with the 2019 Royal Rumble coming around a lot of people are speculating on which former WWE Superstars will be appearing at the big event every year January WWE does the annual Royal Rumble the winner goes to Wrestlemania and faces either the Universal Champion or the WWE Champion in the main event of Wrestlemania and in pass the Royal Rumble history we've seen some really interesting names come out of nowhere that we never even thought we'd see again you know and a lot of people are already wondering what past names that WWE is going to be throwing into the Royal Rumble this year you know you have Batista Ric Flair Triple H although that's not likely because he got injured you know Shawn Michaels the Undertaker Kane etc etc all the big names from the past are all being speculated to appear at the event but of course you know also there is one name that I am fairly sure of it that people are gonna throw around and say there's a confirm return coming after listening to the tabloid dirty sheets it'll be CM Punk now I don't need to tell you the CM Punk WWE returned constantly gets thrown around by youtubers looking to make that money from the viewership of his name you know they listen to the tabloid dirty sheets and then they say WWE news and it doesn't come from them and CM Punk is still a very popular name in WWE and in wrestling itself now I said in the past I do think he will do a return to professional wrestling one day maybe do a run with Impact Wrestling or Ring of Honor or maybe he'll go over to Japan or maybe he'll wrestle and some other overseas company you know you never know there are other options besides WWE for CM Punk but coming off of the crown jewel pay-per-view and Shane McMahon winning the best in the world trophy and that tournament there that was pretty much seen as complete crap there are people that are reading too much into that because the now they're when they're coming off of that they're saying well CM Punk is gonna come back and feud with Shane McMahon and it's like really come on man the obsession that CM Punk fans have over the guy is just really astonishing I've never seen any WWE Superstar get this kind of obsession from deluded people that just will not let it go that the man is never coming back to WWE ever again but of course we're gonna hear next at the idiot logic that gets thrown around oh they all come back no they all don't come back in fact there are more WWE Superstars that have been proven not to come back not every WWE Superstar ever returned to the WWE after having a falling-out with the company you know there have been more that have not returned the ones that have returned and Phillip Brooks CM Punk he doesn't heat WWE to make money he can go into the entertainment business there's things that he could do and get paid just as much money that WWE had paid him there's other options on the table out there but why should we believe all the time that CM Punk needs WWE he doesn't need them he'll when he walked out of that company look where they went since that since he walked out it's gotten really really really bad this year alone has been a prime example of how bad WWE really is the lowest ratings poor attendance people are canceling their subscriptions of the WWE Network etc etc it's such a problem after problem but we're led to believe that if CM Punk is making a confirmed return that it's gonna save WWE and he would back out on his word of never coming back and he would take the money because well he only needs WWE right I mean that's the logic people throw around that WWE needs him and he needs to WWE to make a living no he doesn't need WWE to make a living he can go elsewhere they may not pay him as much as ww-would like if it were a smaller wrestling company or an indie promotion sure there is going to be a major money difference because WWE is the highest paying wrestling company out there our entertainment company out there but given the name CM Punk I would not be surprised if he turns down another WWE offer if they've even offered him anything which I don't think they have and goes on and does something else but it's really these obsessed CM Punk fans that are not getting it in their heads they're not listening to what the man says if he says no they say oh there's a chance it's just like come on the 9th 2019 Royal Rumble is going to be CM Punk less you will not see him at the Royal Rumble you will not see him at WrestleMania I've said so many times in videos over and a lot of people seem to get the message the guy is done with WWE when you hear some fake wrestling fan come on their YouTube channel theum Punk returns no it's all being done for the money the click baiting that is why they're using the CM Punk name same thing with the tabloid dirty sheets you know CM Punk returning to WWE never happens listen to CM Punk himself and listen to wwm the only place to ever get WWE related news so as the 2019 Royal Rumble comes along I'm telling everybody right here and now you've got to get over at CM Punk is done with WWE for ever he is not coming back there's no proof he's coming back news rumors and gossip is not actual news it's just fabricated tabloid crap and this has been my video on it guys don't hold your breath on him appearing at the 2019 Royal Rumble and this has been my video thanks again for watching stay tuned for more


  1. 0% percent chance CM Punk will return 😂 a joke wow we going to see the same shit every year nonsense

  2. I stopped watching when he left; every once and a while I will check to see if there is a hint when I believe the hint I will start watching again; you are right tho I believe they started the downhill slope when he left

  3. Lol impossible punk isn't returning i want him to come back but it just isn't happening people just need to move on

  4. Seriously I HATE the fans they never learn CM PUNK IS DONE WITH WWE FOREVER Can they get it though there thick Skulls Even Seanzview

  5. Of course watch next month seanzview week before the RR saying that CM punk will be returning as the #30 entrant

  6. With the 2019 Royal Rumble a few months away WWE fans are wondering what former WWE superstars will appear at the big event. Past WWE superstars have appeared at the event as surprise entrants. But one name that wont be appearing only because there is no proof he interested in a WWE return is CM Punk

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