Charlotte Flair learns Bhangra in India: WWE Now India

Charlotte Flair learns Bhangra in India: WWE Now India


  1. Disgusting it's so cringe worthy,
    So any foreigner to come to India should dance and sing. That's the end of india, India is nothing but these two things. It has no culture, no tradition nothing

  2. I dance better than this in my Shower naked, Please Subscribe to my Channel !!!
    WWE guys are Rich, They don't need you Money.

  3. It's so embarrassing why you guys made them do all these things which they can't understand, instead of this stupidity you can invite them to meet and hear their fans and what india really has for them. Each and every wwe fan has his great memories of wwe let them share it with these stars.

  4. Jo dhol Baja raha Hain unko pata nehi foreign ladki kaun Hain.! sirf Apne man me soch raha Hain "Keya backchodi chal raha hain?"..!

  5. Job….
    Anchor's job is to do all this.. Charlotte's job is to also do and tolerate everything on her way with a smile and hiding other emotions… Job…😁

  6. Come to South India

    Mainly tamil Nadu

    Best peoples of india

    Home to oldest and ancient living language

    Advanced state of india

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