COURAGE, Episode 04: Revenge Is Sweet | German Wrestling Federation

COURAGE, Episode 04: Revenge Is Sweet | German Wrestling Federation

[Ingo Vollenberg]: Tell me, I want to understand. [HighJakka]: It’s not his fault. He was… [Ilker, der Bär]: Ssshh… We’ll handle the situation on our own. None of his concern. [Cash Money Erkan]: I won’t say anything. [Ingo]: Honestly, get by with it on your own. With the top contendership for the most imortant title of our promotion comes responsibility. I should fire you. Luckily for you, I can’t. And granting you the match against Rambo, that’s not a reward. Just so we understand each other. [HighJakka]: Great to have you back. That bastard Rambo will pay for it. [MIchael Kovac]: You will erase this problem. [Cash Money Mafia henchman #1]: We’ll keep his guys away from you. [Cash Money Mafia henchman #2]: We are gonna beat them up. [Psychiatrist]: Are you trying to lose on purpose? [Vincenzo Coccotti]: Are you fucking kidding me _on purpose_? Obviously, I’m not trying to lose on purpose. [Psychiatrist]: The topic seems to drive your emotions intensely. [Vincenzo]: Because everyone is trying to poke fun at Vincenzo Coccotti. You think it’s funny to run around with this fucking title all the time? [Psychiatrist]: I don’t know. You tell me. [Vincenzo]: They are forcing me to run around with this title the whole time. Everyone is poking fun at me. Even little children. [Psychiatrist]: Did you already experience similar situations in the past? For example in your childhood? Yes… I mean, no. I… I don’t know. What kind of a question is that? [Psychiatrist]: Mr. Coccotti, together with you, I’m trying to find the cause, the reason why you lose again and again. [Vincenzo]: Well, obviously it’s not that I want to lose on purpose. It also affects my personal life, [Psychiatrist]: How exactly does it affect you? Are you having problems with your life partner? I can’t imagine a man so interesting and exotic such as yourself having problems giving a woman what she wants. [Vincenzo]: I think so, too. [Psychiatrist]: Mr. Coccotti? [Vincenzo]: Pardon? [Psychiatrist]: Do you have problems with your life partner? [Vincenzo]: What life partner? [Ahmed Chaer]: Alright… Yes… [Crazy Sexy Mike]: Fast forward towards the end of the show. Hold on… stop. This is it. That… [Ahmed]: Mike, wait. We’ll handle that together. “Revenge is sweet” [Theme song]: You need courage and strength for success. You give blood, sweat, and tears for your dream. It’s up to you, will you be a star or a hack? Just keep going and your dream will come true. You want to win every week, you want the main event. You’re hungry for success, then COURAGE is your stage. If you train hard enough, believe me, success will come. Maybe you’ll become new champ wearing the belt made of gold. Fight for your dream, stand up, experience something big. You’ll also have to accept defeat, life ain’t all sunshine. But it’s worth it. Believe in yourself. Hold your head up high before facing your opponent. It doesn’t matter if you fall down, you have to get up again. You have to go all out, raise your fist for the fight. Think very well who to choose as your partner. Who will be there for you after a setback? [El Comandante Rambo]: It’s Gefreiter [(German military rank) private] Richter and Gefreiter Weber. I am ‘El Comandante’ Rambo. We are ‘Los Libertadores de la Lucha Libre’. El Comandante can do anything. Everyone fighting me will go down because El Comandante is always ready for a fight. [Gefreiter Richter]: Cash Money Erkan… [Rambo]: Quiet. The Caribbean Cutter is my most dangerous weapon. (Spanish): Many men have fallen because of my weapon. Many men will follow and go down. My goals at COURAGE are to rule GWF, to set up my government in order to give lucha libre its necessary freedom in Germany and the whole world. [Cash Money Erkan]: Kovac, hold this bastard tight. Tell me who wanted me gone! [Rambo]: What do you want? [Erkan]: Now we can have fun together. [Rambo]: Son of a bitch, what do you want? [Erkan]: You bastard. [Erkan]: Tell me who wanted me gone! [Rambo]: No. [Erkan]: Give it to me. [Rambo]: It was Pascal Spalter, damn it! Sort your shit out with him! [Erkan]: I knew it. Let’s go. [Pascal Spalter]: I clearly said “water with little gas”, not “water without gas”. Take that. Vincenzo… [Vincenzo Coccotti]: Wait a second… Pascal Spalter… Tell me, aren’t you one of the rookie guys. When are you allowed into the ring? It doesn’t matter. Talk to Ahmed, I will grant you a title match immediately. [Pascal Spalter]: Vincenzo… The least successful man in GWF, Vincenzo. Today, you can win a match for the first time this year. [Vincenzo]: But… [Spalter]: Vincenzo… But if that’s not the case, we have a very serious problem. [Olaf Heyden]: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the No. 1 contendership for the GSW Ladies Championship. [Walandi Tsanti]: Ring announcer Olaf Heyden just said it. It’s for the No. 1 contendership for Sweet Saraya’s GSW Ladies Title. Blue Nikita has held the GSW Ladies Title almost non-stop for the last five years. She’s been to Japan with STARDOM. She has returned to the surprise of everyone. Now she’s here in GWF. She’s back in her home territory. [Blue Nikita]: I’m “The Daredevil” Blue Nikita. I’m from Greece, and I’ve been successful inside the wrestling business for over 17 years. My biggest achievements in wrestling were the participation in the world’s biggest all-female tournament at STARDOM in Japan, that I’ve been to over 22 countries, and that I’m considered as one of the best in the world. Honestly, I don’t care for Wesna. She used to hold my title but after Saraya Knight took it from her, I don’t care for her anymore. My goal is to win the No. 1 contender match and to get my title back afterwards. Shanna made something out of herself the last few years. But after I’m done with her, she’ll wish to never step into the ring with me again. [Walandi Tsanti]: Blue Nikita is in the shape of her life, almost as successful as ever. The only thing missing is the GSW Ladies Title. She wants it back as soon as possible. One person in her way, it’s Shanna from Portugal, her opponent in this No. 1 contendership match. [Toni Harting]: So, how you’re doing? [Ronaldo Shaqiri]: Fucking disgrace, how do you think I’m doing? [Toni]: I’ve thought about why the Mafia took us down so heavily, and… Look at the good teams like the Lions, the Arrows, Ahmed and Mike, or the Young Bloods. They are all like brothers. They know each other by heart. The live and breath together. And what do we have? [Ronaldo]: We’ve nothing. Everyone should go his own separate way. [Toni]: We already tried that. It didn’t work out so well. I think we should try to become a better team. We should try to get to know each other and to complement each other. I think this could work out in the end. [Ronaldo]: Thanks. [Orlanddo Silver]: Hi, Matt Cross. My friend, it’s a pleasure to have you here in Berlin. So far away from home. I know that you like to travel but it’s still a high price to pay. Everything for achieving success. The new champion… it’s a bit ironic, don’t you think? Few months ago, I had this title in my hands. And you know what, I took it from you. There are many men targeting the title right now, but you know, I will take it. [Crazy Sexy Mike]: Ivan… Verena… [Verena]: Hello, Mike. [Ahmed Chaer]: Mike… [Adam Krüger]: I’m Adam Krüger, formerly known as Flying Dragon Jr. Going forward I’ll compete under my real name Adam Krüger, because I want to show the world who Adam Krüger is. I had a serious shoulder injury, but now I’m back. I know that I have to climb the laddder of success starting from the very bottom, but I’m willing to go all the way. Vincenzo Coccotti is so arrogant and should stay Loserweight Champion forever. [Vincenzo Coccotti]: My name is Vincenzo Coccotti and I’m from Corleone, Sicily. I’m 1,80 m [5’11”] tall and weighing in at 85 kg [187 lbs]. I’m a champion in GWF. Well… alright… maybe I’m not a… I’m GWF Loserweight Champion, and maybe I’m a little bit smaller than 1,80m [5’11”]. And maybe I’m not weighing in at 85 kg [187 lbs]… ok ok… maybe a little less. My style? I wear everyone out. I’m working a lot with mental psychology. I wear them out mentally. Then they just fall down and I simply pin them. I admit, that didn’t happen too often recently. My short-term goal is to get this shitty Loserweight Title off me as quickly as possible. Maybe we could film again everything without the title? [Ingo Vollenberg]: No, we’re done. That’s it. [HighJakka]: Dude, we’ve closed everything off. Pascal is trapped. He got nobody left to help him. He and little Vincenzo are all by themselves. [Cash Money Erkan]: Alright, I’ll get him. [Crazy Sexy Mike]: I’m not proud of it. Do you remember Verena? A beautiful girl with blue eyes. I always brought her to the shows. It started two years ago. When we were at PALAZZO’s and decided to open the GWF office. You went to tell Ingo. Don’t forget your jacket. I really thought it was something serious. [Verena]: When my parents divorced, it was so difficult for my sister and me. When I was 10, I had to watch when my father hit my mother. I would have loved to scratch that bastards eyes out. I never told anyone before. It feels so good to trust you. When I see how attentive you are to your training students, then… [Ahmed Chaer]: Alright, what happened then? [Mike]: She was acting strange when being with the other wrestlers. I wanted to know what’s going on, and I looked into it. I found out that she had been a big wrestling fan for years. She didn’t want me. She wanted a star. You know me, Ahmed. I never would have done anything like that otherwise. Verena, it’s over. You lied to me, I can’t trust you anymore. [Ahmed]: Alright, but do you think she’s now with Ivan in order to take revenge on you? [Mike]: I don’t fucking care! Ivan caused my head injury. I want a damn match against him! [Advertisement] [Pascal Spalter]: Vincenzo… What are you doing? [Vincenzo Coccotti]: I’m looking on MOONSAULT.DE what those stupid fans have written about me. It must be here somewhere. Clean appearance, everything at a glance, but I couldn’t find it even if my life depended on it. [Spalter]: But Vincenzo, it’s common knowledge that they report only on WWE, on TNA, Ring of Honor, all the promotions in Japan. [Vinenzo]: Don’t jerk around! [Spalter]: Do you know where to find you for sure? [Vincenzo]: Where? [Spalter]: Inside the title reign history of the GWF Loserweight Title. [Vincenzo]: Very funny. [Spalter]: VIncenzo, I’m just kidding. Have a look here. If you want to know what people are discussing, you go to “CyBoard”. There are more than 22.000 users discussing wrestling shows. On the “CyBoard” under section “Europe”, you’ll find everything concerning COURAGE. And then… [Vincenzo]: Looks like they don’t like you very much. [Spalter]: That’s… that’s unheard of! “This is PASCAL SPALTER!!!!!!!”


  1. Schöne Ausgabe mit einem kleinen schönheitsfehler beim ersten Match. Wenn CMM Backstage nicht sagen wollen was los war warum wissen es dann die Ringsprecher? Fand das hat die Atmosphäre etwas gestört 😉 aber sonst wieder Super!

  2. Pascal Spalter kann wenigstens halbwegs eine Promo rüberbringen…aber der Rest ? schlechte Storys und noch schlechtere schauspielerische Leistungen.

    Wrestling ordentlich bis gut…Idee ist auch super aber die Umsetzung leider schlecht

  3. Leider fand ich diese Woche die Show nicht so gut wie die Woche davor. Die Maches haben mich nicht wirklich überrascht oder unterhalten . Die Story war wie gewohnt ok nicht wirklich spannend aber man möchte trotzdem wissen wie es jetzt weiter geht

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