hard to
believe I guess a toy store especially of 30 years after I used to work yeah I
don’t think you’ve ever touched on this but like without giving specific numbers
because I know it’s kind of tacky to talk about figures and numbers but how
how well or if not where you paid for the LJ and figure oh they do got taken
care of though everybody I’m sure you know we all should have probably got
more but then we do event so last one you just touched on Vince McMahon first
class is he intimidating oh sure and I don’t mean like you’re scared me I mean
the fact that like you know he’s gotten thousand dollar haircuts I’ve heard he’s
you never life he sneezes he’s mad at himself
he doesn’t like to smoke it he keeps there’s not even a hair out of place his
suits are pristine so to see somebody like that like does it ever look like oh
you know stay clear of it or he made himself approachable the last question I
want to ask you is how do you want to be remembered thank you so much and you
could join us on go pro wrestling on our social media platforms don’t forget to
subscribe hit that subscribe button share tell your friends like comment
tell us what you think about this video if you don’t like it I’m gonna have miss
Doran here come and hit you with that cast but I appreciate you all watching
and for my guest here thank you so much the legendary one and only the ACE
Cowboy Bob Orton in our go pro wrestling studio all the wrestling fans out there
on this one say thanks thank you for having us here thank you so much for
your time we’ll see you next time

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