China vs Japan in WW2 – Hilltop battle [Eng Sub]《太平轮》开片战斗

China vs Japan in WW2 – Hilltop battle [Eng Sub]《太平轮》开片战斗

(July 1945, east-China, WW2 battlefield) I promised to bring you home… Fire! “3 hours ago” – Pick up your rifle!
– Okay! Radio man! Tell 003 to move up! 003, this is 001! Division Commander asks you to attack the enemy’s front! Hurry, get him to the infirmary before he passes out! (on the Japanese side) Hold still! Doctor, this one with the broken leg has passed out! Disinfect him first! Doctor, drink some water! Charge! – Cut off the enemy tanks!
– Yes, sir! Too much enemy fire! Our tanks may collapse! If we attack from the front, we’ll take heavy losses! Their ammo depot is behind the turrets. Wait here, I’ll lead an assault team to flank from the left! Let me go instead! – Assault team!
– Here! Follow me! Commander, generals don’t lead attacks! – Rocket launchers!
– Covering fire! There’s no turning back! We blow up that barbed wire! Anesthesia! Brother, help me… Division Commander! Attack! Call 003, coordinates: 05650, 24930! 003, 003, this is 001, do you copy? Give it to me! All canons, fire at the enemy bunker! Coordinates 05650, 24930! Got it! – How do we get this thing inside?
– Just stick it in! Ready? – Division Commander, what do we fire at?
– Watch for the canons! Fire! Wake up! Wake up! Wait, I’m not Japanese, I’m a doctor from Taiwan! How come he speaks Chinese? Salute!


  1. God, I hate these war movies where one guy kills 10000 enemies… yeah, 99% of war movies are like that, different countries, different wars, but the plot armour is always the same.

  2. But I don't know understand in speak becouse China and Japan is hiter say anything because letter of japan and China is a number one

  3. There were two different armies in China at the time. This was the national army; they were better equipped and trained than the communist army.

  4. A general's victory is built upon ten thousand rotting bones! The achievement of a general costs many lives. R.I.P. to the Chinese nationalist soldiers in WW2

  5. During the last days of the Sino Japanese War, the Nationalists were well equipped from United States to push the Japanese back and took back many lost grounds in China. At that time 1945 the tide has changed, many of the Japanese garrison in China were redeployed to the Pacific to defend its territories except for the Kwantung Army in Manchuria. Nationalist forces led by Chiang Kai Shek and supported by Allied Forces pushed back Japanese forces holding high grounds and so did the Communist Forces. At that time Japanese high command in China was already disoriented fighting two fronts. the Chinese managed to repel a Japanese offensive in Henan and Hubei and launched a successful attack on Japanese forces in Guangxi, turning the course of the war sharply in China's favor even as they prepared to launch a full-scale counterattack across South China. The point where Japan cannot hold on to China but stubbornly do so.

  6. This is what my history teacher would label as unrealistic.

    Flamethrowers were illegal after ww1. It was a war crime if you did

  7. Kinda funny seeing the mismatch of foreign equipment in the Chinese army.

    Honestly though I am surprised this theater of WW2 is overlooked so easily, I mean this fight was going on way before Hitler eyed Poland and that the savagery and hate the one had for the other would possibly make the German vs. Soviet hate look like a mere schoolyard brawl.

  8. We stand with our brother China 🇵🇰🇨🇳🇵🇰💋🇨🇳
    Long live China

    Love from Pakistan 🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰💓🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🎈

  9. If the Germans kept their alliance and help to the nationalists instead of Japan the entire world would have been different… could have been worse, could have been better, we don't know…

  10. Hopefully one day China will awake back to its empire day's. The communist filth has destroyed all culture. Germany didn't know what it did to its old Allie by choosing Japan over China.

  11. China's army was a mess….

    They were using mostly outdated German equipment and using amreican artillery and tanks

  12. 5:47 击锤还没开,m1911怎么能开火呢?😄 (how could m1911 fire if the hammer was not cocked? lmao!!!!)

  13. 另外,到1938年底,随着历次大战的损耗,国军一线部队其实已经没有多少德式钢盔留存了;当时只有第5军的机械化部队和宪兵、警备等部队还装备一定数量的M35钢盔。1945年前后应该是美式钢盔才对吧?

  14. idk im 1:39 in and scratching my head, japanese soldiers with german helmets, arisaka rifles and british sten submachine guns, against japanese heavy machine guns and american looking artillery……im gonna keep watching

  15. Japanese: Hey! Looks like our friend Nazi Germany is here!
    Chinese: Speak Chinese
    Japanese: They do not sound like Germans. Are they Fake Nazis.

  16. Funny, I can’t tell the difference. The Chinese were our allies in WWII against the Japanese, and now the Japanese are our allies against the Chinese.

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