CM Punk SHOOTS On WWE & Seth Rollins! MAJOR WWE Return REVEALED!| WrestleTalk News Nov. 2019

CM Punk SHOOTS On WWE & Seth Rollins! MAJOR WWE Return REVEALED!| WrestleTalk News Nov. 2019

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…Mike! At a WWE Employee Town Hall meeting at the
company headquarters yesterday, R-Truth knocked himself out when trying to leave the set because
comedy, and WWE employee Mike pinned him to become the new 24/7 champion.
He even got the compulsory ‘The Point’ photo with Triple H
WWE then offered Mike a contract on the condition he can do five push ups and five sit ups,
but Truth pounced to win the title back. But that wasn’t the only mic that was dropped
yesterday, as CM Punk fully debuted on WWE Backstage.
Yes I did only include that story just for mike drop segway, I’m genuinely very proud
of it! Punk, of course, made his kind of WWE return
at the end of last Tuesday’s debut episode of the Fox studio show WWE Backstage, announcing
‘See you next Tuesday’ – what did he call me? – because he’ll be appearing ‘periodically’
on the series from now on, starting with last night’s show. Which opened with a recap
package of his return, and my reaction video to him coming back.
Oli Davis and CM Punk best friends confirmed! I would show you the actual video package,
but YouTube blocked it on Fox’s behalf for copyright infringement, even though it was
Fox that totally used our video without contacting us first. Top stuff YouTube.
The reason Punk’s WWE return is ‘kind of’, though, is because while he is appearing
on a WWE branded show with WWE talent talking about pretty much exclusively WWE content,
his contract is actually with SmackDown’s Network Fox, not Vince McMahon.
Which means he can do stuff like call Baron Corbin’s Big Dawg skit from SmackDown “garbage”.
“I mean this is something where the less said about it the better. It makes me reconsider
doing this show… You can’t possibly defend that. The creative’s bad. I don’t know
anything about Baron Corbin really, he’s one of the newer that I gotta check out. But
that’s a bad start. What did you think about it [Paige]? Garbage! Garbage! It was garbage
right, Paige?” Which Paige then agreed with by doing a thumbs
down and a fart noise, before saying Punk’s a bad influence. Because Paige just re-signed
a five year deal with WWE, and that’s a long time anyway without publicly burying
the product on its own show. But I’m happy to say, Punk had no such issues
about critiquing WWE, giving his thoughts on the current state of wrestling:
“I think the product is the same when I left it. I think wrestling could be so much
better. It could be so much more…Stuff’s overproduced, stuff’s micromanaged. I think
the best characters, the people that the people love the most throughout all of wrestling
are the characters that they get to figure stuff out themselves, instead of being told
what to do by somebody who maybe never done anything, been anywhere, never drew money,
brother. I think there’s a lot wrong with it, but I see a lot of bright spots.
But he even had something to critique about those positives…
“I like all the women. I don’t like the forced women’s revolution thing. Just let
the women be the women, and they’ll show you why they kick ass and why they belong.
You don’t need to put a hashtag label on everything. Selfishly I like the NXT thing,
because I obviously see myself in a lot of that. I was an indy guy… I think those are
the characters, for lack of a better word, less tainted. The still feel new, they’re
like the new toys.” With the Royal Rumble just round the corner,
Renee Young’s questioning of course led to the obvious one: CM Punk return confirmed
question mark? To which he answered: “Regardless of what my answer is, there’s
somebody who’s always going to be upset by this. As I’ve said, I’ve stated, I
work for Fox. I haven’t talked to anybody in WWE. It’s nothing that I’m actively
pursuing or interested in, but I’m 41 years old and I’ve lived and experienced life
where I know not to say ‘no’. But that’s going to be a bridge that’s going to have
to be built, and it might take as long as building the Great Wall of China, because
there’s some hurdles, there’s some hurdles there.”
CM Punk in-ring return confirmed! But for someone who isn’t ‘actively pursuing’
a wrestling return, he sure is building a feud.
Following Punk’s WWE Backstage appearance last Tuesday, Seth ‘He’s Really Good At
Twitter’ Rollins simply posted “Fight me @CMPunk,” asked Fox to book him a flight
to WWE Backstage for a face-to-face confrontation and then reposted to a tweet from Punk yesterday
with: “Don’t talk about me, fight me. I’ll catch ya right up.”
It’s a bit of fun social media beef slightly undermined by Seth’s bad Twitter game over
the last six months, where he’s seen himself turn ‘not cool’ in the eyes of many fans
stemming from when he argued with Will Ospreay about who was the best wrestler in the world,
and bringing up how big his bank account is. Renee Young addressed Seth’s challenge on
WWE Backstage, and Punk responded with all that loaded context to hand:
“I want my journalistic integrity to be intact, so this isn’t the show where you
come and shoot your little angles, Seth needs to stop tweeting and realize that sometimes
it’s better than to be viewed as the fool and shut your mouth than when you open your
mouth and remove all doubt.” And that Seth should just delete his Twitter
because “it’s not doing him any favours.” Some very sage advice, that Seth didn’t
take on board, responding: “HELL of a “response.” 🙄. Coward.”
Showed him there, Seth. But Punk wasn’t done, as he got in one last
shot in a segment at the end of the show, where he was supposed to be cutting a promo
on comedian Tom Arnold, but instead slipped this one in:
“Go start your relevancy somewhere else Seth, I mean Tom.”
If CM Punk returns in-ring, who do you think he should face and why? Let me know in the
comments because I’ll be replying to people FROM OUTTA NOWHERE for the first 30 minutes
after this video goes live! Speaking of replies… that gives me an idea:
This week I tweeted CM Punk, because we’re super best friends now, about when he wants
to hang out or do something… “Hey @CMPunk ! i was in ur wwe byte this
video last nite and i think it means were now best friends! I love grammer a spelling
2 we could talk about grammer and watch moovie and 8 pizza PIZZA EMOJI WIZARD EMOJI Ples
retweet much love OD x” I’ve got a good feeling on this one. Retweet
that tweet, tweet Punk himself about it, Support WrestleTalk because one day, maybe not tomorrow,
maybe not this week, maybe not this decade, but one day me and CM Punk will have a lovely
Sunday morning together visiting a local farmers market.
Because he might have some free time back soon, as during that promo on Tom Arnold,
he got carried away and did a cuss, saying: “If I wanted s*** from you, I would have
scrapped your tongue.” – prompting Punk to issue a kind of apology but not really after
the show: “I don’t know if I have a job anymore.
Apparently you can’t swear, apparently you can’t do a few things. But I feel great!
Because I got to be myself, and I got to be brutally honest. And that’s what it is,
and that’s what this show’s going to be.” Punk also cheekily teased Renee Young, asking
her who her favourite member of the Shield was – a reference to her real-life AEW contracted
husband Jon Moxley – which she very diplomatically said “I like them all equally.” But Young
isn’t the only one with AEW connections. Interestingly, Punk revealed that only 10-12
people knew about his WWE Backstage appearance ahead of time – presumably not counting all
the major wrestling news sites who reported it two months before it happened – but did
include Renee, his wife AJ Lee, and AEW commentator Jim Ross. Apparently JR and Punk still text,
and he counts him as in his ‘inner circle’. CM Punk to AEW confirmed!
But while Punk is still playing coy about an in-ring return, another major wrestling
name has confirmed they will be back. Who’s that Pokemon! Goldberg. It’s Bill
Goldberg. In an interview with Sports Illustrated, Goldberg
confessed that he wasn’t “happy” with his SummerSlam squash match against Dolph
Ziggler as “I’d lost my mojo.” Baby. I added the baby. But he was “greatly appreciative”
of Ziggler’s professionalism and can’t thank him enough.
And he’s now revealed that match won’t be his last:
“It’s by no means my farewell performance, nor was it my best performance, but you have
to be realistic and take all things into consideration. It’s a very good possibility I’ll be back,
but you don’t know it until it’s done.” Where do you want to see Goldberg return?
Vote by clicking the ‘i’ above my head! Raw creative director Paul Heyman reportedly
sees Goldberg as a character who can keep making one-off special returns as the unofficial
sheriff of WWE, similar to Bruno Sammartino’s role near the end of his WWF career in the
80s. You’d imagine the most likely next appearance would be in the Royal Rumble to
set up a WrestleMania match. But knowing this company, he’ll randomly return in Team NXT
at Survivor Series this Sunday. Speaking of, Triple H has reportedly clashed
with creative backstage over NXT’s involvement in this Sunday’s pay-per-view! And watch
our new super cutdown version of yesterday’s WrestleTalk Live review of Raw with me and
Luke! I’ve been Oli Davis, and that was wrestling.


  1. OLI: If CM Punk returns in-ring, who do you think he should face and why? Let me know why it's Curtis Axel in the comments because I'll be replying FROM OUTTA NOWHERE!
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