CM Punk And Miz Heat! Chris Jericho Vs Jon Moxley! AEW NEWS! Wrestling News!

CM Punk And Miz Heat! Chris Jericho Vs Jon Moxley! AEW NEWS! Wrestling News!

Here is your news for
January 9, 2020 We’re starting off today by looking
at the latest edition of WWE
Backstage, as things have been getting pretty heated
between CM Punk and The Miz. The beef between the two started
back when the WWE on FOX
Twitter account posted a video of The Miz after
one episode, where he spoke
about the episode being the best one ever. In the video, Renee Young says
that an appearance by Ember
Moon was pretty good, to which Miz responded by saying
“Oh, sorry I didn’t change the
culture. My bad.” This apparently set off the Best
in the World, who after the FOX
account tweeted The Miz’s quote, said “Go such a blood money covered
d**k in Saudi Arabia you f**king
dork.” It’s strange that Punk would use
the controversial deal between
WWE and Saudi Arabia to insult the Miz, as he was
one of the few Superstars who
objected to appearing at last year’s Crown
Jewel event and didn’t attend. For those of you who remember
Punk’s Backstage debut in
November, the former World Champion promised to
“change the culture”, which is
apparently what The Miz was referring to which didn’t sit
too well with the Best in the
World. There’s been no response from
the A-Lister on Punk’s comments,
and after several weeks away, Punk will return to
Backstage for the January
21st episode. Punk’s issues with Miz date back
several years, as, on his DVD,
the Chicago native took issue with The Miz, the WWE
Champion at the time, being
slotted into the main event of WrestleMania 27, ahead of him. Though Punk is known for never
hiding how he feels, this attack
on the Miz seems very petty for the former WWE World
Champion and could harm the
contract he has with FOX if this sort of behavior
continues. Whatever Miz’s thoughts on Punk’s
actions may be, both the tweet by
Punk and the original tweet by WWE on FOX
were deleted, and this clearly
isn’t a good look for the Straight Edge Superstar. We’re looking at WWE’s
viewership figures now, and it’s
no secret that the numbers aren’t as high as they once were. Whilst WWE’s figures aren’t the
worst they’ve ever been, they
have gotten pretty close in the past, but that didn’t
stop the company and the USA
Network from boasting about their apparent
success throughout 2019. In modern-day viewing, ratings,
are not necessarily calculated
by how many people tune in, but which percentage of
the demographic pays attention,
though WWE fans are aware of this, and thanks to
the Internet, have a lot more
information on the ratings that WWE doesn’t
want the fans to see. When the USA Network boasted
that they were the number one
cable channel in 2019, WWE said that the combo
of USA and RAW was a great
tag team, and the fans online couldn’t resist dragging
the company. On social media, some fans called
the company clowns, whilst others
speculated that the ratings would be better with
a better creative team, as it
seems that these fans aren’t in a forgiving mood for
the three-hour show. Whilst WWE might pull a steady
rating, but viewership numbers
is what a lot of fans think about most when they hear
“ratings,” and WWE have picked
their words very carefully to avoid saying
anything that isn’t true. In the past, the WWE has also
used loopholes like saying
that they have a billion social media followers, which is true
from a certain point of view,
if you add together all their various outlets. WWE’s wordplay asides, it’ll be
interesting to see how WWE
addresses the ratings in 2020, as changes clearly need
to be made. One Superstar who knows all
about heading the red brand,
is Edge, but despite his retirement in 2011, and denying
making a return to in-ring
competition multiple times, there are still some who believe
the Rated R-Superstar will be
back in the ring, relatively soon. During the latest PW Insider Elite
Audio, Mike Johnson discussed
Edge’s current status, and revealed that the Canadian
has signed a hefty new WWE
contract, that could indicate Edge returning for more
than just a non-wrestling role.
He said: “We’ve been told that Edge
signed a new deal. We’ve been
told that it has a very nice upside to it financially and you
have to think it’s not just a
legend deal where they just have him show up and have him
do promos. So, I think there’s
more smoke to the fire with Edge than there is with
Paige as we record this.” With both the 2020 Royal Rumble
and WrestleMania 36 around the
corner, having Edge return for either show would
be a huge deal for the WWE,
but obviously, his health comes before anything else. Edge’s neck injury can be dated all
the way back to February 2003,
when he had to take over a year off, and even
after he returned in April 2004,
the Ultimate Opportunist knew he was on
borrowed time. After going down with another
injury in the Summer of 2009,
Edge would make his shocking return at the 2010 Royal
Rumble match, and there’s no
shortage of fans that would like to see history repeat
itself a decade later. At a time where ratings are low
and when a shocking return
could be essential, Edge’s comeback could be a big highlight
on the road to WrestleMania this
year even if he wants to deny it. We’re going from a legend of WWE
to the next generation of Superstars,
as NXT has set up some big matches for
next week’s show on January
15th. As part of the 2020 Dusty Rhodes
Tag Team Classic, the Time
Splitters will reunite, as they take take on NXT UK’s
Grizzled Young Veterans. Though he is part of the Tag
Team Classic, fans didn’t know
who Kushida would be teaming with for the tournament,
but on this week’s edition of
NXT, the Japanese Superstar revealed that he
would be teaming with his old
partner Alex Shelley. Matt Riddle and Pete Dunne will
also hope to qualify for the next
round of the tournament, though they’ll have
a tough journey, as they will
take on former NXT UK Tag Team Champions Mark
Andrews and Flash Morgan
Webster. On the women’s side of things,
a Battle Royal will look to
determine the next challenger for new NXT Women’s
Champion Rhea Ripley, and the
graphic card includes plenty of big stars, including
Bianca Belair, Chelsea Green,
Dakota Kai, and Io Shirai. We’re moving from the ring to
the gridiron now, as many fans
have been keeping up to date with the relaunch of the
XFL, and one person who’s
been doing just that is future WWE Hall of Famer Batista. On Twitter recently, the Animal
gave a mention to the new
Football league, and though he didn’t comment on the
interesting rules the game will
have, he did throw some serious shade at the NFL. In a tweet, the Marvel Studios
megastar said that he knows
Vince McMahon is a dog lover, meaning there will be no
chance he will give a chance
to players who abandon their dogs in the middle of the
street. For those of you who don’t keep
up to date with NFL news, this is
seemingly a reference to Tampa Bay Buccaneer
Rakeem Nunez-Roches, who is
accused of abandoning his dog by an
animal rights group. When McMahon announced the
launch of the XFL in January
2018, he also said that there will be no players with
criminal backgrounds in the
league, and was opposed to players who kneeled during the
national anthem as a protest
against police brutality, which was started by Colin
Kapernick. It’ll certainly be interesting to see
who McMahon does get to play
in his new league, but for now, the Boss seems
pretty confident that this new
XFL, and is no doubt preparing to avoid the same
mistakes made in 2001, that
ended the original XFL after just one season. And finally, today we are looking
at the Wednesday Night War, as
for the first time this year, both NXT and AEW Dynamite
hosted live two-hour shows at the
same time. With the War back on after a
holiday ceasefire, NXT looked
to impress in their two hours on the USA Network, as
the show opened with a
6-woman tag. In the opener, new NXT Women’s
Champion Rhea Ripley was able
to coexist alongside Toni Storm and Candice LeRae
and picked up the win over NXT
UK Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray, Bianca
Belair, and Io Shirai. In the next match, NXT UK’s
Imperium got the win over the
Forgotten Sons to advance in the first round of the Dusty
Rhodes Tag Team Classic, whilst
Austin Theory defeated Joaquin Wilde. In our second Dusty Tag Team
Classic match of the night, The
Undisputed Era defeated Gallus in the first round, in an
exciting champion vs.
Champions match. In Women’s division news, Mia
Yim was able to defeat Kayden
Carter, though both were left reeling by an attack by
Chelsea Green, who has been
signed to a contract with new manager Robert Stone. In the main event of the show,
a huge fatal four way to decide
the next number 1 contender for the NXT North
American title, saw Keith Lee,
Dominik Dijakovic, Cameron Grimes and Damian
Priest all compete for the spot,
though it would eventually be won by Lee, who
will face the champion Roderick
Strong in the future. On Dynamite this week, all talk
was on Jon Moxley, as the Lunatic
Fringe pulled off an excellent double swerve. After AEW World Champion Chris
Jericho gave him a chance to join
the Inner Circle, Moxley shocked everyone by
accepting the offer, though this
heel turn would only last 5 minutes, as Moxley would
proceed to smash a bottle in
Jericho’s face, reveal his ruse, and state that all he wants
from Le Champion, is the AEW
World title. The match of the night award has
to go to the Rhodes brothers
taking on the Lucha Bros, and as you can imagine,
this contest was full of great
spots. After Cody and Dustin got the
pinfall win over the Lucha Bros,
Cody would be asked about MJF’s conditions ahead
of their match, but it was Arn
Anderson who made his voice heard, with Cody not
even saying a word. Though Cody didn’t say anything,
his future opponent MJF did
have plenty to say, and after calling Cody some words we’re
not gonna repeat, got confronted
by Diamond Dallas Page. After confronting the cocky heel,
Page was able to deliver a
Diamond Cutter to both the Blade and The Butcher, but
was ultimately overpowered,
thanks to a low blow kick from MJF and Wardlow. In Women’s Championship action,
Kris Stadtlander finally got her
title match against AEW Women’s Champion Riho,
but this didn’t go how Stadtlander
had planned. After interference by Awesome
Kong and Melanie Cruise, Riho
was able to retain her title, though both her and
Stadtlander were laid out for
their troubles. In addition to Adam Page and
Kenny Omega defeating Private
Party, Jurrasic Express defeating Orange Cassidy and
the Best Friends, and Sammy
Guevara defeating Christopher Daniels, this week’s
edition of Dynamite also saw the
debut of a brand new star on the roster, as the
Japanese Death Match legend
Dr Luther made his AEW debut. The fourth member of Brandi
Rhodes’ Nightmare Collective,
Luther did seem imposing on the show but was taken out
by Riho during her title match. On the whole, both shows were
very impressive this week, with
both AEW and NXT building to major shows in the
not so distant future, and if we
know the war between the two promotions, things are
only going to get more intense
from here, on the road to both NXT TakeOver Portland,
and AEW Revolution. Well that’s all the news we have
for you today. If you liked this
video, don’t forget to give it a thumbs up and hit that
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  1. I figured it was just CM Punk's has been ass trying to remain relevant. What exactly is CM Punk the best in the world at? inflating his own ego with nothing backing it up? Being a has-been piece of s*** more famous for running his mouth than he ever was as a wrestler? Getting his ass stomped in Ultimate Fighting to the point where nobody talks about it anymore? Or just being a general dumbass troll who for some reason still has fans? Even if we gave him a goddamn time machine and let him go back in time there's no point in history where he would have been the best wrestler in the world he isn't today he wasn't then and he never could have been, so what is he the best at? whining and complaining? I'll give him that he's damn good at being a whiny little b**

  2. Cm Punk is right he should have main evented Wrestlemania 27 instead of a dork who shouts Awesome and won money in the bank

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    also punk : gets triggered over a joke

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