Conor McGregor has finshed his career in MMA and started a career on twitter-Khabib,Gaethje

Conor McGregor has finshed his career in MMA and started a career on twitter-Khabib,Gaethje

yeah the adversity that I faced some in Edson Barboza I mean he's an amazing athlete under me the best Brazil has to offer and um it's a dream come true I thank God you know I'm thinking God over and over this was the next level fight for me I felt like I had to win this fight in order to get over this hump that I ran into I was on this big tear when I first got into the UFC my headlines show with page so I was on you know that to fight win streak and then and then I fought rose and then I fought tisha and then I went back down again and so here I am again to fight win streak getting all this media and I felt like this is the time that I have to break through and get to the next level so for me it was just a lot of necessary pressure and just that anticipation of actually breaking through and achieving that goal so that I can move for move forward with my career you know the first round was close I thought I won the first round second round I gave it to him so when I was in there Uriah Joey and Danny were like we need a strong strong round but you need to look for the fight I mean look for the finish they said just go out there just let it go you know it's been over thirteen months since I fought I really didn't get into training full-time like fight camp until the beginning of the year I've been doing practices here and there and doing things but no not to three practices a day since January so I'm back in there I felt like my timing was a little off I just it took me a while to warm up I'm slow starter I guess you could say I was trying to look for some takedowns I was really just trying to change up the level so he would get thinking about the the takedowns and I could hear his coaches saying the takedown was coming this round so I kept going kept going hit him with the jab hit him with a jab to the body dropped his hands and I came back with that you know that perfect placement overhand right and and that was a you know show stop yes it means the world to me you know it's a each fight I go in there I want to I want to have the best performance to date until the next one and and that's what I went out there I I aim to please i want to be exciting for the fans i know this is an entertainment and sport entertainment business so quick story well my brother got killed I was lost I didn't have any money probably hidden by the UFC put up the money to pay for my brother's funeral so we'll always be loyal to them Thank You UFC I will always be loyal to them uh we're gonna host tonight for a host thank you guys for staying up for the app to another athlete for the fans we stayed up to watch me play I know it's a huge time difference but I appreciate it and yeah I'll see you guys next time oh and thank you to my sponsors evolving you may see via and on it be sure you guys have my back figure to all the people who stayed up late night I'm gonna guys all right we got whiskey take your teammates or coming out and wife me yeah in law made it toyou made it the Romanian cheers guys another victory in Asia [Applause] I think there's a there's a narrative lately that he's not as dominant as he once was do you subscribe to that you know I think and put different performances bring it out I think he plays a little safer these days you don't know we'll see we'll see we'll see you Johnny he's got you know Santos will be a will be a good test sentence is looking pretty good these days he's gonna sloppy in the past but his last performance was okay that all matches up I voluntarily chose not to late now options need a wait you see what happens between kholby and moose fear was there but think about our footage formaspace right so if I wanna live bleeding in the last memory you have is having an out-of-body experience against a more excessive begin fresh on your mind is game played knocking out until then coming in you know Bobby knows grabbing the choke but they leave the finish you're not some guys fight now the winner I mean they got so much momentum and it's all performances so I feel like I have to keep keep busy you know it's not guaranteed I'm gonna get a title shot you know I think I think will be valid yeah sure you think about your honor your Jake check lost fair and square tools not actually finished instant Syler shot whine about she knocked out instant next title fight same thing we'll call the guard went in several you know having home she lost one belt fought another girl lost another girl so I think you know we've seen their stories in play so many different times but someone that's been so dominant as I have in a division and make me the toughest division in the world I think that that itself you know she sell either way trying to make their excuses he wasn't wearing a champion we know we never gonna find out x1 does run I bet so so that's not exactly what's happening I gotta say big I can't let these other guys not performing but in reality in reality I will say this I rallied I will say this monomer Isis is a lot more dangerous than than teaching his biggest his biggest threat is his power I mean look at him he's knocked out three opponents in the first round he's got a vicious power and in MMA that's scary that's scary because then he is it just takes one hit one blow that's it but so do i oh dear I an episode and I'm being better than I'm strong enough bastard but in reality Baltimore Isis the Balkan Thunder other than TJ Dillashaw I with him number two and it's probably only because they have a fuck but he might in my eyes Marlon smothers a top diet you I love that [Applause] [Applause]


  1. Connor this connor that… hes not ever going to fight again so be done with him already sheesh. Also Eddie just retire already

  2. "Conor McGregor goes after Champ Khabib and Challenges Hollywood ACTRESS Mark Wahlberg"…. LMFAO yeah Marky Mark's a female!

  3. Lil Heathen's Signature is still & near forever will be right there under Emmett's eye.. He needed that win to restore that confidence. Good KO on MJ.

  4. Holy shit iv never seen so many Khabib dick riders in one day! You idiots all know Ali wrote that shit right? Get off the nut sack Khabib is hella overated! Porier beats him, Holloway beats him, Gaethje beats him, Kevin Lee probably beats him, Zabit beats him, Gleison Tibau already beat him, Usman beat him, Covington beats him, Al beats him with a full camp, hell even Conor beats him on a good night. Khabib is a roided out wrestler with shitty boxing, Kick Boxing, Muay Thai, and BJJ and yall motha fuckers out here acting like hes Jon Jones or DJ… smh

  5. Why is khabib still hating him ? He got to maul conor and humbled him. That's enough. Stop feeding Connor attention ! Khabib should move on.

  6. How can this mctapper never shut his fucking mouth? He was litterally humilllated, he was dominated and rapped while he was cheating, and after losing and khabib pushing his head when the fight was finished he even couldnt look to khabib eyes… Youre a shame conor, please dana make a rematch with khabib

  7. Conor should learn you cant talk shit after you lose a fight that badly you leave to many openings to get torn down

  8. I apologize for talking like this but Conor is a special kind of sleaze to be facing those felonies and talking like a fool.

    Conor needs to go to jail for his felonies where the prison population has special treatment for sexually assaulting women.

    His rhetoric is boring and BS. He insulted Khabib but wasn't calling him a rat while tapping out. You can hear Conor in the ring tell Khabib, "it just business" while getting his ass kicked. Pretty quiet in the closed cage. Classless and a disgrace to the sport. How many felonies before they revoke that Passport.

    The Wahlberg boys grew up tough, now Conor calls them out? They won't run or hide.
    When Conor goes to jail for the sexual assault, they have slang for sex offenders called Skinners. They put all the skinners together because the prison population would hurt them or kill them. You can be a 100 million dollar skinner, won't matter. They will give Conor the street justice he deserves for rape or attempted rape? Is sexual assault just a polite name for it?

  9. Owner of mma world. Please edit and make a video of mark walberg in the movie 4 brothers. At the end when he fights the kingpin. And paste conners face on the bad guy. And all the dude watching and throwing him in the ice are all the top 10 lightweight contenders. Lol. I see it it's too funny. But I don't hate Connor I know i said make him the bad guy

  10. Conner has to fight via Twitter, he gets knocked out now by real fighters and is scared. He will be in the wwe soon just like the fake Rhonda.

  11. As usual, MickGregor proves himself to be a bellend, leaving Khabib wide open to embarrass him…which he has, with an excellent one-liner

  12. No money in the world will take away that bitterness conor has . that fight should have been stopped rd. 2 via tko .

  13. You guys build this entire video up to the twitter thing and then didn’t even use the supa hot overblown celebration when Khabib Owned Conor.. ball… dropped

  14. There's something wrong with Connie, tweeting more nonsensical shit very often, seems like someone about to have a stroke, either the pressure from that legal shit is getting to him because he actually did it or he's just coked out of his mind trying to stay relevant in a sport where his options got slimmer by the second, no longer opponents easy to beat but can put a beating on him, or maybe all of the above.

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