Cm Punk Vs Seth Rollins Happening Jim Cornette Resigns From NWA! WWE SUING AEW! Wrestling News!

Cm Punk Vs Seth Rollins Happening Jim Cornette Resigns From NWA! WWE SUING AEW! Wrestling News!

Here is your news for
November 21, 2019 We’ve got some news from the
National Wrestling Alliance to
start today’s video, as Jim Cornette has stepped
down from his position on
commentary for NWA Powerr. This news comes after Cornette
used a racially insensitive line
about black people during the most recent episode
of the program, which led the
NWA to take down the episode and
make a quick edit to mute
what he said. This isn’t the first time Cornette
has spread controversy, as
earlier this year he made light about suicide
during comments on NWA
Powerr, has used homophobic and transphobic slurs when
describing wrestler Sonny
Kiss and infamously spoke about wanting to kill Vince
Russo, saying that if he could
get away with the murder its be the greatest
accomplishment of his life. Since the most recent episode
of Power was pulled, several
fans have wondered how the insensitive line made it
into the show in the first
place, and while we dont know what Cornette’s next
actions will be from here,
one fan suggested that the former manager should
join WWE Backstage on FOX. This idea got quickly shut down
by Paige, one of the stars of the
show who said “Nah we’re good”, as the former Divas Champion
has had enough controversy
already in her career. Backstage co-host Renee Young
also said that it was a hard no
from her as well whilst Cornette said he will be
discussing what happened on the next episode of his podcast, the
Jim Cornette Experience. Not only that, Cornette also has
a second podcast called the
Cult of Cornette so fans will still get to hear plenty
from the controversial figure, but
just not on NWA Power. Though Cornette isn’t joining
Backstage anytime soon, the
shocking return of CM Punk has had a huge effect
on the entire WWE, especially
Seth Rollins. On this week’s episode of the
show, Punk was asked what
advice he had for the Architect, who has
suffered fan backlash this
year, and suggested that Rollins delete his Twitter as
soon as possible. He said: “Seth needs to stop tweeting and
realize that sometimes it’s better
to viewed as the fool when you shut your
mouth than to open your mouth
and remove all doubt.” It’s no secret that Rollins’ actions
on Social Media hasn’t exactly
helped the top babyface of the WWE,
as he got into a Twitter Spat with
Will O’Spreay earlier this year which culminated in the Beast
slayer comparing bank balances,
in a very petty move. Rollins was obviously watching
the show, as he ironically took
to Twitter to comment on Punk’s words,
branding the former World
Champion a coward. Given that the Beatslayer tweeted
this response, its clear Rollins
isn’t taking Punk’s advice, as many fans still
hope for a match between these
two. More news from Backstage news
as Punk made his views clear on
plenty of topics including what happened last
week on SmackDown Live. Discussing the segment which
saw King Corbin embarrass
Roman Reigns with a man in a Big Dog costume,
Punk said that the less said about the awkward angle the
better, but added: “You can’t possibly defend that.
The creative is bad, I don’t know
anything about Baron Corbin. He’s one of the
newer guys that I gotta check
him out but that’s a bad start Punk looked over at Paige and
said, “it was garbage, right
Paige?” Punk was also quick to criticise
the new Universal title design,
but when he tried once again for Paige to agree with
him, the former SmackDown GM
said Punk was trying to stir the pot. It wasn’t just negativity from Punk
though, as he did say he is
looking forward to the WWE Title match between
Rey Mysterio and Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series, two opponents
he knows plenty about. After nearly 6 years away from
WWE, fans obviously wanted
to hear what Punk had to say, and this
was reflected in the viewing
figures of the show. The first episode of Backstage
did just 50,000 viewers, which
rose to 100,000 thanks to Punk’s shocking
appearance at the end of episode
two. This week, the number again
climbed to 180,000 according to
Showbuzz Daily, making this week’s edition the most viewed
episode since the show began
as a weekly programme. WWE may have been able to
rope fans in with Punk’s return but time will only tell whether
they stick around next week. After all, now that WWE has given
fans the return of the Best in the
World, something that fans have been asking for for years, we can’t
help but wonder what can WWE do
next to avoid a drop in viewers. Back to RAW now, and Dio Maddin
hasn’t been seen since he was
attacked by Brock Lesnar on the November 4th edition of the red
brand, and fans have been
wondering what is the status of the former
205 Live commentator. Despite Samoa Joe filling in for
Maddin this week, the PW Insider
reports that Dio is still very much a part of RAW’s announce team, and
there are no plans to permanently
replace him. The report reads: “For those who have asked, Dio
Maddin is still, as of today, officially
part of the Raw broadcast team. He is currently off TV selling the
Brock Lesnar attack.” Maddin will likely be back on WWE
soon enough, perhaps even this
Sunday at Survivor Series and we have to give WWE credit
for putting over just how dangerous the reigning, defending WWE
Champion can be. We’re looking at WWE’s new
Podcasting network next, as
following the success of After the Bell with Corey Graves,
the company have announced
their second program. The New Day: Fell the Power, will
be the second show as part of
the WWE/Endeavour podcasting family, and is set to
debut on December 2nd,
obviously hosted by the reigning SmackDown
Tag Team Champions. Given that After the Bell is released
on Wednesday, its likely that the
New Day: Feel the Power will release on Mondays, as the
company is slowly filling up
the week, allowing new content for fans
to listen to every single day. We’ve got some legal issues
brewing now between WWE
and AEW, as this contest outside of the ring
is all over the term Bash at the
Beach. This week, the new promotion
revealed their January 15th episode
of Dynamite in Miami Florida will be called Bash at the Beach,
a reference to the classic WCW
Pay Per View of the same name. Given that the name is part of WCW
history, fans immediately thought
that WWE would own the name, but it is actually Cody Rhodes
who owns the term, after filing for
copyright in March this year. This isn’t the only term the AEW
founder owns, as he also owns
terms such as Dusty Rhodes, The Match
Beyond and the American Dream. It’s interesting that the Match
Beyond is owned by Rhodes,
as that is technically the second half of a WarGames
match, and even though Cody
has joked about trademarking WarGames from
WWE, that seems highly unlikely. On Twitter, the Grandson of a
Plumber hinted that WWE had
asked him to not use the name,
saying: “Feels like I’ll be going to court
docket quickly, time to go
swimsuit buying” It’ll be interesting to see whether
this dispute does end up in the
court-room, as we can only imagine what
numbers the real-life legal
drama could do on Fite.TV. Speaking about WarGames, WWE
NXT will have their annual NXT
TakeOver WarGames event this Saturday, and Triple H
recently had a conference call
ahead of the show. When asked about the recently
flurry of Superstars requesting
their release the Game said that many were
doing it publicly to get clicks,
and he said that backstage issues regarding contracts should
be handled backstage, not on
social media. He said: “It’s a maturity issue and not how
you handle it. You handle your
business like a professional.” This comment will certainly draw
the ire of stars like Sin Cara and
Luke Harper who both publicly requested
their releases in 2019. In Harper’s case, he will be free to
leave in a few months when his
contract expires, whilst others have years left on
their deals, and are stuck until
WWE decides otherwise. As we previously reported, there
has been a push in WWE this
month to allow unhappy wrestlers leave, though some backstage,
most likely Vince McMahon, do
not want to grant releases. Dave Meltzer reported last week
that WWE may release stars who they feel won’t be signed,
or make a difference in AEW. It’s hard to criticise WWE for
being cautious when releasing
stars, as former talent like Tye Dillinger and Dean
Ambrose have gone on to do
great things in the new promotion as Shawn Spears
and Jon Moxley respectively. We don’t know whether WWE will
end up allowing unhappy Super
stars to be released from their contracts, but what we do know is
that the war between the two
promotions is growing every month. During that same conference call
to promote WarGames, the
Cerebral Assassin was asked about

Survivor Series, and given the
amount of championship triple
threat matches, was asked why there wasn’t a match between
Brock Lesnar, Bray Wyatt and
Adam Cole. In response, Triple H said how a
contest pitting the WWE Champion,
the Universal Champion and the NXT Champion would have been
great, but the idea was eventually
nixed for storyline reasons. The Game explained that WWE
couldn’t step away from the
Lesnar Vs. Mysterio match and said that it didn’t make much
sense for the Fiend to become a
loyal SmackDown saying that the top SmackDown
star works much better in his
own storylines. When asked about his particpation
in Survivor Series, the Game said
he has no interest in working the event, but did
promise a huge surprise for
Team NXT, as one spot of the group won’t
be revealed until the day of
the show. There’s no shortage of Superstars
who could make their debut at the
show including injured stars like Johnny
Gargano and Velveteen Dream,
whilst NXT trainer Shawn Michaels could be a
possibility, as a 15-man match
would certainly be easier for the two-time Hall of Famer. Ultimately, the only man who knows
what will happen is Triple H himself,
and it seems he is keeping his cards close to
the chest, ahead of this Sunday’s
huge Pay Per View. We’ve got some news from Alicia
Fox for fans next, as the former
Divas Champion has had some very public issues
with alchol, and this week set the
record straight. On Instagram, Fox described her
self as “a few months” sober,
which is great news for her and her fans, who have been
worried about what could happen
to both her career and life. In March this year, Fox reportedly
refused to go to rehab after
getting into a drunken argument with Arn Anderson, and
in August was sent home from
Summerslam in Toronto for getting in an
altercation with a fan, again
because of alcohol. Debuting on WWE’s main roster
over a decade ago, Fox is one
of WWE’s longest tenuring Superstars so its great
to see that she’s doing better
with her personal issues. We’re focusing on the Wednesday
Night Wars next, as the men and
women of the Gold brand had their final chance to make an impact
before both TakeOver Wargames
and Survivor Series this weekend. In a huge opener to the show, RAW
Women’s Champion Becky Lynch
made her entrance flanked by security, but the impromptu match
between her and Rhea Ripley
went to a no-contest, after interference by NXT Women’s
Champion Shayna Baszler
and her crew. In another cross-promotional match,
NXT scored themselves a huge win,
when Matt Riddle defeated Ricochet, after the former US
Champion attacked Riddle’s
original opponent Kona Reeves. Despite a distraction by Shinsuke
Nakamura and Cesaro, Riddle
was able to get the win, and NXT had similar success when the
Undisputed Era’s Bobby Fish and
Kyle O’Reilly faced The Revival. In a trend of the show, the NXT
stars overpowered the invaders,
as Fish and O’Reilly got the win in
non-title action. In Women’s Division action, NXT
UK Women’s Champion Kay Lee
Ray defeated Dakota Kai, which was
followed by a huge brawl from
all three brands. In a cool moment, Kairi Sane had
a showdown with Io Shirai, but
the end came when SmackDown’s Nikki Cross,
armed with a trashcan lid,
cleared everyone from the ring. In more tag team action, RAW’s
Tag Team Champions the Viking
Raiders got a big non-title win over the Forgotten
Sons’ Steve Cutler and Wesly
Blake when Ivor pinned Cutler in this
hard-hitting bout. After so much invasion and cross-
promotional matches, it was good
to see the main event of the show be a solely NXT affair,
as NXT Champion Adam Cold
faced Dominik Dijakovic in a ladder
match with some huge stakes. A match that would determine
which team would get the
advantage in this Saturday’s Wargames, it was Cole who got
the win, meaning his team will
always have the same amount of wrestlers in the
ring, or one extra. Though this is a huge win for Cole,
his joy didn’t last long, as he was
on the receiving end of a Superkick by Seth Rollins
who received a mixed response by
the crowd, and after brawling with Tomasso Ciampa,
that was all the time left for this
huge edition of NXT. While NXT was being invaded by
RAW and SmackDown though,
AEW Dynamite was taking place on TNT, as Rey
Fenix defeated Nick Jackson in
the show’s opener. Receiving a standing ovation
before they had even locked
up, the finish saw Fenix hit a muscle buster for the pin,
and refused a handshake post-
match by Jackson himself. In a surprising result, Hikaru Shida
defeated Britt Baker in Women’s
division action getting a win after a running knee,
which is siurely gonna put her
name in the hat for future challengers for AEW
Women’s Champion Riho. After a recruitement video for the
Dark Order, MJF and Hangman
Page emerged victorious after a Dynamite Dozen Battle
Royal which also featured the
return of Billy Gunn and though the pair emerged
victorious, a pull-apart brawl
afterward made it clear they’re not on
the same page Up next fans saw a promised
announcement by World Champion
Chris Jericho, as the top star said he will be hosting the great
celebration party in the history
of wrestling, but not this week. Interrupted by SCU, Scorpio Sky
recounted Jericho’s first loss in
AEW on last week’s show and these words quickly turned
into a brawl involving the Inner
Circle. After Jericho promised Sky a title
match next week, he proceeded
to lay Sky out with a Judas effect, sending
a message to his challenger. In a quick squash match,
Luchasaurus defeated Peter
Avalon in seconds and Private Party also made
quick work in defeating
Proud and Powerful. In the main event of the show, Jon
Moxley faced Darby Allin, who
arrived to the ring in a bodybag. In an unsurprisingly physical match
that saw both men bite the other,
Mixley was able to hit the second rope Paradigm shift for
the pin, as AEW ended with
Moxley celebrating in the ring. We already mentioned that next
week’s Thanksgiving Eve edition
of Dynamite has a huge title match planned between Chris Jericho and
Scorpio Sky, but the show in Chicago
already has more scheduled. After the events of the Dynamite
Dozen battle Royal, MJF and Hang
man Page will face off in the finals for the Dynamite Diamond Ring,
whilst Cody Rhodes will make his first appearance since being
attacked on Dynamite two
weeks ago. Being assaulted by MJF and
Wardlow, Rhodes will no doubt
be hungry for revenge though its unclear whether he’ll
be wrestling or doing a promo. In a rematch from All Out, Kenny
Omega and PAC will face off
one more time, as next week’s show is shaping
up to be a night of must see
Television for all wrestling fans.



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