Chris Jericho WWE BACKSTAGE HEAT?! Nia Jax RETURN Update! | WrestleTalk News Sept. 2018

Chris Jericho WWE BACKSTAGE HEAT?! Nia Jax RETURN Update! | WrestleTalk News Sept. 2018

Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk News,
I am Luke Owen. And yep, that sweaty mess you just saw is
me about an hour into our first dance lesson yesterday for this weekend’s Wrestling Media
Con – where Oli, El Fakidor and myself will be doing our live on-stage punishment for
losing the Summerslam predictions. Dammit, Ronda! Can we just see that clip again? Sweet f***king Christmas. Maybe my out-of-shape arse needs to be put
on the injured shelf – as it seems to be the best way to become jacked! Headline: Samir Singh Is Looking Jacked, Man When he returned from injury just before Summerslam,
there were lots of comments about Dean Ambrose’s new shredded physique. And now it looks like Samir Singh will get
similar comments after seemingly being on the Jinder Mahal diet while recovering from
his injury. Singh injured himself on an episode of Smackdown
Live back in January – where he tore an ACL during Mahal’s feud with Bobby Roode. And he posted an image on Twitter this week
about his recovery saying, “The rehab process has been long and frustrating but I wanted
to get in the best shape of my life. The road to recovery is a long one but, I
was very happy with my check in results this week.” Complete with a side-by-side image that shows
off his new set of abs. Well, I guess he’ll be WWE Champion when
he returns. Headline: Nia Jax Injury Update And speaking of injuries, it was reported
that former Raw Women’s Champion Nia Jax is also on the injured list. Although Jax publicly denied she was rehabbing
a leg injury and WWE never released an official statement on it, she hasn’t been on seen
much on TV since losing her rematch to Alexa Bliss at Extreme Rules a couple of months
ago – which is a good sign she isn’t feeling 100%. And according to PWInsider, Jax was at the
WWE Performance Centre this week to get physical therapy on her leg. The site doesn’t however provide a timeframe
for when Jax will return. And a WWE return certainly doesn’t look
to be on the cards for a certain surprise at this past weekend’s All In. Headline: Chris Jericho WWE Backstage Heat? Following the match between Kenny Omega and
Pentagon Jr., Chris Jericho attacked the current IWGP Heavyweight Champion. Jericho’s appearance on the show was a surprise
to many people – not the least of which because he was doing a gig with his band Fozzy earlier
in the day in a different state and had another one later that night. And it would seem that it was also a surprise
to WWE. Dave Meltzer reported on Wrestling Observer
Radio that Jericho has some backstage heat on him within the company, particularly with
Vince McMahon. And Mike Johnson of PWInsider has also reported
on their Elite audio that WWE had no idea Y2J was going to be on the show. “My phone buzzed up with people who work
for WWE as soon as Jericho popped up on TV going, ‘is Chris Jericho on the Ring Of
Honor show? Is Chris Jericho on All In?’ I’m like ‘yeah, I’m looking at him right
now.’” Jericho has had quite the year for non-WWE
appearances – while at the same time showing up for Raw 25 and the Greatest Royal Rumble. He revealed on his Talk Is Jericho podcast
that he cleared his Wrestle Kingdom match against Omega for New Japan with Vince, but
it’s been reported that he didn’t do the same thing for his Dominion outing with Tetsuya
Naito. However as Johnson notes, “While I’m sure
WWE wasn’t happy he’s not under contract. They can’t stop him.” It had also been reported that Jericho could
be debuting for Impact Wrestling, which his friend and WrestleTalk Insider Don Callis
is currently running. The company have even promoted teases themselves,
but Jericho told Kenny McIntosh of Inside The Ropes that he wouldn’t work for an American
show as he considers that to be ‘Vince’s territory’. Although, Impact is technically Canadian these
days. Some speculated that Jericho showing up at
All In could be a sign that he’s gone back on that non-American show promise, and it
could mean the Impact rumours are true. However according to PWInsider, the All In
appearance had nothing to do with Impact, and was done to promote his Rock N Wrestling
Rager At Sea cruise, as well prove he can go anywhere he wants. Did Carmella turn babyface? Oli and myself review this week’s Smackdown
Live which you can watch by clicking the video on screen right now. And make sure you buy your tickets for Wrestling
Media Con to see my dance like a tit. I’ve been Luke Owen and that was wrestling.


  1. Unless Singh got himself so physically fit that he managed to make his tattoos jump from one arm to the other, then we got clickbaited with those pics.

  2. Stick it WWE. Chris Jericho doesn't need your permission. He's a bigger draw than 2/3 of your roster.
    and he desperately needs to sell tickets to that stupid cruise he's doing.

  3. I'll be completely honest, aside from the Kevin Owens angle. I don't really see WWE using Jericho's potential all that much. Right now don't you all feel like he's a huge star, a big deal? Will we get that same feeling if he goes back to Vince.

    He's had some great runs, but let's all be honest, Chris Jericho does not need WWE.

  4. clickbait… Vince doesn't give two shits about this have you seen wwe stock lately after the deal with fox why would he care about all in making a couple of bucks pun intended also stop getting info from Meltzer he's a bigger bullshit artist than you guys just do a little research he's wrong about every thing because he makes shit up or reports false info given to him by failing sports entertainers

  5. So it s alright for wwe officials to pay for and watch all in but it's not ok for someone who is not under wwe contract to show up at all in. Story sounds fake to me. I believe vince and Jericho are very close and if anything Jericho is trying to recruit to WWE

  6. I would love for Jericho to come back to WWE for a few months to do a feud with Shinsuke Nakamura for the US championship. Imagine how entertaining that would be?

  7. Jericho has been loyal for a very long time but when he asked to have nxt guys for his cruise he was denied. This was basically the catalyst that started it all. After that hr got New Japan and ROH guys to appear in his cruise and the rest was history.

  8. LOL, Jericho has heat with WWE?. The guy is nearly 50 years old, his future isn't with that company. You think he wants his future to be as an agent working under a HHH & Steph regime.

  9. Jericho is doing everything correct in making sure his later days are taken care of. He's making as much cash as possible while he can from whomever pays and I don't blame him one bit.

  10. Jericho has been loyal too WWE since 99 and now he’s finally doing other wrestling shows 19 years later, why df does he have heat lmao?

  11. This is why Vince McMahon try to buy the rights of their character so they can't do crazy stuff like this but he didn't think Chris was going to do it but you don't own the man Vince

  12. Jericho has earned the right to go anywhere he wants without WWE having a hissy fit over it. They could pay him not to like they do with others, but they don't.

  13. Jericho is shiet
    Think of it this way we got y2j instead of punk let that sink in and I know I'll get haters but y2j is already the intercontinental champion. What better way for punks return then him joining the firing squad and attacking all the bullet club bringing Marty on his team
    Then you got cm punk Marty Tama vs the golden elite just wow what an ending

  14. Jericho has not worked for any US company. He was not advertised, he did not have a promoted appearance.
    He was advertising his own product on an indy show. Just like when Fozzy's video was premiered on TNA, years ago.

    Also, IMPACT is technically a Canadian Promotion now, so no conflict with VKM

  15. Almost Twenty years of loyalty and Vince still has a go at him? he's jealous when ex superstars do well outside his company

  16. You guys get a like because you guys are such great sports. Honestly I only go to you for wrestling news. Grateful you guys are here & truly appreciative you guys know know your stuff !

  17. good for Jericho, free from the bonds of WWE/Vince McMahon… It's seem like he has no problem getting gigs elsewhere… 😀

  18. WWE needs to stop being so damn petty. It doesn't have Jericho under contract, so where he wrestles isn't any of that promotion's business. GTFOHWTBS, WWE!

  19. Jericho is NOT under contract, let him go away for a while so we can miss him a little, and take Roman Reigns with him

  20. Nia Jax is how Rhonda loses the belt…. all the talk about how Rhonda will drop the belt has been answered… Nia Jax and her return as a heel costs Rhonda the title.

  21. I luv what Jericho is doing and it only adds to his legend and legacy. The last time he was in the WWE he did all he was told but didn't get another Heavy Weight Title run as promised . He made them money and didn't get anything other then the U.S. title run out of a years plus work . Now he's hotter then ever and making baller moves ! He said he wants to get a tag partner and wrestle the Bucks , Cody , Okeda , and Omega again so I think his dance card is full ….

  22. There is no backstage heat, you lying, worthless pieces of British shit.

    I will never know why people listen to, AND BELIEVE, the fucking dirt sheet morons

  23. jericho is a goat. he is can whatever he wants to promote wrestling and themselves. we cant help that wwe is too fucking narrow minded not to do more and BETTER interesting things. As for nia, they cant have her and ronda… nia would mess up ronda. so let nia sit back and get a free paycheck. in hopes ronda is out within a year or 2. just a TERRIBLE actor and wrestler. waste of money 🙂

  24. Okay here is my issue. Chris jehricho is not under contract number 1. Number 2, Jehricho said if he had a storyline he can sink his teeth into like the festival of friendship then he may think about coming back. Vince cant get mad because his storylines are shit. And he's still trying to push Roman over and over. So when someone leaves to.. Idk have more fun and freedom in another wrestling promotion you get mad? No one wants to work for a company when you push the same people over and over and have shit storylines. Some examples and good opportunities they had that they ruined are Rusev day, Damien Sandow, Bobby Roode, Asuka, and many many more. They are either jobbers now or straight up fired. These people had a big fan base and it's like managed to destroy that and what is scary is that I don't even think they were trying to. They are just that bad. If Vince getting mad is not a work and this is real. Then this is beyond stupid.

  25. Calling bs on this story. There is no way one of the most respected wrestlers of all time who doesn't even work for WWE is gonna get heat for showing up on a show while he DOESN'T EVEN WORK FOR WWE!

  26. Vince is just mad that Jericho is as at a much better wrestling PPV ,then any WWE event this year since they have all sucked including Wrestlemania,Cince needs to go already he lost touch with wrestling about 15 years ago,the only good thing WWE has is NXT even 205 is decent all thanks to HHH ,he will make wrestling great again lol.

  27. Backstage heat on someone who not backstage on your shows?

    Vince McMahon and WWE have pretty much become those bitchy high school girls who talk shit about girl at other high schools.

    Chris Jericho doesn’t need WWE anymore. WWE needs Chris Jericho!

  28. Didn't watch the video yet but.. I'm Gonna go out on a limb here and say this is about Vince bitching about Jericho wrestling at all In and not wwe.

  29. Jericho is a bigger legend than some of the wrestlers currently IN the WWE Hall of Fame… he's earned his right to do whatever he wants. Plus, it's good for young talent to see that they can make a name outside the WWE.

  30. What can you do Vince. Sue him mmmmmmmmmmm. After all is he not an independent contractor and can do what he wants and that what he does..

  31. Good for Jericho! Fuck WWE. I'm not watching the E again. Including WrestleMania because its just 4+ hours of shit. Fuck you if you disagree. Thats my opinion and I feel sorry for you if you still watch WWE.

  32. Jericho at impact would be FUCKIN EPIC I agree they do seem to be focused a lot more as a Canadian promotion these days which is why I love them even more

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