Could Shingo be gunning for the NEVER Champion? #njwtl

Could Shingo be gunning for the NEVER Champion? #njwtl

Although we lost today,
me and KENTA have developed something new. We’ll reveal what it’s called later. When we’re together. Goto…
He told me this on Twitter… He said, “You need to focus on
the league during this tour.” And I kinda got that… So, I will focus on tag league
while this tour goes on. I should focus on this, anyway. We lost tonight,
but we’ll move on to the next one. We’ll keep fighting hard, from tomorrow. No way! No way! Sit down. Sit down. Goto, what the… Did you see what he said on twitter? What made him think that
I’m not focussed on this tag league? Did I say that?
Did I? No, I didn’t say that. I didn’t. I’m focussed on this league,
and also I’m teasing you, Goto. You should appreciate that.
What was that, on twitter? Also… All of Goto’s children, or fans,
have been tweeting to him. It’s sad. They say, “Great minds think alike.”
I guess it works for morons, too. They’re all idiots.
They don’t understand anything. Truthfully…
I’m focussed on… 言わせてもらうけど… I didn’t come to New Japan to make friends. I’m putting everything, my life and my career,
on the line, here. And I’m teasing you.
Well, technically… I’m just aware of you. You are the one who’s lacking professionalism. You are settling for your current state. Isn’t that so? That’s it.
And I’m teasing you, plus a little more. TAG LEAGUE? I’m focussed.
I don’t need to be told to be. Mind your own business. I’ll say it again,
but I’m waiting for you. Anytime. My point was… Although he think he’s being professional, He’s actually revealing his lack of tact. Victory.
勝利 We won. We won.
俺たちの勝利だ We finally clicked.
今日の俺たちのチームワークは最高だった This is what we were missing.
俺たちに足りなかったのはこれだ We finally put it all together.
やっと完璧になってきた Now, we go for more.
もっともっと More. More. More.
もっともっと I knew they’d resort to their brand of tactics, But the more difficult it got,
the more fired up I was. The other day, after the Yamanashi show, I said I’ll have something shiny
around my waist next year. Today I faced the NEVER Champion,
just by chance, KENTA… Every shot was intense.
Does he have a grudge with me? But after the match,
when I saw the NEVER belt… It didn’t look so shiny. Is that title’s fault, or the champion’s? I personally think it’s the latter. I won’t forget those shots. See ya next time.


  1. KENTAは相変わらずコメントうまいな

  2. 「おったまにはKENTAも真面目に反省する事あるんだな」と一瞬でも思った俺自身を殴りたい

  3. 🤗 DANG IT, KENTA-SAN! Why do you always do these promos to get a reaction out of us? I really can't stop giving this man respect. And congrats to Shingo & Terrible.

    TAKAGI & TERRIBLE = 3: 4: 6
    KENTA & YUJIRO = 3: 3: 6

  4. KENTA's post match interview just went to a whole new level. 😂😂 Big congratulations to Takagi and Terrible for their victory on this match. I think Takagi is due for a title match since he beat Ishii who was NEVER openweight champion in the G1.

  5. KENTAのコメントが正論すぎてたまらんね👏



  6. KENTAは現状本気で喧嘩売りまくってる姿勢が偉い

  7. あれ?KENTA、急に真面目なコメント…→「んなわけないじゃんww んなわけないっじゃんっ!ww」草

  8. KENTAと鷹木はGHCジュニアタッグ以来絡みないけどメチャクチャ噛み合うと思うんだよな

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