CM Punk Leaks WWE Match Card! Lana and Liv Morgan Pictures! Chris Jericho Injured! Wrestling News!

CM Punk Leaks WWE Match Card! Lana and Liv Morgan Pictures! Chris Jericho Injured! Wrestling News!

Here is your news for
January 6, 2020 We’re starting off today with
news from New Japan Pro
Wrestling, as Chris Jericho defeated Tanahashi at
Wrestle Kingdom 14. Though the idea of a working
relationship between AEW and
New Japan seems to be off the table once again, Jericho
said it doesn’t have to be, as
Tanahashi gave him a great match at the event. During Wrestling Observer Radio,
Jim Valley said that Jericho
revealed his injuries during a post-show press
conference, saying: “Jericho came in [to the press
conference] and said his jaw
was dislocated — Jericho’s jaw. He also said that his knee is
swollen and he’s gonna have
that looked at. He thought that some of the dragon
screws did that according to
Jericho.” Of course, this being Jericho, it’s
hard to tell whether the AEW
World Champion was being serious or not, and fans will
have to see what the Inner Circle
leader has to say during this week’s edition of
Dynamite. More news from Jericho now, as
the AEW star has certainly had
a busy week but did find time to speak to Sports
Illustrated. In the interview, Jericho spoke
about what his career would have
been like if never left WWE and speculated that the
list would still be a thing, but
stale. Jericho also said how he needs to
keep reinventing himself, and
gave DX as an example of clinging to the
past when he said: “I have a great list of hits, but a
lot of those will never be played
again because I’m too busy concentrating on new hits
and performing at the highest
level. It’s hard to leave all the old gimmicks and
catchphrases, and take a chance,
but if you don’t do that, it’s like DX coming to the ring in 2019
and yelling ‘Suck it!’ It looks like
a relic from the past, and I never wanted to be that.” Throughout his career, Jericho
has been able to reinvent himself
time and time again, and it’s highly likely that fans
haven’t seen the final
incarnation of Y2J. One thing we can count on
though, is that fans shouldn’t
expect Jericho to be doing the same things he’s currently
doing, 20 years from now. Over to RAW now, and last week’s
show saw the return of Liv Morgan,
who proclaimed her love for Lana,
during the Ravishing Russian’s
wedding to Bobby Lashley. Though some fans aren’t thrilled
with how homosexuality is being
portrayed, and Sonya Deville, the company’s first
openly lesbian performer, and her
tag team partner Mandy Rose aren’t pleased that
an idea they pitched is being
used for someone else, the WWE is focussed on
continuing the angle. Since last week’s bombshell reveal,
Morgan has been dropping
evidence of a relationship between the two,
including a photo of her and
Lana about to kiss, as well as videos of car rides showing
the two having fun together. These posts aren’t new, but when
released in this context, these
pictures and videos only add to this angle. Hopefully fans will get a better
understanding of what is
happening tonight, as RAW prepares to host it’s first show
of the 2020s, as well as the
first edition of the long-running show since the
wedding. One person who was involved in
the wedding last week was
Rusev, and though the One person who was involved in
the wedding last week was
Rusev, and though the Bulgarian Brute didn’t actually do
much during the segment, he’s
still happy with how things went down. After jumping out of an oversized
cake on RAW, the former United
States Champion spoke on the Jerry Lawler show
and revealed his thoughts of the
angle concerning his real-life wife. He said: “People hate it. People love it.
But the power of social media …
now it’s almost like, ‘I wanna be a cool guy and cheer
against WWE.’ You can put the
greatest segment in history, but there will be this 3%
of people that are going to go
ahead and bash it. And hey, you have your right. Go
ahead and express it. I’m not
gonna judge you for it.” “There’s some people that want
to see 3 hours of powerbombs.
And hey, kudos to you. If that’s what you’re into, go
ahead and find what works for
you. But we are a broad company, we are
entertainment. It’s not about
powerbombs. It’s not about armdrags. It’s about entertaining
millions and millions of people
week in and week out.” Rusev isn’t wrong when he says
there are some fans who will
hate whatever WWE produces no matter what, and
he’s also correct in saying that
Pro Wrestling is for everyone. Whilst some fans might not love
every segment, but that is why
WWE caters to different fans, and based on the
viewing figures for the wedding,
both on TV and on YouTube, it’s clear that the Lashley-
Lana ceremony drew enough
attention for WWE to consider it a win. One person who wasn’t a fan of
the wedding though was CM
Punk, as the Straight Edge Superstar continues to be
honest with his opinions since
returning to the WWE scene in October last year. After leaving WWE following the
January 2014 Royal Rumble,
Punk missed out on appearing at that years
WrestleMania 30, but this
week, showed what the original match-card for the show was
meant to be. From a document dated January
21st 2014, the original plan was
for Punk to wrestle Triple H in New Orleans, but after
his departure, Bryan replaced
the Chicago-made star as the Game’s opponent,
before going on to win the WWE
World Heavyweight Championship later that night. In the main event, Batista was
supposed to face then-Champion
Randy Orton for the title, and this obviously puts any
rumors to bed, that WWE was
planning a Bryan title victory well in advance. Interestingly, United States
Champion Dean Ambrose was
supposed to defend the gold against his fellow Shield
brother Roman Reigns, despite
the group being together at the time. What’s even more interesting is
that there is no mention of Seth
Rollins, who would break the group up in May that
year, as the Shield would go
on to squash the New Age Outlaws and Kane in New Orleans. Though Punk obviously didn’t
appear at WrestleMania 30, the
Straight Edge Superstar will be back on the January 21st
edition of WWE Backstage,
whilst Paige has been announced for next week’s show. Back to RAW now, and with
tonight’s show being the first
episode of the red brand for the new Year, the WWE is
looking to make tonight’s three-
hour event in Oklahoma City’s Chesapeake Energy
Arena a night to remember. According to the venue’s website,
Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch
will team to face the Kabuki Warriors tonight, though it
hasn’t been stated if this match
will be for the WWE Women’s Tag Team titles. In addition, Kevin Owens is also
advertised to be in action
against Seth Rollins, and we presume the AOP will be at
ringside to watch the Architect
in action. Either of these matches could
end up being dark matches for
the live crowd, and time will tell whether fans watching at
home get to see these
advertised contests. One Superstar fans should expect
to see is Randy Orton, after the
Viper’s faked injury paid off last week when he
fooled AJ Styles. In Orton’s speech about is alleged
injury, the former WWE World
Champion brought up Edge, and with WWE promos
being scripted very carefully,
Brad Shepard is reporting that bringing up Edge
was no accident at all. After retiring due to injuries in 2011,
the Rated-R Superstar has
consistently said that he will never wrestle again, but
that hasn’t stopped speculation
that he will have one last match in the not so distant
future. Even out of the ring, Edge’s career
has been able to entertain fans,
as the former World Champion has now become
a popular meme in the IWC where
different scenes from movies and TV with smoke
in them are meshed with The
Rated R Superstar’s entrance. Only time will tell if fans will soon
have more footage of his famous
entrances to use in video mashups, as fans still hold
out hope to see the Canadian
lace up his boots one more time. Over to AEW now, and recently,
the company announced a date
in the New York/ New Jersey area for 2020, but not the
place many fans expected them
to go. Previously, the company’s
president Tony Khan stated that
he had his eyes on AEW inside Madison Square Garden,
but it seems like WWE have
been able to keep the competition out of the World’s
Most Famous Arena. During Wrestling Observer Radio,
the hosts discussed the
interesting face that New Japan didn’t announced any
American dates for 2020, not
even at MSG, leading Dave Meltzer to say: “Here’s the deal. So, Madison
Square Garden had been
pushing for other companies to come in, you know AAA. They
pushed for Ring Of Honor to
come in with New Japan. Then all of a sudden WWE tried
to get it blocked and at one
point they did get it blocked, but the Sinclair lawyers
got it unblocked. They had a
first-day sell-out which makes the story even funnier
because what happened was
that WWE booked the RAW and SmackDown in Madison
Square Garden.” “RAW did draw 12,000 people they
had high ticket prices too, but
SmackDown did like 7,000 people which is really not
good for Madison Square
Garden at all. Then after that I had kinda heard from a
couple of people that AEW
wanted to work Madison Square Garden and then they
announced the Prudential
Center in Newark. Cody even went and said politics and blah
blah blah, but I knew that they
wanted Madison Square Garden.” Meltzer continued to speak about
how during the AAA press
conference to announce their event in the Garden, WWE
kept coming up, and the
Observer journalist said that WWE can be a promotion’s best
friend of worst enemy, but they
don’t want anyone else inside their hallowed stadium. Now though, it seems that Madison
Square Garden has a new
philosophy after AAA didn’t sell well, and there was also
lackluster sales for RAW and
SmackDown. Meltzer said: “What I’ve heard is Madison Square
Garden’s mentality is WWE is #1
and if they can’t draw here big then what hope
does anyone else have? Even
though New Japan and
Ring Of Honor sold out the first
day. I was told that it will make
it much more difficult today than it was six months ago
when Madison Square Garden
was open to anyone who wanted to book that building.” It should be noted that Wednesday
are often booked by other sports
inside the Garden, and that may have been
a factor in why AEW won’t be
filming Dynamite there, though that doesn’t mean
that other factors, including
wrestling politics, haven’t been a reason that AEW
has been kept out of MSG. Back to WWE now, and over the
Holiday season, fans saw two
new Superstars make their main roster debuts, as
Chelsea Green and Deona
Purrazzo were called up. Both women were labeled as
NXT Superstars when they
appeared, but that may have changed for Green, who wrestled
on Main Event this week where
she defeated Sarah Logan. On commentary, Byron Saxton
described the former Impact
Knockouts Champion as “one of the newest additions to
our Women’s Division in WWE
making her Main Event debut this week,” implying that
Green is here to stay on the
main roster. This could be a quiet call up, or it
could just be Byron Saxton doing
his own thing on commentary. He did not say
anything about her being
from NXT. Given her success in Impact, and
her work in NXT, it wouldn’t be a
huge surprise if Green jumps up to the main
roster, though the WWE
Performance Center is full of people with other accolades
to their names. Ultimately, this could be a wait
and see situation, but we’ll
probably have a really good idea if Chelsea Green continues
to appear on WWE television but
remains absent from NXT. One woman who remains a part
of NXT, but not be there much
longer, is Io Shirai, as during the latest Wrestling
Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer
said that STARDOM is prepared to offer both her and
RAW’s Kairi Sane big money to
return to Japan. It was said that Shirai was making
more money in STARDOM than
in WWE, though Meltzer said that the WWE could
take actions to stop her from
leaving, saying: “Io may be moved to the main
roster real quick to keep that
from happening because then her pay goes way up
because her pay in NXT is
nothing special. I heard she was making more money [with
STARDOM].” With Shirai being engaged to
New Japan star Evil, the two
obviously don’t get to see each other very often and being
able to work in the same country
could be a factor in influencing Io’s decision
referring her future. For now, fans will have to see
what her next move is, but Io
Shirai seems to have a lot of interest in her services right now. Though losing the Japanese
Superstar would be a huge
blow to NXT, the WWE is always looking for new Superstars
to join the company, and that
includes overseas. At the most recent World Woman
Pro-Wrestling Diana event in
Kanagawa, Ayako Sato won the WWWD World title from
Sareee, and this main event
bout could mark the beginning of the end for the
former champion’s time in Japan. For years, Sareee has been on
WWE’s radar, and after her
loss, she said that she will be leaving the Diana promotion
to go to the USA in February. Though she didn’t namedrop WWE
specifically, Sareee has previously
alluded to the Japanese press that she expects
to be involved with WWE
sometime in 2020, meaning fans should expect to see the
former Women’s World Champion
in the coming 12 months. Over to NXT now, and as the Gold
brand prepares to host its first
live event of the new year, the show has a lot to address
before NXT TakeOver Portland on
February 16th. This week, the Dusty Rhodes Tag
Team Classic will return, as the
WWE is allowed to use the Dream’s name, after Cody
granted them permission to carry
on with the tournament in his father’s honor. Yesterday, WWE announced that
in the first round, NXT’s
Undisputed Era will take on NXT UK’s Gallus, and this follows
up from the announcement that
the Forgotten Sons will face Imperium. The match pitting Wolfgang and
Coffey against O’Reilly and Fish
is one that fans have been wanting to see for a while,
and this first round match could
be a match of the year candidate, on the first
episode of NXT in 2020. We’re stepping out of the ring and
interview Hollywood now, as The
Rock’s dream to portray DC Comics character
Black Adam has finally come
to life. Adam, who in the comics rules
over the nation of Khandaq, is
a physical specimen like
many comic characters, so its
fortunate that the Brahma Bull
is also ripped much like the DC anti-hero. Recently, the People’s Champion
uploaded a new post to Instagram
which shows him in the gym, training for the
upcoming superhero movie. With shooting for the film
expected to happen this
Summer, it’s unclear what the Great One has planned until then,
though fans shouldn’t expect to
see him in the ring, as the risk of an injury derailing
the movie’s production is too great. And finally, we’re going from one
wrestling legend to another now,
as Hulk Hogan has made it clear that he wants to
return to a WWE ring. In the past, Hogan has said he
wants to recover from his
recent back surgery in time for WrestleMania 36, as he can’t
live with the fact that his in-ring
career technically wrapped up in TNA. This year, Hogan will receive his
second WWE Hall of Fame ring
for his time in the NWO, and though the image of
Hogan working out maybe so
he looks good for the ceremony, fans and the WWE
execs know he is looking for
one last match. In the image he tweeted out, the
Hulkster certainly looks hulked
up with a towel over his head and grey beard, though
he is back to training way ahead
of the doctor’s recommendations, so he can be
ready for WrestleMania. Hopefully, Hogan doesn’t overdo
things by getting back in the gym
before his doctor recommended, and with this
recent back surgery being the
Hulkster’s tenth, it seems that Hogan doesn’t know best,
when it comes to keeping his
back safe.


  1. they make duck faces and they had a car ride together
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  2. The Lana soap opera is the worst thing to happen to Pro Wrestling since Katie Vick. The stupid shit Russev said is exactly why Wrestling sucks now.

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