CM Punk On If He Will Enters The Royal Rumble

CM Punk On If He Will Enters The Royal Rumble
People have been speculating when Punk might return to in-ring action if he does plan to
make a wrestling return soon and one of the possible destinations for the same looks to
be the upcoming Royal Rumble PPV However the former Champion himself is saying that he
won’t be a part of the show Punk recently had a twitter exchange with rapper Wale while
he was holding a Q&A session and the Straight Edge Star asked him if Wale is going to watch
WWE Backstage tomorrow night The rapper responded positively to the question and he then went
on to ask a question of his own inquiring Punk about a possible appearance at the Royal
Rumble PPV However in response the former WWE Champion said that he won’t be appearing
at the PPV event while also mentioning how he is working for Fox Network and not WWE
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