Chris Webber’s Full Court Pranks – Arm Wrestling Terrell Owens

Chris Webber’s Full Court Pranks – Arm Wrestling Terrell Owens

Now I want you to meet my man Justin. -Hey, how you doing?
-Good, good. -Nice to meet you. How are you?
-Nice to meet you. I’m great. To say he’s a fan
of football legend Terrell Owens
is an understatement. I’ve been a huge fan.
Come from a big 49ers family. Okay. He dominated,
and it was a dream come true to have a player
with that much passion. When he was on the Cowboys —
oh, my. What’s up, Justin? How are you, bro?
-How’s it going? Good. Good.
-Justin, Terrell. This is real, man. This is crazy. When T.O. tweeted out
that he was looking for fans to help him launch his new
workout power bar, Justin
was the first to bite. We believe TOMG is the future
of sports supplements. If you follow my career,
you know I like to work out. -Yes.
-Nutrition, health, all that stuff has been
a part of my workout, so I want to bring
something to the market. I want you to take
a couple bites of this. You’re gonna feel energized.
-Oh, yeah? -You’re gonna feel T.O.-like.
-Okay. I’ve tried it on
a few pro athletes, but now we’re going into
some non-athletes to really, you know,
give a good assessment of how it does its magic. All right. I’m excited to find out. Chris: Truth is, TOMG is only
made from ordinary chocolate, but Justin doesn’t know that. We’re gonna test your athletic
performance before TOMG, and then we’re gonna test your athletic prowess after it to see what the difference is. -I’m ready.
-You know what? The press is here, so I’m gonna
go talk to the press. I’m gonna get them out here,
and I’ll be right back, okay? Ladies and gentlemen
of the press, We’ll see how long it takes.
You ready? I’m ready. T.O., are you ready? I was born that way. Okay, you’re ready to do this. Three, two, one. Go! Oh! -Whoo!
-Wow. I saw a drip of sweat
dripping down right over your cheek.
-Oh! -Wow.
-Okay. And you are gonna love TOMG,
so let’s try it out, huh? -Yes, let’s do it.
-You want to grab one, any one right there?
Okay. Terrell: Once you’ve added
TOMG into your system… Get your popcorn ready,
Justin. This is the best-tasting protein bar I’ve probably ever had. Wow.
I’m feeling pepped up already, man. So I think you’re ready to go,
right? I’m ready to go. Do you remember?
-Like 10 seconds, I think. 10 seconds, okay. We got a microphone issue,
I’m sorry. Man:
They just told me it went out. Man #2: Hey, can we hurry up
with that mike, okay? T.O.’s got places to go, okay. Ready?
-Let’s do this. In three, two, one. That’s one second. Two seconds,
three seconds, four seconds,
five seconds. -Ah! -Oh, my! -[Bleep]
-Oh, my God. Are you okay?
-Are you okay? -[Bleep]
-What happened? Oh, my God. I think
he broke his arm. Ah! Oh, my, ah! Take a deep breath. Let’s do this for T.O.
This is his product. Yeah, okay. Ladies and gentlemen
of the press, you deserve answers
for coming out here today. And I will turn things
over to Justin. Thank you. I’m sorry, man. -No, no, bro, it’s all good. Ah. I went from barely
being able to hang with you for 10 seconds on there
to now. I know. I can’t say
that it’s your fault. I’m taking this
off the market. Honestly, I think
this is too potent. It’s understandable after
what happened, man, I just — But what I am gonna do
is introduce you to “Chris Webber’s
Full Court Pranks.” [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] You all right, man? Kidding me? Is he still your
favorite athlete? He’ll always be my favorite athlete, always. This has been one
of the craziest, coolest days of my life,
which is awesome.


  1. trutv stop trying to do pranks they suck. Carbonaro is another prank show that sucks. Look at impractical jokers they are not pranks they are funny because it's focused on the action of the jokers not the people's reactions.

  2. I'm not saying this show looks great or anything but if you think it's fake because of "bad acting" you've probably never met any famous person that you were a big fan of, ever heard of the phrase "star struck" its because its not easy to carry on a regular convo with someone you are a huge fan of.

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